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Which character of NANA do you hate the most? And why?

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Which character of NANA do you hate the most? And why?
Nana Osaki
Hachiko/Nana Komatsu
Sachiko Kawamura
Yuri Kousaka
Minoru Kurada- the photographer
Other- please mention who
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From User Message Body
Post #271980
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Narutos my Nympho.

10:58 pm, Mar 30 2009
Posts: 496

takumi ftw lol. biggrin

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Post #273302
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10:46 pm, Apr 4 2009
Posts: 6

Hachiko annoyed me with her naiveness and cutesy-ness and her weak attitude when it comes to Takumi a lot of times in the plot. But now I don't hate her that much, I think. She's my least favorite because for some reason, the other characters don't get on my nerves as much? Although I have gotten pissed off at Takumi.

A lot of people hate Reira.. I agree she has no morals when she slept with Takumi and all, but maybe because she's a minor character I don't mind her flaws. I still like her enough to feel sad that she no longer sings in the future. Plus, I'm not that fond of both Takumi and Hachi so I don't really care about anything wrecking their relationship.

And I actually really like Yuri. I like that she seems to be serious about Nobu when he's the polar opposite of her. She has a kind heart. Anyway, I just don't like Hachi enough to support Hachi-Nobu pairing. I wish Nobu had stayed with Yuri in the future chaps.

Post #274407

9:07 am, Apr 9 2009
Posts: 2

lol i think that Hachi is just ... >.> . she's like those weak heroines who gets played with each time. She's so clingy clingy. even though they all know takumi is a player, girls just love to sleep with him anyways and hachi is one of them. Reira... i find her equally annoying. All i've seen her do is look sad and cry.


hates Reira, Takumi, Hachi

I think the best character in here is junko and her bf
aleast she's got sense and the guy is serious about her

Post #275874
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10:27 am, Apr 14 2009
Posts: 26

I can't truly hate any main characters, since those reporters ran from the crash. mad All the characters have something to hate them for, even if the point is to tell that they are just people, BUT running like that is not human. I think, I'll never forgive them. mad

Before the crash, I didn't like Takumi. He planed and calculated his success, without considering how miserable people surrounding him would be affected.

Post #275877

10:52 am, Apr 14 2009
Posts: 11

Takumi dead God I want to reach through the pages & just erase his azz! I think its because he is made to be the guy we all know that treats his women crappy, blames it on his upbringing & takes forever to change if he even can. I just wanted NANA O. to punch him full force. biggrin To make matters worse for me, is my brother-in-law is like that (minus the $$ to buy the "I'm sorry" gifts). smile wink grin

'The 1 thing that can change a meeting another." - xxxHoLiC
Post #346117

9:57 pm, Jan 3 2010
Posts: 2

i hate Hachi because she's so annoying if not for her Nobu could be happy and Takumi maybe hook up with Layla... she even buts in with Ren's and Nana's relationship, Shin's and Layla's too. She's just too much of annoyance.

Post #346119
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10:23 pm, Jan 3 2010
Posts: 42

REIRA. She annoys the hell out of me.

Post #353808

8:33 am, Jan 31 2010
Posts: 7

Ah, Reira for sure. She's so annoying.
She's even more selfish than Hachiko! (Which is saying something.)
Even though Takumi's already married, that doesn't stop her from doing it with him! She even knows that Hachi's pregnant. She always acts like her life is so hard, when she has it better than most characters in this series. Reira acts all innocent, when her morals are so messed up. It annoys me that people let her do whatever she wants, and she never gets in trouble. It annoys me how many main male characters Reira is involved with. It annoys me that everyone (in the series)just seems to love her for no reason.

Post #363641

2:37 pm, Mar 14 2010
Posts: 2

i really do hate reira,and i am surprised there are lots of people who thinks the same...she is just a selfish,pumpered unstable girl who thinks noone but herself and has no empathy at all...i mean the part i truely started to hate her was when she run to NANA in ren's funeral souting it was my foult..geezzzz....she was trying to be concoled by nana and clear her guilt wşth nana who lost the love of her life without even thinking one second about how she feels...and then she slept with Takumi without thinking Hachi's or Takumi's feelings...and more about Hachi's baby...i mean she knows where Takumi comes from and how he tries to have a family but she just wanted to sleep with him because she loves him and more because at that time she was lonely...gezzzzzz......i hate her the most...i think somebody should realy show her the real life...

