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Worst SHOUNEN Cliche

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Post #542897 - Reply to (#542895) by Lucky23
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Anger Avoidant

6:49 pm, Mar 30 2012
Posts: 479

Quote from Lucky23
Lone wolf-emo crap. Personally, I say the perfect example of that type is Sasuke from Naruto.
I'm sorry, he's not bad-ass, he's every teenage emo crap I experienced in high school. Boo-woo, life sucks, boo-woo, life is painful, boo-woo, I don't like myself.

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true.. he's the biggest reason I hate the series, though I hate him even since the beginning

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Post #545162
Stowaway in Life

10:44 pm, Apr 11 2012
Posts: 36

My biggest pet peeve is the over zealous female who gets angry and hits a guy for a situation she caused. There's nothing I can think of that turns me off of a series faster.

Last edited by Lulubella at 11:07 pm, Apr 11

Post #545177
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Still Alive

12:14 am, Apr 12 2012
Posts: 199

What I HATE the most in shounen are the weak, wimpy, underpowered, naive, and just plain idiotic main characters who won't kill for the life of them, even if it is their life that's the price. I mean, if it happens just once, fine. I'll give them a chance for their character to grow. But if it keeps happening over and over again, the MC should learn from the consequences. No one can be that naive.

MC: Oh no! I'm in this kill or be killed situation and I've been in such a situation before, escaping only because someone saved me from painful DEATH, but I still can't kill because it's the wrong thing to do!

You'd think someone would learn after twenty times (I'm looking at you, Reiji! Re:Birth - The Lunatic Taker). This is probably why I like the rare legitimately overpowered protagonist who can obliterate the so called "strongest" with a single look above every other cookie-cutter shounen MC.(Rai from Noblesse).

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Post #545185

1:31 am, Apr 12 2012
Posts: 2

What I hate is when the childhood friend/ Cousin in a shounen romance manga gets jealous of the Main Character interacting with a love rival when the Childhood Friend and the MC clearly do not have an intimate relationship because she more or less expected them to end up. My reasoning is that if shes loved him for so long then why couldn't she have confessed to him earlier. But I know that it is necessary for the story to progress but still it just gets on my nerves.

Post #546512

7:46 pm, Apr 19 2012
Posts: 4

I only read the first 13 pages, but here are some that didn't appear in those and I though whil reading them:
No matter what the main character does (peep on her, acting weird while his body is possesed by somebody else, etc) the heroine will forgive the main character (I mean, she will not lose her love interest for him).
In a fight everyone sacrifice themselves to save the main character (best example saint seiya)
One of the characters is perfect in everything: handsome, smartest in the school, great at sports, popular, etc. That kind of people don't exist... or so I would like to say, but one of my friends is like that. Anyways, in the cliche he is proud and the only one who gets him angry and pulls his hair is the main lead (i.e.: ishida in bleach)
Bleeding out: if you cut them and a great pool of blood forms beneath the body, the guy won't die (as his body is a frigging spounge and reabsorbes the blood)
Every girl in the highschool manga -or other- needs a love interest, as life without love its pointless so they fall for the lead or like a random side character for no reason.
Remember that fight to the death you had the other day? It was a test.
If several girls like the main character, and there's one that has liked him for the longest time yet she is not the main heroine -plus she doesn't have that much of a chance- she just happens to be the crush of the guy's best friends (example: shakugan no shana)
Getting drunk with one zip of alcohol. This one I understand because half of the japanese, chinese and vietnamites have a fenotype that doesn't express he mytochondrial alcohol deshydrogenase, so they get drunk more easily. What I don't get is why they personalities undergo a 180° turn around.
Girls always talk about their breast sizes and how jealous they are of the girl with large breasts, who complains about her own breasts because they are too big. Plus, the girs with small breasts kind of see the big breasted girl as a threat. Doesn't sound real to me (If girls do act like that let me know)
Increasing your strenght, speed or power level its the key to get stronger. Not getting better by practise.
To kill the oponent you need a super attack, plus the stronger you are in that universe the stronger the attack tht has to hit you to kill you. For example, instead of being stabbed in the back with a kitchen knife, you need to be hit with a legendary sword that has flames around it, or you need to unfold a sea of fire that can melt iron in a matter of seconds insted of a simple fire bolt in order to "burn him". Also, you have to confront people directly instead of, let's say, poisoning their food or putting a bomb in the car.

