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New Poll - Same-Sex Romances

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Post #611376
yarny, yarny

1:55 am, Aug 19 2013
Posts: 95

According to the results so far... there are about 3x more open-minded girls than boys.

I voted for "girl who reads both." Not that I particularly seek out GL series, but neither am I avoidant of it, and will read the occasional shoujo-ai.

Post #611377
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1:59 am, Aug 19 2013
Posts: 6

poll was huge. I read alot of yuri and not really yaoi, but then I guess trap counted as yaoi and I've read some of those. Wasn't sure which one to pick and end up picking "read both".

The poll was worded weirdly. I think it would have been better to just let people pick "what they read" instead of "what they avoid". Negative connotation like that in polls creates poll bias.

Post #611378 - Reply to (#611352) by Kiks
yarny, yarny

2:00 am, Aug 19 2013
Posts: 95

Quote from Kiks
I guess so, the only problem is that I've never ever heard of guys going mad over yuri or such things, but girls.....well let's just say girls go a bit too crazy XD

That's because guys have hardcore ecchi and hentai and lolicon to go rabid over. There's not that much hentai aimed at female readers (and no loli, and very, very little shotacon - tho I'm not interested in it myself) and smut usually isn't very hardcore. So yaoi it is.

Post #611379
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Manga Eater

2:23 am, Aug 19 2013
Posts: 442

I put "I'm a girl, and I avoid both types". This sounds like I'm close-minded, but in truth I hate reading yaoi/yuri because I find them typically more offensive to the LGBT than other types of manga are to their corresponding demographic (harem, ecchi, etc). They're offensive to me because I feel that most belittle guy-guy/girl-girl relationships. In yaoi there are typically those ridiculous seme-uke relationships that I abhor (yaoi hands anyone?). I just get irritated more than anything. Yuri are typically just light hentai, or so I've found so far. That isn't to say that I haven't read yaoi/yuri or I will never read them in the future. I've read quite a few good yaoi/yuri, and many manga with these side-genres done very well (Cheese in the Trap for example). It will just take a lot of praise from a yaoi/yuri series for me to try it out!

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Post #611380
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2:31 am, Aug 19 2013
Posts: 15

I'm a girl and I read both. Best of all worlds, I say.

But in all seriousness: While they are not closely to the LGBT relationships, these are fantasies, plain and simple. Try as I might to steer away from the "who's on top/bottom", it's there. The usual feminine male cast as the uke in the yaoi/shounen-ai makes me mad too, believe me. It really does, but there are those that are NOT like that. I've found some really great gems the past years. Are they best? Some are, some aren't. We all different tastes and it keeps changing. There's even newer works that have ACTUAL men going at it. They have hair where men should and not be all smooth.

Also, I have actually been put off by some, both yaoi/shounen-ai and yuri/shoujo-ai simply because I couldn't stand it or didn't like the characters. Sometimes even the sex scenes make me go "Okaaay", which are usually the hardcore ones. Not all are hardcore, despite what others may say/you might think. While I don't mind bondage, some were just not part of my tastes.

To end: I read those WITH plot mostly and when I need some PWP fun, I also read those.

(Yuri/shoujo-ai needs a lot of love though. Compared to a battleship courier like Yaoi/Shounen-ai, it's a small motorboat. Yes, you saw what I did there bigrazz )

Last edited by RayeSesshyFan at 2:40 am, Aug 19

Post #611381

3:05 am, Aug 19 2013
Posts: 89

I'm a guy and I sort of avoid yuri/shoujo-ai? Well, I shouldn't say this because I haven't read any yuri/shoujo-ai yet, but in my mind, I think that it would just be like ecchi with romance between same sex. I believe that I'm wrong, but I still haven't tried it out yet. On a side note I'm read quite a lot of yaoi/shounen-ai that you can consider me a fundanshi :3

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Post #611427
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11:28 am, Aug 19 2013
Posts: 140

Hard poll.

If it is bara I avoid it like the plague. I dislike shounen-ai as well; however, crossdressing and shota yaoi is fine for me most of the time.

Post #611433
user avatar

1:13 pm, Aug 19 2013
Posts: 88

I'm seriously questioning the logic behind, "if you don't read it, then you're a close minded person". Do we really need to heavily discuss the fallacy of that statement? What about a simple reason, that he or she just not into it. Or are we gonna start labeling close minded to everyone now. To a vegetarian for not eating meat, and then move to something bigger. Like crystal meth and coke. For missing the fun and great adventure of those things entitled.

Yeah, because people who isn't into drugs or meat is such a close minded people. I know, right?

