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New Poll - Demographic Hate

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Post #589263
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9:01 pm, Mar 2 2013
Posts: 2037

I voted yaoi. No, I am not homophobic. Gay couples are pretty cute IRL. I could go on and on about my stance on gay rights. But that's not the point. It's not that I hate yaoi. Simply put, it's just a genre that I wouldn't be able to and prefer not to read (shounen-ai included).


So much arguing in this thread. So pointless. ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

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Post #589265

9:40 pm, Mar 2 2013
Posts: 9

Hate is such a strong word. I don't think I've ever hated something fictional.

I've wanted to gouge my eyes out over how bad/boring some series are (e.g. SDF Macross) but I still can't say I hated it. I just wish I'd never watched it.

So I have to say the genre I feel most apathetic about is yaoi, although I don't go searching for yuri either (anymore, at one point... although I've gone through lots of phases with really obscure genres).

I guess the thing about yaoi and yuri is that 99% of them are just terrible. They're poorly written romances that would be ignored if not for the fact that they include some kind of shallow idealized homosexual relationships for opposite gender heterosexuals. (I guess for other demographics it'd be closer to something like 95%?)

I'd be perfectly happy to read something like Aoi Hana but yaoi. But I'm long past the point where I'd go read a few dozen series to find one I like.

Post #589266
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9:41 pm, Mar 2 2013
Posts: 298

Shounen-ai (and thus also Yaoi), not that I dislike that particular genre, but I dislike the 'culture' that surrounds it. The constant need for stereotyping everything, rarely have I read a shounen-ai manga where the two leading characters are actually 'normal' human males (not extremely top/bottom).

And, of course, Hentai... And even worse (because it's harder to avoid), Ecchi (+Yaoi +Yuri). Many a good manga story are (in my opinion) ruined by the mangakas need to introduce excessive panty-shots, annoying innuendo, perverted male (these days even female) characters, pointless shower/onsen scenes, and (pixelated) sexual acts.

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Post #589268
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10:02 pm, Mar 2 2013
Posts: 1021

I was surprised about yaoi leading by so much, but if it's about the "culture", that's understandable. There's hardly a culture for yuri by comparison...I guess porn is already a norm, so hentai doesn't make as much of an impact on people.

I voted hentai, because based on all the manga I've read, hentai got my lowest ratings on average. Josei was very, very close though.

I think it all depends on which specific manga you read though. Josei has the potential for amazing stories, but most josei manga use and reuse a small amount of that potential, leading readers to think that's the best they can do. Same goes for all of the genres.

Post #589269
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10:07 pm, Mar 2 2013
Posts: 985

I just can't believe that the same shit can keeps appearing and getting axed over and over again.
I don't read Shounen-ai/Yaoi so didn't vote for them.

it's cold down here fam ~
Post #589277
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Sims3 Maniac

11:57 pm, Mar 2 2013
Posts: 378

I'll just quote something that I wrote in "Manga that scarred you for life"

Didn't know much about manga way back when or what some genre's were.... like yaoi.... one of the first I accidentally read... I quickly found out what NOT to download. >.> *shivers* Never again.... *was so confused and innocent back then* Still.... never again..... *eye twitch* no

I'm a girl and supposedly we're supposed to find yaoi appealing, but it's just as appealing to me as homosexual girls acting that way towards each other or a heterosexual couple acting that way to each other. It's just gross.

I don't read yaoi or yuri (or shounen-ai/shoujo-ai) but back in the day when I first got into manga and didn't know any better or understand what was going on, it seemed to me that a few of the yaoi mangas I read had EVERYONE homosexual and perverted. That's just unrealistic.

I don't mind if in some random shounen or shoujo there are some or a quite a few characters that are actually homosexual. There are homosexual people in this world who are no different than other characters, that's a normal situation that doesn't give me the creeps.

But some yaoi mangas.... it's just too weird. Too much exaggeration. That goes for a majority of hentai too, but there are reasonable hentais out there. (very very very few) Much of the yaoi genre seems to be over exaggerated, so of this list, it is my most hated.

Why, hello there!!!
Post #589281 - Reply to (#589262) by Cherelle Ashlee

12:00 am, Mar 3 2013
Posts: 75

Well it's blatantly obvious.

