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Why Manga Reader Sites Are Not Okay

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Post #576921 - Reply to (#576902) by flowinmyboat

12:29 am, Nov 14 2012
Posts: 32

Quote from flowinmyboat
The only way I can see a solution to the problem is for all scan groups to get online readers, because a lot of people don't want to download, which is the only option most scanlators give.

Using readonline options in addition to downloads won't stop other online-reader sites from adding the project to their own collection. I've been offering readonline versions of my scanlations since late 2005. Few people bothered to right-click and save-as every single page, so they weren't shared much. The moment I started offering download links, those projects were everywhere. I think it's the download links that make it easy for others to nab the entire project and reupload it to their own sites. If scanlators started offering nothing *but* online versions, then they'd see a reduction in the amount of reposting. But they would have to do it in a way that both satisfies the netgeneration's need for built-in "readers" and the oldschool people's need for fast-loading time. The benefit of downloading is that you don't have to wait between pages because you already have the entire project on your computer. Using readers is like trying to watch a youtube vid with a bad connection - you have to wait every few seconds for the next tiny bit to load. Scanlators would also have to find an affordable host for all those pics since a lot of scanlators rely entirely on free file hosts to share the download links. If they're not even offering direct downloads, then the odds of them being able to afford readonline options is nill. We don't like ads or donations, right? So they'd have to pay for it themselves out of the goodness of their hearts. Few scanlators have that kind of money, especially for popular/long series that are going to require a lot of space and bandwidth. That may change as webhosting gets cheaper, since scanlators have proven they're more than willing to invest time and money into sharing their work with others, but right now it's not really feasible for any but the ad-heavy sites and those with a loyal fanbase willing to donate to help support them.

Post #576926
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1:26 am, Nov 14 2012
Posts: 25

I have to say I'm not very knowledgeable on the subject but I do know that people frown upon mangafox and similar sites!

My primary source for manga is batoto solely for it's loading times!

And if I can't find it there i'll go to one of the other sites!

Why? Cause I'm a human being I'm not perfect, I have needs!

Still I use ad-block there so say goodbye to you revenues!

Lightning Hiro
Post #576934
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2:38 am, Nov 14 2012
Posts: 39

What I hate about all manga reader sites are their stupid labels.'s label takes up the top right corner, so bubbles can't be read, a big example is One Piece (which is why I read that on exclusively on I try my absolute best to read the mangas from the scanlation groups' online readers, because they don't block the pages with their annoying labels. I know mangafox has one too, but i think it's a little trans...invisible (can't think right now!) but it's still helluva-nnoying. Which haha, I never used fox anymore thanks to mangahere..

I'm a hypocrite, because I know I saw one of the mangas I read had the scanlation group SPECIFICALLY say wait 12 hours before uploading to mangasharer sites. But it only takes an hour for someone to do it, and yet I still read it becuz I can't wait...
I joined a group specifically because they had a 3 day policy before they let uploading occur, I had to download it, and I thanked them in all. I think the group was REALLY successful in keeping that policy because it was endless of wait if you weren't a member and you'll get penalized if you didn't follow the rules.

I used to be one of the people who download chapters, sometimes volumes of manga because I wasn't really aware of manga sharer sites, or at least I was only aware of really crappy ones like mangavolume and mangahut. Or haha.

I also knew some scanlation groups who also put their label on the manga, like a watermark, I'm mostly fine with that because like you said, intellectual property. But if it's distracting me from the manga...not ok.

There was an hour on my phone where mangahere tried to get me to make a stupid account for them. There was absolute no way I was ever going to do that because it's a mangasharing site, I don't see any reason why people have to make accounts unless they are uploading them.

this might be insulting but I actually hated several scanlation groups because of the joke pages. its fine to have em and all, but when one puts the joke page right before the original page, that gets crazy confusing or freaking before the chapter happens, thats a spoiler. scanlation groups may have the power to do that, but that's also insulting to the mangakas as well
========> Although they got me, play a practical joke and fool me (mean if it was for that intent)
And some joke pages are really insulting, because about half of them would be dirty (and that's definitely insulting to the characters and the mangaka) MAJOR EXAMPLE IS AIR GEAR

Recruiting pages are fine because most times they use pages from other mangas I wouldn't even know. Or the page came from something really old.

What I like (well I love a lot of things and appreciate them) is when they take the time to have explanation notes, shows they really do care about us ignorant children. I'm so educated now.

But yeah, manga share sites don't do squat, there's no weeding out, no FIXING. D N Angel's chapters were messed up and thankfully the scanlation group told us beforehand. I downloaded it and rearranged it myself, however, mangasharers just leave it as is and continue to confuse the lot.

Last edited by lambchopsil at 3:00 am, Nov 14

________________ g
Post #576940
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Noblesse Forever!

3:06 am, Nov 14 2012
Posts: 1066

Well, many people here already knows this but they don't care ~_~

Last edited by strixflash at 4:55 pm, Jun 28

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Post #576948 - Reply to (#576736) by Arigatomina

5:23 am, Nov 14 2012
Posts: 191

Quote from Arigatomina
Two points: Scans are not free. Unless the scanner stole that book from the store shelf, he or she had to buy it in order to scan it. I can't speak for other scanlators, but I pay a lot of money for the books I scanlate, and I often ruin those books in order to scan them. When you do good scans ...