I'm a straight men, who doesn't like reading yaoi or yuri... and echi, harem, shoujo, horror or mecha. It just not my cup of tea. After 27 years living in this godforsaken place called earth, I think I know my preference for manga and anime. And I believe you do to. If you like yaoi and yuri, I'm okay with it. And maybe one day in real life, you might meet a real life gay men, who kinda like me, I mean the not reading the yaoi and yuri stuff. You probably wanna hold off with the close minded bigot tags.

His name is Warren. He's my friend. He's a doctor. He watch EPL religiously, idolize Edgar Davids, an amazing friend and apparently very fond of sleeping with dudes. And you know what, he said he'll be okay with my weird habit of sleeping with girl (aka my wife).

Since you know... people are just that.



Post #611440
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3:53 pm, Aug 19 2013
Posts: 235

Before reading manga I guess I was a homophobe, but manga has taught me tolerance there are loads of yaoi side characters in manga and anime that I like, one good example would be the dude from TTguren lagan.
Saying all that, I still avoid yaoi and shounen ai because I'm just not into it.
The way I see it ,straight guys like straight romance and yuri.
Girls like straight and yaio.
There are exceptions in there somewhere obviously.

Post #611445
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4:37 pm, Aug 19 2013
Posts: 525

I'm a guy and I avoid both. I can't relate to same-sex romance and it just doesn't do anything for me.

I think it's pretty bad to equate shounen/shoujo ai and yaoi/yuri though since yaoi/yuri is usually just porn while shounen/shoujo ai is not.

User Posted Image
Post #611454
user avatar

5:10 pm, Aug 19 2013
Posts: 46

I suppose I'm one of those unusual straight girls who likes yuri, and not yaoi. There are a lot more yuri series (or maybe because the genre is less frequently translated, it's easier to find) that have more realism and a more gender-balanced cast.

What annoys me about yaoi is that I feel the lack of females is really blatant. From the first time I ever tried to read yaoi, I thought, "This seems like some female mangaka/readers got tired of being jealous of fictional women." At that point, I just could not take it seriously. Maybe I focus too much on plot in a genre that is clearly meant as fan service.

Post #611456
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6:19 pm, Aug 19 2013
Posts: 187

I guess this is where I come in and teach you all a lesson about gender bigrazz
Though it may not be very known, there are actually people who are both genders, or no gender, or a mix, or something else. Generally known as genderqueers.
Anyway, I guess I'd have to pick "guy who reads a lot of both", though I do read less than before.

User Posted Image
subir fotos
Post #611476 - Reply to (#611181) by WarriorKalia

10:39 pm, Aug 19 2013
Posts: 90

Yuri is just as unrealistic as yaoi. And people who say there are more "ridiculous cliches" in yaoi than yuri are lying. Like, the feminine vs. masculine argument. They're present in both. I've read plenty of series of yuri where one has large breasts, long hair, and look like a girl while the love interest has short hair, is flat chested, and looks like a guy. Les or gay, mangakas like the contrast. And there's plenty more. "Conveniently located at all girls school" can just as easily become "conveniently located at an all-boys school."

Then again, if people are looking for realistic, they should stick to shounen-ai or shoujo-ai, which are way more accurate depictions of same sex relationships.

Post #611528

10:25 am, Aug 20 2013
Posts: 354

Is it just me or do a lot of people want to stress that they only read a few of one/both types?

I think this poll is more of a yes or no question. To say that the options mean yes as in "HELL YES" is wrong in my opinion. If you read one or the other or both even a little, I'd say that's a yes (especially if you end up sitting there thinking how to answer after just reading through all the options)

Some people are saying that saying you avoid both types is closed minded and sure I think that's true. But I also think that given the circumstances of the world as well as biology, I understand why there is close minded-ness. Let's face it, if mainstream media, pop culture, books, etc aren't representing it, people aren't going to be so accepting of it no matter how many laws you pass. But, considering how limited people are exposed to homosexuality in the world, I think manga is a great window to have some exposure considering the lack of representation of the LGBTQ community.

Well anyways, I'm a girl and I read both depending on the storyline but it's not on the main menu since I search by genres and I'm a shoujo/josei manga reader a majority of the time.

Last edited by mysstris at 10:34 am, Aug 20

Post #611530 - Reply to (#611456) by Aijin-of-Iwa

10:38 am, Aug 20 2013
Posts: 354

There's also something I recently learned called "preferred gender pronoun" where people who may appear the to be one sex but actually prefer to be called the opposite sex eg a girl prefers he as a pronoun to refer to "herself"

Of course it can also be used for genderqueers (not sure if i'm not using it correctly but I think it's ok), IS people, neutrals, etc.

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