Post #382486
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12:46 am, Jun 1 2010
Posts: 31

i really don't pay too much attention to reira/layla
takumi...? idk
Right now i just don't like sachiko lol

Post #390121
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3:09 am, Jul 6 2010
Posts: 61

I honestly don't mind Reira. :-P I feel a lot of pity for her because her character can be extremely pathetic at times, but I don't hate her.
Now I REALLY hate Yuri.
Spoiler (highlight to view)
I understand being jealous of Hachi because of Nobu, but she hasn't really done much for Nobu. I feel that if she really loved him, she wouldn't have renewed her contract for the adult movies. She pretty much just satisfies Nobu's sexual desires, even though he still carries lingering feelings for Hachi. I suppose that Nobu and Hachi share fault for me hating Yuri, but the circumstances can't be helped. Hachi just can't abandon Satsuki. Both Nobu and Hachi also couldn't turn away from the fact that Satsuki is indeed the child of Takumi and Hachi. It was inevitable for Nobu and Hachi to break it off. Both definitely went their separate ways with Takumi and Yuri. I absolutely hate Yuri's attitude toward Hachi, but I feel that her attitude toward Nana is disrespectful too. She really only sees Hachi as a nuisance, but a reliever to Nana. After seeing Nana start feeling better after Ren's death, she immediately assumes that Hachi is no longer needed. It's not like she did anything to help Nana get through her crisis. All she did was sleep with Nobu, complain about Hachi, and go work on AV's. She didn't even really console Nobu after Ren died. I just really hate her!!!!! I'm so glad that she doesn't appear in the future portion of chapters. :-)
So, I didn't know how much of this was considered spoiler, so I hid almost all of it. :-P I didn't realize how much I wrote... Lol
Well, speaking of Hachi, Nobu, and Yuri, I definitely have to share my hate for Takumi. I.........wouldn't hate Yuri, if Takumi never slept with Hachi. I guess I'm really strong with my hate because I support Nobu x Hachi. As for the Reira haters, I feel like Reira is being led on by Takumi. Takumi seems to love Reira, but is being really confusing about it to both Reira and Hachi. And, most importantly, work seems most important to Takumi. For someone that's such a workaholic, I feel that he doesn't deserve love in his life. I know that I can be really mean, but he only takes time to love by sleeping with women. He obviously doesn't cherish Hachi as much as he cares for Reira. But, even then, he treats Reira like crap. I definitely have more hate built up for Takumi, but I used too much of it on Yuri. :-P

Post #415107
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4:03 pm, Oct 12 2010
Posts: 95

Uhm, for now I guess I have to say Yuri, Takumi and Reira.

For Yuri, I understand completely how jealous she is. Especially Nobu's feeling seems to linger around Hachi. BUT Hachi's best friend's love just died, and it was needed for her to stick around. As many of you have read, Hachi is now the only one who can help her.. everybody saw that! Even Yuri for pits' sake. She didn't even lower her head just once to understand the situation. Nana Osaki is grieving and hurting A LOT, the person she is inlove with just died(whether she messed up or not) and saying such things as Nana not need "Takumi's wife" anymore just cos of your jealousy. Even if I reacted that way, I'd be ashamed of myself when other people are suffering more. Nana loves Hachi and Ren, so with Ren gone then saying insensitive stuff like that makes it ok for her jealousy to be excused?.. Well, I'm not complaining about her being a porn actress though. I don't wanna go into a debate why.

Takumi, Im going to say I dont hate him and I dont love him. But for the recent chapters, I dislike him, well, close to hate already. Yes, he made it clear to Hachi that she's #2 when his work is #1. Irregardless of him marrying her even though she is not sure who's the father, (doesnt really matter why they got married, they already got hitched, too late to argue that part), it doesnt excuse you to be elsewhere when your wife is looking like she is going to pop a baby around any day then. Whatever the hell his reasons are for sleeping with Reira, it doesnt excuse the absence during that period of his wife's life. NO WOMEN DESERVES THAT. Even for you Hachi haters, NO WOMEN AT ALL DESERVES THAT. Its not only Hachi needing help and emotional support, its also the baby. And with that complicated thing with Reira, but as we all see he came to regret it in the Future Flashes. But who knows why he came to regret it? Maybe when Hachi was going to give birth, he was elsewhere, kissing and penetrating his "saint sister". Who knows? Lets see.

