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What manga has taught me about Japanese culture...

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Post #520026
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insomniac Kagehime

7:00 am, Jan 30 2012
Posts: 2706

-metal is easy to bend
-a broken arm heals in one week at the most
- the hero comes in last
- even if someone dies there is a possibilty that this person comes back somehow
- lazy and constantly drunk people are incredible good fighters who don´t get a blurry vision or balance problems due the alcohol
- japanese schoolgirls wear childish, unsexy underwear
- sexy underwear is only worn by woman older than 25
- only gropers in the train get arrested for sexually harassement, but not the millions of bishies who rape girls everyday
-if you fall in loe with your sibling (which happens often in japan) there is a 90% chance that you are not blood related
- the first kiss will be in high school
- teachers ignore bullying (read Vitamin (SUENOBU Keiko) for further explanations)

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currently reading: Nyotai-ka
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Post #523039
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An F to judge M!

4:48 pm, Feb 13 2012
Posts: 383

- teachers ignore bullying

-And join in/conspire to continue the fun. (Akuma to Love Song)

- When you first join a club or anything that involves physical activity, you'll be taught by your senpai. Your first lesson will leave you hobbled and wheezing on the floor, pathetically panting for air as your body dehydrates. Meanwhile, your senpai has yet to break a sweat. Literally. Not a single bead of sweat has formed on his/her face, despite doing the same 2-3 hours of physical activity. (Ain't no one ever ran a marathon without breaking a sweat, people. That's stupid.)

- All previous and future "What manga has taught me about Japanese culture..." are false. Obviously the only thing the Japanese culture has to offer are maid cafe's and haunted houses.

Post #523041
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Nice desu ne

4:59 pm, Feb 13 2012
Posts: 1129

Every woman suffers from anemia and all the weird shit goes on solely in Japan (ie gods fighting each other). If you're a plain girl who literally has NOTHING to offer then you will land the most beautiful man in the universe and when you do a gang of faceless girls will torment you so he can rescue you. If you're a plain guy who literally has NOTHING to offer then you will land a herd of the most beautiful women who will beg to have sex with you but out of all those girls you'll choose the worst one. All good looking men who aren't interested in a bland girl are subsequently raging homosexuals. If I have a perfectly normal life I can expect to be the ONLY ONE able to save the world.

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Post #523048
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5:29 pm, Feb 13 2012
Posts: 504

if you have a crush on someone you MUST write them a love letter. the only way to talk to them is by writing

it is okay to stalk the person you like.

it is common for students to sit at the desk of their crush after school is over.

"Dangerous...Abstinence is Dangerous"
Post #523054
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6:22 pm, Feb 13 2012
Posts: 90

1) Through reading manga, I have learned the true reason for the declining birthrate. Japanese guys don't have the courage to tell the girl they like how they feel, so therefore they tend to stay virgins for a very long time. Even if they somehow get the courage to confess, they usually date for several years before the 1st kiss. When the guy finally gets the courage to move forward, the couple is too old to have kids.

2) All Japanese school girls have mature mega sexy bodies and freakishly large cup sizes.

3) You can do ANYTHING if you just believe in yourself enough.

4) All girls are stronger than boys but this strength only comes out when they are embarrassed.

5) Doctors never tell you when you have a life threatening illness. It's kept from you for your own good.

Post #523057

6:48 pm, Feb 13 2012
Posts: 211

butler is a profession where you are expected to kill in the line of work
every school has an idol, an ojou sama, a voluptous nurse (from Ukraine, anyone?) and an old bald principal
every male have porn under their bed, and they share them with friends after fapping to it while telling the details
schoolgirls like sweets very much, and have amazingly tight waistline
everyone walks to school or take bus/ commuter in between. any other modes of transportation are considered to be for the rich only
if you defy a rich man/ kid, chances are you are gonna end up in tokyo bay( wonder how many bodies in there)
if you want a girlfriend, just grab someone you know and rape her
the student council has more power than teachers and prefect, and in some cases, the principal and chaiman of the school
if someone from a club (that never attended) somehow punches some delinquent somewhere, the whole club is suspended (that's seriously a farce to me)
nice guys always get laid/ build harems(in shonen manga) (they never do in my country)
deliquent are always handsome, rich and always get laid but totally crazy for ugly normal poor girl (in shujo)

Post #523059
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7:17 pm, Feb 13 2012
Posts: 504

porn only comes in magazines or tapes. there is no such thing as internet porn in Japan

"Dangerous...Abstinence is Dangerous"
Post #523062
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insomniac Kagehime

7:30 pm, Feb 13 2012
Posts: 2706

assholes are always godlooking
japanese guys weight 50 kg at 184 cm height

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currently reading: Nyotai-ka
please support me
Post #523070
user avatar

9:05 pm, Feb 13 2012
Posts: 13

people that are the best at something group with other people that are best at something

elite schools have everything

when someone is sexually aroused, they have massive nosebleeds (size of water fountains)

middle school and high school students can look like adults

kids and teenagers are way more amazing then adults (in all aspects)

secret organizations with tons of power in the government are destroyed and created at a daily bases

teenagers can hack into the pentagon if they feel like it

people can have perfect test scores without even going to school

teachers can still be teacher even if...they are a kid, evil, crazy, a murderer, ect

there are always at least one person in school that always smile with their eyes close...and are serious when eyes open

people can easily get firearm (and students can bring them to school) even though its illegal

good looking guys can look beautiful as girls too

Post #523086

10:54 pm, Feb 13 2012
Posts: 272

once finished highschool all japanese start working,marry and become a housewife or study sth undefined to become an office worker.sciences are only taught in school to mock the poor children.
that only applies when they aren't going on a quest to save the world

all europeans are from noble families.most of them have blonde hair and blue eyes.

all american men are either muscular soldiers or crude men with edged faces and huge noses.
all american girls are beautiful have large breasts and behave like sluts because it's normal over there

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Post #523089
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Pew pew

11:06 pm, Feb 13 2012
Posts: 867

Anyone who catches a cold or have a fever will most likely pass out in front of their significant other.
Everyone has perfect timing.

silent killer
Post #523216
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chasing oblivion

4:39 pm, Feb 14 2012
Posts: 1366

Parents are completely useless, if they are even present at all.

Sarcasm just doesn't work over the internet.
Post #523225
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6:00 pm, Feb 14 2012
Posts: 56

- in shojou Manga, girls never break up with a guy no matter what they do to them. ( If you know a manga where that happens tell me, please! biggrin )
- it is seen as "western" to nearly french kiss someone as a greeting
- popular guys always have fanclubs that will bully any girl that gets close to him

Post #523761
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4:25 am, Feb 17 2012
Posts: 837

The more girls you have sex with, the more likely one of them will go crazy and go on a killing spree, culminating in you dying a horrible horrible death. That is why the Japanese males developed a natural defense mechanism of spontaneously bleeding out of their nose followed by fleeing and/or fainting when seeing or thinking about sexual content. This is also why genitals are censored in their porn and the birth rate in Japan is in general decline.

Post #523767
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4:46 am, Feb 17 2012
Posts: 25

Seriously though, something I learned about from manga that I'd NEVER heard about before was "duck fishing." This is a legitimate thing. In the manga I read about it in, they were in the Heian era emperial court doing it, but apparently people still do it today. Here's a youtube video: Click!
Basically, you go out into a pond with a boat and tie a rope around a duck's neck. Then you wait until the duck catches a fish, then just before it swallows the fish, you yank the rope and it spits it out, into your net. Caught a fish using a duck instead of a fishing pole! Actually, it sounds very cruel.
But I learned of this from manga!

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