Well, there are a lot more, some even became genres themselves (*cough*gender bender*cough*). Personally I like most cliches if they are well done, but I agree that several of the mentioned in the first page are really anoying, though others never get old. As long the manga its cool and goes somewhere, I think most are forgivable.
P.D.:About the tournaments, its also a way to show fights you wouldn't normally see. When you have too many characters on the good guys side and don't want to make them evil, it's one of the only ways to give them screen time or to see if they could defeat the other guys in the good guys factions.

Post #546514
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8:08 pm, Apr 19 2012
Posts: 247

the enemy-who-ruined-the-lives-of you-and/or-those-around-you-becomes-your rival/best friend/mentor
if it was realistic, there would be no fricking way that they would be forgiven for any of the crap villians do in manga. none.

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Post #548976
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9:12 am, May 3 2012
Posts: 7777

A guy getting a harem by being nice.

smell the pages
Post #549041
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6:38 pm, May 3 2012
Posts: 25

number of chapters are one of most annoying thing in shonen, +500 chapters are too much seriously. The plot get dragged endlessly. In the latter chapters, the entire chapter is taken during the one second span. ten chapters are equal to ten minutes time span. Just please end the series when it is supposed to be

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Post #549070 - Reply to (#548976) by Mamsmilk
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9:39 pm, May 3 2012
Posts: 764

Quote from Mamsmilk
A guy getting a harem by being nice.

fuck, that is so true.... he is the biggest idiot ever and just for ONE "nice" thing he did they are all over him, i say "bull shit"

Also, when the hero tell his angst story and suddenly this guy his age says something like: "So you are running away" or crap like that and the hero notice how much of a loser he is and that, no matter what he did, he was wrong. Basically when someone starts talking big and is like he is revealing the greatest true ever.

I think that is by far the worst shit ever for so many reasons...

Last edited by BlackOrion at 9:47 pm, May 3

Post #550732 - Reply to (#548976) by Mamsmilk
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7:25 am, May 13 2012
Posts: 89

Quote from Mamsmilk
A guy getting a harem by being nice.

Quote from BlackOrion
fuck, that is so true.... he is the biggest idiot ever and just for ONE "nice" thing he did they are all over him, i say "bull shit"

I don't think it's wrong being nice, but not having any back bone, acting like a man child, no personality, and no style what so ever I don't like.
I feel sorry for all the guys out there that thinks "Being nice" will get you far with a women.
Again, there's nothing being "Nice" but don't be a bore.
(Trust me, I know what I'm saying. FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE roll )

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Post #560707 - Reply to (#526963) by Rukia168

6:29 am, Jul 12 2012
Posts: 2

Quote from Rukia168
Yup, it is. The only good one I know is Chrono Crusade

In Code Geass the MC supposedly dies. Speaking of which, here is again the cliche that foreigners have more letter "L" in their names. It can sometimes even be funny:

Post #560917
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Noblesse Forever!

2:23 pm, Jul 13 2012
Posts: 1066

Shounen manga with happy endings where the enemy completly looses but the protagonist and his friends doesnt suffer any loss even though they are 100* weak....
Also the way enemy is being narated as the strongest and that he never lost a fight but then looses to mc and then a new villain appears who says that the previous villain was 100* weaker than him and so-on.....
And most of all is the manga where main character sprouts non-sense about friendship and ideal world with no sufferings....cough**Naruto**

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Post #574099
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10:09 am, Oct 19 2012
Posts: 15

Okay,where to begin...

By rules and standards of many fighting groups, a final showdown starts with a half hour staring contest. At this point the protagonist must use a series of flashbacks to remember how he/she got to this point. Spectators who may also be classified as secondary characters are also allowed to comment during this time.

I hate it when a technique cannot be used until the smoke or dust created by a previous technique has settled down, and the opponents are able to see each other clearly. This does not apply when the smoke or dust is intentionally used as a diversion, especially by cool characters. Or during a battle, time can be slowed down or stopped to make a technique work.

No matter what she's accused of doing or how mysterious her origins are, the protagonist must be ready to fight to the death for any girl he just met three seconds ago.

EVERY bathroom used by a girl has a peephole or crack in the wall somewhere in perfect view of her body.

Nobodie's said this already but in every manga girls' clothing is much easier to rip than a guy's.

In any show that takes place in a school, random math equations will be written on the wall, regardless of how appropriate they are.

When someone is in danger, it is possible for any friend, relative, etc. to develop ESP for a short period of time.

Post #579001
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3:02 am, Dec 1 2012
Posts: 452

Screentime just for screentime's sake.

mwa ha ha ha...
Check out my FF7 hardcore mod (PC version only):
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Post #579884
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3:56 am, Dec 9 2012
Posts: 30

Nakama power (Fairy Tail)... There is really nothing worse than that. NOTHING.

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