It seems I did not phrase it clear enough. I meant, scanlators don't sell their translations. If they do, I'm sure there'd be even more serious problems with legal rights. If that's so, it's not as if they loose money by having them put on manga reader sites. I personally think it's a great way for advertising the group. But like I said, it depends on the person. If they don't like the fact that they spend money and have someone else profit from them indirectly, well, it's understandable too.

But really, all I'm saying is, it's not that big of a deal. Those who respect common sense will not post scans everywhere when told not to. Those who are bored to hell and don't care, and not as lazy as me will still do what they do. As for the average ppl, they use google and go to the site easiest to find, and for me ones that work with autopager, which often happens to be manga reader sites that so many scanlators hate.

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Post #602676
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potential sadist

11:02 am, Jun 9 2013
Posts: 114

I really agree with mizunosaki, (and the presentation was really nice~) I used to reading on Manga Reader sites before. But now that I'm working for some scanlation groups.. I'm starting to dislike them..

Scanlation groups are working for FREE. and I really agree that it's NOT EASY doing scans. It's time consuming.. and sometimes.. you're even pressured by the readers to update the chapters faster. I really respect the scanlation staff a lot. They don't get anything but they're still working so hard. Trying so hard to release every week or month. they have lives too.

I think that putting Manga Reader site watermarks on scanlation works is disrespectful to the Scanlation group. I'm sorry for ranting, but I really can't help feeling bad. The Manga Reader sites didn't really work on the scanlations but why are they putting watermarks? Why do they have to put watermarks on things that they didn't really work on? It sounds wrong to me. It's okay if they just host it on their site, giving the link on where they got the scans and provide credit to the group and the mangaka. But the fact that they get more attention than the Scanlation group.. really saddens me.

Quote from flowinmyboat
I honestly think scanlator's need online readers on their site, that way the readers stay on their site and don't need to go to a manga reader site. The group I'm with got one recently and it's amazing (and I think it was free also, I know some other groups pay for theirs). It's so much faster than manga reader sites. Two, it's not loaded with ads. And third, it makes the scanlators happy and you don't have to worry about an ad freaking you by saying "Congratulation, you won!" out of nowhere or ever see the words "Roman Orgies" together...ever.

This is the best idea i've seen so far. biggrin

User Posted Image
Post #603617
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12:32 pm, Jun 15 2013
Posts: 323

I try to support the scanlation groups by avoiding aggregator sites except Batoto and disabling adblocker.
I also hate it when a group "steals" a project from another group once it reaches a certain popularity. Why? Because the whole scanlation business wouldn't work if everyone behaved like an ass.

My deepest respect goes to all scanlators who put up with all this stuff and still provide us with releases.

Post #605345
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5 Is a Big Number

4:02 pm, Jun 28 2013
Posts: 93

This is why groups should enforce a mailing list policy. Emails are recorded and manga is sent via ZIP file to the certain person that has taken some kind of "I promise not to upload this to a manga sharing site" Type of deal. However, should the rule be broken, releases are withheld for an extra [insert time frame here].

Sadly, most groups are lazy as hell. First hand experience from me and quite a few others.

Post #605347

4:32 pm, Jun 28 2013
Posts: 302

Quote from tart

Just use a browser add-on like Adblock Plus and just add the site you want to block ads (eg. MangaFox) on to the Filter Options.

That way, people who still want to use online readers can (though I think using your own manga reading program has still far more benefits) and people like Mangafox can't profit off ads anymore.


From here.

Post #605351
user avatar

5:13 pm, Jun 28 2013
Posts: 38

i remember there was a time a scanlation group was so pissed at the mangareader site and fans who wants their chapter to be released early, they released it 3-4 pages of original manga and then a hardcore yaoi manga at the next pages (they released it in the mangareader site too) lol laugh . they did not release next chapters after that. i think it was the scanlation group of sekirei.

Post #611747
user avatar

11:19 pm, Aug 21 2013
Posts: 188

I only read online as I'm not allowed to download, You can just ask the site to take down your works

Quote from ughman
i remember there was a time a scanlation group was so pissed at the mangareader site and fans who wants their chapter to be released early, they released it 3-4 pages of original manga and then a hardcore yaoi manga at the next pages (they released it in the mangareader site too) lol laugh . they ...

Lol that sounds so funny

Recommend me horror , yaoi and shoujo manga please biggrin
Post #622143

4:32 pm, Nov 26 2013
Posts: 6

The most problematic part got missed here as I noticed.
When everybody starts shaming scanlator of doing some illegal work and wanting attention for it it basically looks... ugly. I mean, some people somewhere took their time (and most usually money) bought the original, put hours of unpaid work in it. Sometimes even took even more trouble and money to host a site, a reader etc. Just for the fun and joy of sharing something you really like. And popularise it additionally (that's the main reason why any fanwork is overlooked, it attracts more public to the subject).
AND here comes the point when those scanlator who just spend weekely evenings on a bunch of b/w pages which he probably really tired of, BUT still really glad, because SHARING TIME! And you finally can get some feedback and recognition, from wich he would lately get motivation to continue doing the job (and sometimes it's just stubborness which is also great for readers). I mean ANYTHING is great for readers b/c it leads to more stuff to read.
So no shaming scanlator, please. There are great guys. They took your part of the job (I mean spending money on a thing and learning a language you probably don't know or know not good enough) and did it for you so you could just spend another calm nice evening with the stuff you enjoy.
So more respect please.

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