Reira.. I admit i felt pity for her in the past flashes, present flashes and the future flashes. But she pities herself so much that it goes to an extent where it always have to be about her. Yes, you are pampered by many boys, Shin and a husband of a pregnant lady and so on. But how does her past fully excuse her present actions? If she is going to keep going on like this, she's going to die that way. She can keep wallowing herself with those men.. but in the end, after hurting others just cos of your own emotions, its going to bite back. Whether takumi loves her or not or whether the baby hachis' carrying is his or not, takumi will take his responsibility as a father, he wont just BE a husband anymore. How long is she going to hide in his shadows, even though he spoils her himself. As we see in the future flashes, shes lonely. What bothered me was at Ren's funeral, she went on to Nana like that saying its her fault why Ren died. Has she thought of what Nana would feel that Ren was driving to pick her(Reira) up but died cos of that? At a catatonic state, if i were nana, my heart would have exploded hearing that, thank goodness for shin though.. He told her off for her own good.
And I wonder why.. but im trying hard to see a better light in her other than just pitying her, its no use just feeling sad for her just like that even though I do. I just got soo annoyed of her and for a long while completely hated her.

EXTRA: Well I see people have hate for Hachi, I used to.. But reading every chapters again and reading between the lines. She matured. She used to be with a married man, with a guy who cheated on her, with a guy she loves/loved but cant since shes thinking of the welfare of the baby, and a husband who cheated on her a lot of times but with one complicated relationship with a certain someone, she matured.. and after her OWN screwups and people screwing her over, she got very independent in the future, WE ALL CAN SEE THAT. But one development I really loved from her, when she was about to kiss Nobu while she was preggers, she backed off cos of Yuri, if you guys read well, you'd see it. that was one big step. For someone who needed emotional support being pregnant, I thought she was gonna kiss Nobu back. I dont know about the present her, but in the future flashes, I totally dig her, irregardless of her carelessness in the past. In chp 74. 8 yrs in the future, it felt like now she has the upper hand in the marriage coming from the convos between naoki and takumi. It sounds like she doesnt rely and need him as much, EVEN THOUGH she may still love him (who knows?)

I left many post about Nana after re-reading it and knowing the mangaka's abit better. My opinions of Nana changes daily now. Forgive me.

Screw this, my brain is exploding from waiting. Its 2010 already.

Last edited by Crazyee. at 7:59 pm, Oct 17

Post #433200 - Reply to (#163181) by justfornothing
user avatar

4:03 am, Dec 20 2010
Posts: 28

Quote from justfornothing
Surprisingly enough, Takumi is my favorite. I'm a sucker for cold guys in shades and long black hair ><. Besides that, I appreciate the way he's open about the flaws in his character, and I love his personality and the fact that he has a 'kingdom'. I don't really mind that everyone else hates him, because what can I say, I like being different.

So i´m not the only thinking like that. Takumi is also my favorite, especially because he is 100% true to himself. He knows who he is, and knows what he wants.
Finally, i´m not alone

Post #433205
user avatar
Slumbering Remnant

4:09 am, Dec 20 2010
Posts: 657

I don't hate her
she just kind of irrates me..
who I am talking about? It's Reira
Takumi annoys me too, but I still like-ish him because Hachi likes him
I wish he'd not cheating on her. Does he even TRULY love Hachi? cause it doesn't seem like it... Why did her marry her in the first place if he doesn't?

User Posted Image]
I hear you say "Why?" Always "Why?" You see things; and you say "Why?" But I dream things that never were; and I say "Why not?"
Post #479308
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his and her sonnet

5:23 pm, Jun 30 2011
Posts: 1127

that would be hachi
seriously?would you sleep with a guy if you know he doesnt give a damn?(well that changes later but its still her fault)
and eventhough she decided to sleep with him anyway she still cries later and causes problems for everyone
and how on earth did she fall in love with nobu right after that...and then she goes back to takumi gaah! im even thinking of dropping the series
it started out so good but hachi ruined everything...i would love it if the series focused more on nana's life im sick of hachi's irritating stupidness
and i dont see anything wrong with takumi or reira...takumi is a player(and hachi decided to ignore that)...and reira is just pathetic and lonely haha
ever since she got pregnant i couldnt feel like im reading a slice-of-life manga

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