You say you have a strong dislike of lesbian themes, but you love watching/reading about handsome young men humping each other.
If you were bi or lesbian, you wouldn't be so averse to yuri.
And (with the exception of tranny strippers) Cherelle Ashlee is definitely a female moniker.

So by process of elimination, based on the few words you've said. I'm confident you're a heterosexual female.

And you're welcome.

Post #589282
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Sims3 Maniac

12:14 am, Mar 3 2013
Posts: 378

Are you speaking about me? If that's the case, you must not have read anything I said at all. I do not like reading about men humping each other (or women), especially if the point is just to have 2 dudes all over each other. It's just like some hentai to me, it's gross and unreal.

The only yaoi I read was by mistake when I was what.. 13/14 years old maybe? I haven't touched one sense, but yaoi is hard to avoid in many fandoms because it seems girls like it so much. I particularly hate yaoi when fanbases depict completely straight men as homosexual (i.e: Kingdom Hearts and Naruto) Not only that, they make ALL the male characters homosexual and the female characters suddenly disappear into oblivion or they all go homosexual for each other as well.

I guess all in all, I don't find over exaggerated sexual scenes or situations appealing. All yaoi probably isn't like the yaoi I envision it to be, but fanarts, yaoi covers, and yaoi fangirls make me think otherwise.

It is strange though. Are girls expected to like seeing guys all over each other like men are supposed to like women all over each other? (And I'm not really trying to get into real life situations here, just in the entertainment manga/anime field here)

Why, hello there!!!
Post #589283
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12:19 am, Mar 3 2013
Posts: 7777

No, he isn't. See what the post is a reply to.

Post #589286
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1:01 am, Mar 3 2013
Posts: 368

Like many people have stated before, this shouldn't be a poll. It's like making a poll asking which genre of video games, or which TV station is the worst. Even though I avoid some of these demographics, every demographic can have the most beautiful story ever made and, at the same time, have the biggest piece of sh*t that you have ever seen.

Last edited by Transdude1996 at 1:14 am, Mar 3

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Post #589291 - Reply to (#589277) by kirabook
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1:47 am, Mar 3 2013
Posts: 156

Not exactly. It's not that all females find yaoi appealing, it's more like most yaoi readers are female. I don't have the exact numbers up my sleeve, but I don't think I'd be going out on a limb when I say that either.

So what, you don't like romance/smut? Better to say that than just to single out yaoi.

Yaoi is about as realistic as some of the shoujo, shounen, smut or hentai titles out there. Yaoi has it's failings as much as the other genres. I mean, are we really debating realism in manga? How often is it that the most popular, smartest, and best-looking guy in high school falls head over heels in love with everyday Plain Jane? And not just one, but two guys when the inevitable love triangle happens?

Yaoi, weird (I'm not sure what your definition of weird is)? Men engaging in sexual acts with one another is too much, but all the tentacle rape that occurs in hentai isn't? Just chalk it up to taste, you don't like reading about homosexual sex, that's fine, but let's not pretend that yaoi is any worse than any other genre out there - especially hentai.

Post #589299

2:34 am, Mar 3 2013
Posts: 208

Woah, why hate? sad

And lol so many yaoi haters when that is my favourite genre- I wonder what the gender demographics are on BMU 'cuz I'm sure that's mostly guys talking wink ! I dislike shoujo and hentai the most, but I'm open to reading anything else except those two genres.

Post #589309

3:42 am, Mar 3 2013
Posts: 43

I don't know if it counts, but I hate ecchi the most. Not that I read hentai but I'd rather read it than to read ecchi.

"...that ain't no unicorn" - Wakusei no Samidare
Post #589310
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3:53 am, Mar 3 2013
Posts: 4029

I voted hentai.

But if it were included, I would've picked smut. I just can't stand smut shoujo, shounen-ai, yaoi, etc... Any kind of smut is f'ed up.

Post #589315

4:51 am, Mar 3 2013
Posts: 90

Ironic yaoi is leading. I mean, as much hatred towards it is shown, it has just as many successful manga series as any of the other genres. Has anyone tried reading manga on mangago? There's a 80% chance than any random manga you pick, it's probably yaoi or shounen ai.

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