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Most embarrassing moments of your life

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From User Message Body
Post #52138
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8:08 am, Sep 12 2007
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@Tachu - E.Z.Wang, huh. *can't help the chuckles - sorry*

Well...... i have nothing to say TT.TT

Well, i had one today actually bigrazz
I was in the classroom and someone started me with the "HEY E.Z.Wang!" ... Yep it spread through school, and i was really pissed off at the moment probably due to my low blood sugar, i found out later and yelled out "WHAT THE @#$% DO YOU WANT? ARE YOU TRYING TO !@#$ING START A FIGHT!" at that time the teacher was out, which she wasn't supposed to be. I got up and walked towards him and i fainted... Yep.. Diabeties and i woke up about 20 minutes later in the sick bay (the uhhh medical room) and i had crap drawn all over my face -.-" washed off now.

I found out the teacher came back 5 minutes later and classmates all decided to draw on my face. Needless to say during the lunch break, they all happen to have had "Unfourturnate Accidents"... Lol i kinda try to immitate martial arts vids i watch... and im prtty well co-ordinated so i do them pretty well LOL and they had actually also got a saturday detention also.. bigrazz but it was embarassing walking home with a Eyepatch, Scar, Hitler Stash and curley stash and ALOT of other things drawm on my face... like a Pen fifteen.... i have to walk past a shoppoing district on my way home too... so it was hell trying to avoid people :'(

Post #52203 - Reply to (#52039) by amaranthine
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Mome Basher

11:03 am, Sep 12 2007
Posts: 3380

Quote from Lybi
sad I'm really sorry... That sounds awfully embaressing.

Yea, it was. But since it was grade school, it didn't follow me for long.
Quote from amaranthine
Quote from Scyfon
I think you can fill in the blanks >_>

Wow, that takes the cake. Happened to my classmate in elemtary too, and I was the type who usually teases people, but I felt sooo bad for him that I just kept my mouth quiet when he was made fun of. Hope your classmates at least didn't find out about it.

lol, what are you on about? It happened in front of my classmates and a few other classes ('coz its an assembly and all the classes are lined up. Think of it like one of the school assemblies that you see in anime and Japanese shows) The girl who was sittin' next to me was like "what's that smell?!" and there I was...shrinking pants filling up. I thought she would've noticed the huge bulge coming out of my ass, but I guess not bigrazz

My friends did kinda made fun of me when I came back to class.(My lil' sister had to come to school to bring me a fresh pair of pants) They didn't want to sit next to me sad Good thing is that it didn't drag on. It was never mentioned again after that day. smile

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Everyday I'm tumblin'
Post #52210 - Reply to (#52203) by Scyfon
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11:11 am, Sep 12 2007
Posts: 4029

Ooooh! I thought it was like at the end of the day and you just waited for them to all go so you can stand up and go home. lol, your classmates were pretty nice then. The guy was teased for months after the incident.

Post #52213
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11:15 am, Sep 12 2007
Posts: 41

Ah, I'm feeling open tonight...

It was in first grade. I had exceptional reading skills and so my teachers sent me to the second-grade classrooms when it came time for the reading lesson. I wasn't very popular, as you might imagine... they probably felt insulted or something because I was younger and was better than them. Anyway. One day in class it was silent as we were reading and doing the work. And I farted. It was loud (as it would be in a silent room). I got laughed at for days. It was horrifying. For years the kids who were a year above just gave me crap in general, but I always felt this was really what started it. They were looking for an opening and I gave it to them.
<.< Now I think about it and hell... people fart. Whatever. Douchebags.

Post #52283 - Reply to (#52213) by TsukiGoKim
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Still growing.

12:34 pm, Sep 12 2007
Posts: 512


Last edited by kiddo at 9:33 am, Feb 5

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Post #52290

12:57 pm, Sep 12 2007
Posts: 8

i had to say sorry for someone else in front of the whole school ... and even had to go on knee to beg for forgiven for that one ~.~ i thought like .. hell why do i have to endure all this thing .....

Post #52305
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1:24 pm, Sep 12 2007
Posts: 260

@jarrow - huge props to you for getting her the required article!

I once was using the bathroom when I got it, realized I had run out of tampons, and asked my *husband* of *nearly 10 years* to go to the store and buy me some. He Refused. I had to stuff my panties full of toilet paper and go myself.
I do forgive him though, since he took care of me after I had a c-section. (I couldn't wipe myself and it was really messy. Glad I told him to put on a latex glove. bigrazz )

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Post #52319
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2:09 pm, Sep 12 2007
Posts: 1566

jarrow It sounded like something out of a whole movie!!!! Guys I know get scared of hearing the word tampon and other words related to menstruation. I doubt they'd be brave enough to go near one. Anyways, GOOD JOB!!!!

