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high-school grades

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how were your HS grades?
my total score was above 70, but i had some F's
my score was avarage but i had no F's
im a perfect geek, i had amazing grades.
im a human being, i had amazingly not-good grades
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From User Message Body
Post #50710
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2:31 am, Sep 9 2007
Posts: 347

started in freshmen year highschool got a 2.2 Culm GPA, then soph i got 2.7 first semester but i pulled it up to a 3.2 in second semester, im in junior year now, and my cumulative GPA is still only like a 2.5, so I kinda need to get serious or im probably not going to get into my college of choice. (thinking between U of Maryland: College Park or University of Glasgow. Maybe a school in/near London. ) biggrin

Can't read >_<
Post #50714
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2:51 am, Sep 9 2007
Posts: 1566

I don't know which option I belong to....

In grade 11, I skipped almost every class. One of my courses had 50 absents, but I wasn't kicked out of class biggrin . In the end, I passed (barely, though). In grade 12, I decided to be professional (because I realized I'll be the one making money for my family), so I worked every night. I turned down all my friends, skipped a Halloween party, worked on a project the entire Christmas holiday, did not care about New Year, stayed home for every dinner out (including Christmas, Chinese New Year, etc etc..), worked on another project the entire March Break, skipped my birthday party, skipped a friend's birthday party, all the way until the end of that year.

By the time of graduation, I only had one friend (plus another, but we sort of grew apart.... not as close) remaining by my side. The guy that liked me do not talk to me anymore, because I kept ignoring him (and I was pretty mean to him, since he was wasting my time). My grades were psh! The highest I've ever seen biggrin Though, I wanted an average of 90+,.... I only got an 89%

Overall, my entire high school average is not that good. Just my grade 12 was good.

Post #50723
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3:14 am, Sep 9 2007
Posts: 53

ummm letsee.... at high school my average marks were around the 60s or so.... i only ever passed english once (the english class for all the really slow people lol)... i usually just didnt bother to hand things up... oh and my highest ever score in pe (physical education) was 30% - because i only ever 'remembered' to bring my p.e. uniform like 5-7 times in an entire semester!!

my grades were so average they wouldnt let me into uni when i got out of school so i went and got a few diplomas at a tertiary place called TAFE then went to uni... my GPA is ummm 5.85 at the moment

bah. school grades dont count for much in the end

edit: oh and for the record i was always excellent at reading, but didnt like the subject 'english' which i felt was a waste of my time... as for pe... well i didnt really like running around cause i was huge and everyone picked on me lol XD

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Post #50736
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3:42 am, Sep 9 2007
Posts: 20

well now this will be my first post yay!!! in highschool i usually get around an 86 to 96 average (depends on how much homework there is in the class) low homework high grades usually sleep through classes did no homework (thank you anime and manga lol) at all but each test ive taken so far ive gotten a 100 on so it usually balances out since tests in my classes count for 85% of the total grade.

im pretty sickly so my absentee record was high from illness usually around 6 absences every 6 weeks so around 36 absences the whole year
(lol i get threatening letters saying if i miss any more school ill be held back from the school usually)

my highest grade was cross country running (even though im sickly i love being outside anyways way more fun then just sitting around coughing all day in my room)
and calculus (yay for the teacher that never picked up homework and gave no projects only tests were graded in that class) both were 100 averages for the semester

pipirupirupiru pipirupi!!
Post #50744
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3:55 am, Sep 9 2007
Posts: 36

I'm not in high school, yet, but i felt like posting. I'm in junior high, and I'm the perfect geek, surprisingly. I always daydream in class and never study, but some how I've really high grades and most of my classes are "Enhanced". My friends are surprised by my grades too. They say I'm too lazy to be smart. biggrin

....Through the darkness in this world if I must...
Post #50766

4:31 am, Sep 9 2007
Posts: 42

95-100 in math, science and memory courses. 65-95 in PE, 60-90+ in french, 80-95+ in english, 70-95+ in ethics, 75-100 art.

If I hadn't able to coast so easily on my math, science and memory, it's possible I could've been decent in languages as it stands I'm mediocre.

Slept in class, handed in at least half my assignment late, obviously didn't take any notes or do non-graded homework, I learned that it was all useless after the first six months of 7th grade. A 90+ average is so easy to get it's not even funny. Enriched classes and all that, though it was really all slow paced.

Post #50794

5:29 am, Sep 9 2007
Posts: 4

I'm really lazy and loves to play games(spend at least 5 hours a day playing starcraft), but i also get really high grades in school since california schools are easy. All A's freshmen and sopomore, I got 2 B's in the first semister of junior year(stupid DBQs for Apush and Calc) and then I got 1 B in second semister. The rest are A's.

I dont even know how i get good grades, I do almost all homework the class before and I'm known for not studying and getting high scores on my test. People call me lucky at guessing at multiple choice and matching.

