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ok WTF is wrong with this manga

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From User Message Body
Post #256525
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5:16 pm, Feb 9 2009
Posts: 30

yea u can say that for Tenjou Tenge too....... went from simple and straightforward plot to complicated and confusing plot

Post #256528
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5:42 pm, Feb 9 2009
Posts: 237

Unlike most people here I thought the original concept was great, but I agree that the course its taken is pretty disappointing. Well whatever, it is a shounen series and most shounen mangaka start out with a concept and build on it as they go along. So in a way I kind of expected this to happen. But I still really like the characters, especially Kazu and Ringo, so I keep reading. I'm also wondering how it will end.

But I do wonder why so many people who claim that its been sucking for a long time keep on following it. The Omaha chapters are pretty recent, did you just now decide that you don't like it? I'm not trying to push buttons here but jeez, if it makes you that mad just stop reading it.

Post #256532

6:00 pm, Feb 9 2009
Posts: 13

they both suck now, air gear makes 0 sense, the whole barak obama plot was really really dumb

Post #256598 - Reply to (#252395) by Panic!182

12:14 am, Feb 10 2009
Posts: 70

Quote from Panic!182
Im still thinking that the whole thing was just a joke or something, not related to the plot whatsoever. Hopefully not, cause i dont see this going anywhere good if this continues.

The main reason way they put a Obama looking character in air gear was for one reason. They want to get ride or Kazu Girlfriend!!!

Have you guys read the new chapter they have someone to replace her.

Post #256618 - Reply to (#252671) by DragonAndLance
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Lord of nonsense

1:43 am, Feb 10 2009
Posts: 1310

Quote from DragonAndLance
Quote from Dr. Love
Air Gear actually had a much coherent plot than Tenjou Tenge, but ever since Sora has betrayed Ikki the plot has gone from there to... somewhere else... laugh

I agree.

Indeed... and Oh great does need to stay focused or something

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Post #256622
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I am the Devil

1:49 am, Feb 10 2009
Posts: 2083

i am confused as of the most recent chapter, but i gotta say, the whole Obama thing made me piss my pants laugh

Post #256700 - Reply to (#253630) by Dante Julius
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8:32 am, Feb 10 2009
Posts: 16

Quote from Dante Julius
The story came to a complete halt after Sora's betrayal. My theory being that after that point Oh!great found a new dealer who had the "good stuff".

Yes. I agree to that. That's how it looks like.

*sigh* Well, I really liked this manga when I started reading it. I see people saying it sucked from the very beginning but it didn't seem like that to me.

I started to dislike it when that whole "gravity children" thing started. I mean, come on, why do the characters always have to be some experiments? Can't they be just human beings??
Okay, I somehow managed to accept this stupid (in my opinion) idea but then comes Sora's betrayal and his twin brother... Now, just "wtf"..?!
Fine, I got used to that thought too, after a couple more chapters... BUT DOES AGITO REALLY NEED A THIRD PERSONALITY, DAMN IT?!!!

Let's not mention the other stuff that made me want to find Oh!Great and disembowel him. biggrin
Yeah, he really did find a new dealer, I'm pretty sure of that.

Now I don't really care about those things anymore. I keep on reading it and I don't remember thinking of dropping it even when I got REALLY disappointed. It's probably because his works mess my head up and I can't (or don't want to) think straight anymore.

If you dislike it that much, stop reading it. You're right to complain but this won't change anything. The mangaka is just insane. That's it.

Last edited by wreckage at 8:42 am, Feb 10

Post #257130

5:23 am, Feb 12 2009
Posts: 70

Agito having a third personal is no shocker there. I saw that coming a long time ago. I am wondering when his fourth personal will come out.

Lend is order then the agito then the last personal will be order then Lend

Post #257132
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5:32 am, Feb 12 2009
Posts: 468

Pfft, what are you guys smoking?

OhGreat! simply predicted the global economic downturn, and wanted to ensure that he'd have some cash crops to farm through it.

Post #257721

11:35 am, Feb 14 2009
Posts: 17

Ugh i've stopped reading at 230. I might pick it up later but without reading this crap straight it makes even less sense. I like the manga up until recently. It was already filled with absurd crap but i went ahead and 'suspended my disbelief' but this is too damn much. Its dissapointing cause the story wasn't half bad and had some potential then ohgreat pulled a tenjo tenge, another manga i enjoyED, and crapped all over the plot.