Post #52677
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3:02 am, Sep 13 2007
Posts: 188

Last year in gym everyone was running around the track and I was the second one in the lead. I was also wearing shoes that were a bit too big for me, so the tip of one of the shoes hit the ground and I fell down, and since I was the second person the rest of the class was behind me. I was so embarrassed that I almost ran off cry, but I remembered I am a man and I can't show emotion. I cried on the inside though.

Post #53368
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4:38 am, Sep 14 2007
Posts: 100

I've never experienced something utterly embrarassing, but there are quite a few embrarassing ones I'm willing to reveal.

I wrote in the Deep or Shallow topic about my little swimming problem.
I did do those Aquaquest or what ever they're called courses when I was around six, but I quit. I had tae kwon do, enough stress for me.

I decided to try it again. I was at.. level 3? xD
I was 11 and was in class with a bunch of 5-7 year olds. One of my classmates saw me. Busted.
Rumours blah blah blah.. I'm used to it now.

Recently, we had this field day thing for grade 9 orientation.
At the end we had to do a cheer with our group. I was sort of hyper from being tired (new fact), so I was really.. really happy and cheery while everyone else was like no . It was stupid, and I realised it was embrarassing AFTER someone told me that was pathetic and sad (during gym, I'm failing gym by the way. Darn those push-ups. ) . Ahahah. xD

More to come. : P

Post #100154

10:00 am, Dec 3 2007
Posts: 10

when i was 11, i recorded a confession for my dad found the tape and listened to it..

Post #100161
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11:22 am, Dec 3 2007
Posts: 43

rofl all this talks about periods...i guess most girls had to endure embarrassment's about that.

i remember when i was 10 i still didn't know about periods and stuff (our school was of the policy that the parents should explain it, and my parents weren't telling me nothing). anyway so i was in my class minding my own business when suddenly a loud scream is heard from the corridor (specifically from the bathroom right beside my classroom) our teacher runs out to see whats wrong only to see this girl running around (with her pants down) screaming that she's dieing. lucky for her she was still in the bathroom when our teacher stopped her (who was female) the teachers then ushered us back into our classes (most classes had went out to see what the fuss was about), and aperantly took the 9 year old to the nurse where they explained to her that she wasn't dieing. needless to say that incident kinda forced my parents to tell me the "talk" (sex, kids, periods...)

its not the most embarrassing moment of my life but it sure beats anything that happened to me. still poor kid, the next day that story was spread all around the school campus no

A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is where a train stops. My desk is called a work station...
Post #100162 - Reply to (#100161) by firegoat
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Mome Basher

11:35 am, Dec 3 2007
Posts: 3380

Quote from firegoat
rofl all this talks about periods...i guess most girls had to endure embarrassment's about that.

Not just girls, women....and little boys. I'll explain.

When I was little, I used to stay over at my grandma's a lot (who doesn't? bigrazz)
So, sometimes, on certain days of the month, she'll pick up the phone, and call the shop under the next block (we live in flats). After having a few words with the shopkeeper, she'll give me money and tell me to go to the shop and pick up a package. It'll always be in a plastic bag and the object will always be rectangular >_>

Sometimes, she skips the whole phone call thing, gives me the money and tells me this:
"Pergi kat uncle Din bilang dia koteks"
"Go to Uncle Din's (the shop owner) and say to him 'Koteks' " was a little boy supposed to know that 'koteks' could actually mean Kotex >.<

When I found out when I was older...I wondered what those people at the shop were thinking when I shouted it out the the shop keeper.....

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Everyday I'm tumblin'
Post #100230
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5:55 pm, Dec 3 2007
Posts: 1145

Let's see.. embarrassing things, embarrassing things... Honestly, nothing really major comes to mind because I don't really get embarrassed.. half the stupid things I do, I'm normally just cracking up bout 'em..

Hm.. I've walked straight into a few glass doors, thinking they were automatic.. I've spent a few minutes trying to open a door by pulling, when it clearly said push.. I fell asleep once, in my History class in high school.. and I guess I was dreaming bout food, because when I woke up in the middle of class, I yelled pretty loudly, Don't take my cheeseburger, a-hole.. After the initial shock of someone yelling in class, everyone started cracking up -though a few of 'em weren't suprised, with my love of food biggrin - 'cept for the teacher.. he was not happy. I'm not too sure if it was for the fact that I was sleeping, yelled pretty gladly in class, or said the word a-hole though.... I went to Meijer late one night, drunk with a few friends to get some goodies and well, I don't really remember much, but supposedly I thought a big display case of marshmellows would make a good chair..

If it weren't for the gutter, my mind would be homeless.
Post #100232
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 Super Mod

6:05 pm, Dec 3 2007
Posts: 6208

I remember last year there was some talk about a girl who entered the elevator...then all of a sudden started farting then actually crapped eek she probably ate something like laxatives for her diet dead ...anyway someone took a pic of her and her S@#& dripping down her leg and spread it through out the university...poor girl no

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