I absolutely hate writing maybe thats why I got B's in Apush(I fail all DBQs whileI get highest multiple choice test scores in my class but since DBQ is 40% of my grade i ended with like a 85%.) I also love sleeping in my English class; Scarlet Letter+boring teacher is better than any sleep medicine.


math-98%+ on all test except 2 in my whole life(limits in calc and probablilty)'
english(short response multiple choice)-98%+(I never took exceled english so im always with dumb people which make me look smart)
english(writing)-70-90%, sometimes I get lucky dead
history-I had the same high school history teacher for 2 years. He had a system of grading that make the average score of everyone 70% so i usually get like 145% on my tests
science- up until Ap physics, I had a easy time basically highest score in class. all 90%+. Ap physics I got like 60s-70s on tests and quizes but all a person need is a 80% to get an A so i still ended up with an A(thx to my lab group which had 2 of the smartest people in my school)

Post #50801
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5:43 am, Sep 9 2007
Posts: 10

Ugh, school.
I go to a private school, so our grading system is more strict here.
I think I'm averaging a C overall. (82+)

I'm a personal favorite of insomnia.

I re-define 'cool.'
I'm def too.
Post #50802
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5:47 am, Sep 9 2007
Posts: 3

Humm... well I'm not from the states, but I'll try to give you a basic idea of what grades I got in my High-school years... let's see now...
Physics 6/6 (that's the highest mark, and 2 being the poor mark)
Maths 4/6 (I suck at maths >_<)
Bulgarian (Literature and grammar) 5/6
English 6/6
Electronics 5/6
Electrotechniques 6/6
Knowledge of the electric materials - 6/6
P.E. 6/6 (surprising for me, since I hate running, but I always do make the set times)
Chemistry 5/6
Biology 5/6
Geography 6/6
German 5/6
Electronics practical 6/6
Automatization 6/6

well basicly that's about it (from what I remember) roll eyes

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Silent Xenocide
Post #50810
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6:07 am, Sep 9 2007
Posts: 46

well in grade 12 my grades were:

Philosophy 12 50-60% (C-)
English 12 50-55% (C-)
PE 12 30-40% (F)
Math 11 72% (B well, 1% away from a B)
Info Tech 12 73-80% (B)
Math 12 60-66% (C)
History 12 67-70% (C+)
Physics 12 50% (C+)

Of course, I did no homework or projects.

Post #50825
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Crazy Cat Lady

6:16 am, Sep 9 2007
Posts: 1850

Interesting...maybe when posting grades, people should also post the percentages required to earn a certain grade, because it seems to vary a lot.

All through Jr High & HS, my school's grading scale was the same for every class, something like:

93%+ = A
85-92% = B
77-84% = C
65-76% = D
under 65% = F

I know the %s are right for A & B, not totally sure of the others.

In college it varied from class to class.

"[English] not only borrows words from other languages; it has on occasion chased other languages down dark alley-ways, clubbed them unconscious and rifled their pockets for new vocabulary."
-James Nicoll, can.general, March 21, 1992
Post #50829
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 Super Mod

6:32 am, Sep 9 2007
Posts: 6208

Grading system through elementary and high school

90%+ = A
80%+ = B
75%+ = C
74%- = F

ex. a grade of 7/10 = F

Post #50833
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6:38 am, Sep 9 2007
Posts: 53

ehhh i cant remember my high school grading system cause it was so weird - after we are graded our grades are moderated... where basically they are altered based on the state assessment of our subject difficulty x.x

basically if we get a 50% and the rest of the schools in the state that teach the subject have an easier marking system then our grades get moderated up (say to 60%) however if they mark harder then our grades get moderated down (say to 40%)

at uni its a bit easier:
0-40% = F2 = GPA 1.0
40-50% = F1 = GPA 3.0
50-55% = P2 = GPA 4.0
55-65% = P1 = GPA 4.5
65-75% = C = GPA 5
75-85% = D = GPA 6
85-100% = HD = GPA 7

there are also CP and TP.... however the % for those are wierd.... the GPA for those are 4.0 though

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Post #50980

1:18 pm, Sep 9 2007
Posts: 278

People bragging over their grades are so cute. <3

User Posted Image
Post #50995 - Reply to (#50675) by lambchopsil

1:45 pm, Sep 9 2007
Posts: 1650

Quote from lambchopsil
Quote from Xeronia grades are closest to lamb's out of everyone here. My GPA is right now 4.4/4.5 because I got a B+ in English class and an A instead of an A+ in history my sophomore year, the year I cared about grades so much I was bound to screw up. Yeah, I'm a math/science geek who likes to blow things up.

Right now, as a senior, I'll probably wind up either as valedictorian or salutatorian in a class of about 350-400 people. Not that I don't want the honor, but I'll probably be too lazy/infected with senioritis after six AP exams (hopefully keeping up the five streak that I've started), like all of my friends will be, to write a proper speech at graduation.

Hmm, so +/- on the grade counts for your GPA? Doesn't count in ours..Then again, you have above 4.0, so that's gotta be weighted

My school has a weird system, it's out of 4.5 instead of 4.0, and +/- do count. Our weighted GPAs range from like 1.0 to 7.5 depending on which classes you take and how well you do in them. I have no clue what my unweighted is, it's probably over 7.

On a 4.0 scale, my unweighted is about a 3.9.... I hate it when it's just almost perfect. Damn literature classes...

Quote from Dark_Sage
People bragging over their grades are so cute. <3

cute? Define cute.

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