Post #257728
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12:55 pm, Feb 14 2009
Posts: 5

I loved it up until the GSM, pretty much. That was about when they all started discovering random magic powers and going off on one about destiny.
Now, I kind of just follow it out of obligation, in case it gets good.

Maybe now they've started doing proper battles again, it'll get good.
Probably not.

Post #259743

3:23 am, Feb 21 2009
Posts: 180

well im official lost and confused about the plot atm wtf is going on i cant seem to understand it.

Post #283051

4:02 am, Apr 30 2009
Posts: 80

guys i have no idea what u are talking about, this story never went off track, the main themes are still the same (freedom/finding your path/secrets/gangwars"what did u think parts war was"), the story is just progressing. basically we are learning about the origins of A.T. The story is still about ikki finding his path its just that the author is trying to fit explanations for everything in the story, and where the f@ck did u see alien technology? Everything they use in the manga is also explained in the manga by scientific theories or by example of similar phenomenon, no magic in this at all. The only thing that fucked with my head was the mind switch, but its not that big a deal since its been theorized that through multiplayer games of those sorts, transferal of consciousness may be possible(doubtful but it has been theorised), and as for having that sort of technologie, well if u havent already realized that this manga is based in the near(ish) future, than get a fucking clue. Now for a recap with explanations for those of u who r lost.

[/spoiler The towe of tropheium is an underground thermal generator which actually was thought up in real life. The AT's were originally thought up by skaters but then the military got a hold of it and made a whole project of training kids from a young age to ride AT's extremely well and basically become super soldiers but the project was shut down, one of the scientists tried to steal a valuable item, which turned out to be the sky regalia but the kids killed him. Then the kids were basically told do whatever u want and were abandoned. Also if u can't get a grip on the sora is a twin thing than thats ur problem cause it was to be expected since simuca is a twin and also a gravity child so since sora is also a gravity its perfectly reasonable that he would also have a twin.]

I hope that clears things up a bit, and if not take a writers craft class or something, it might help u to identify main themes and plots and stuff. Note(could not figure out the spoiler thing sorry lol)

Last edited by tokuin at 1:04 am, May 2

I'll shoulder the burden and carry you all up to the sky
Post #321537 - Reply to (#253958) by HolyAvenger

8:44 pm, Sep 17 2009
Posts: 100

Quote from HolyAvenger
And that's a perfect reason for us not to complain about a shitty story? If you like AirGear, great for you. Doesn't change the fact that the story is going no-friggin-where. I don't really think he came up with a new bad guy out of the blue, but he certainly seems to forget they direction he was giving to his stories.

While Air Gear is garbage, I wouldn't really take your word seriously seeing how you're a One Piece hater. I've seen your reviews which leave much to be desired from in the sense of actual reviews. Most of the time they're just biased opinions of a masterpiece which is One Piece.

Post #327573
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4:14 pm, Oct 14 2009
Posts: 2

oke, i just want to make a thing clear. i cant understand that anyone who likes manga's act's this way?! sure, you like his story or not. thats al left to your taste of storytelling etc. but bring up a little respect to the maker of a manga isn't that hard is it? ofcourse it's always easy to just complain and nag about things you don't need to face or do. every tried to make a 200~ chapter selling manga? no, i thought so. Making a statement is not a bad thing and tell others what's on your mind either, but bring it normal is a hard task? i have read a lot of "its garbage, CRAP Crapping, fucked up, shitty" etc. saying it is garbage and Being Garbage is a whole different story. everyone can say something is garbage, but is it garbage? or is it you who thinks it's garbage. all what have been said here is a matter of opinion. ofcourse having an opinion is good! but saying it as harsh is not a good thing. remember there are people who like this manga. it's not really fantastic to hear harsh things about a story you DO like. gencbiba's reaction proofs it all, it's not about air gear but about One piece but gencbiba clearly didn't like what happend before. so is it that hard to be a little polite?

P.s. No offence gencbiba. i wanted to make my statement clear.

it's because of this that you've willingly stepped towards the battlefield to use your own fists to destroy destiny
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