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Naruto, Bleach, & One Piece

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the three competing manga, vote to your reasonable judgements, time to see which is the most epic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Naruto < Bleach < One Piece
One Piece < Bleach < Naruto
Naruto < One Piece < Bleach
Bleach < Naruto < One Piece
One Piece < Naruto < Bleach
Bleach < One Piece < Naruto
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From User Message Body
Post #252538 - Reply to (#251916) by tsuto

6:19 am, Jan 27 2009
Posts: 332


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Post #252547
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7:10 am, Jan 27 2009
Posts: 176

I'm going to rate on an overall from reading each one from the very first chapter and first anime episode. I'd say One Piece, Naruto, then Bleach.

One Piece is unique with fascinating surroundings and loveable characters. I mean it follows the shonen style to a T that's probably why I enjoy it. Since the beginning always something hilarious or stupid happens but it was always good entertainment. Plus the fights in one piece just are a bit more memorable at times for me. I mean remember when Luffy when against Arlong?! Remember how Luffy uses Arlong's own teeth as weapons against the fish man. Simply hilarious. Though at points the series did get boring...mainly SKY ARC...that was horrendous. After that though...the pacing and story just got better with the Straw Hats challenging the marines to rescue their beloved Nakama. Plus Oda always pulls good fast ones by mentioning characters from so long back that it's always refreshing to see that he plots out everything to the littlest detail. My instance of this is Dragon. Those who have watched or read saw Dragon way early on but only until recently did we find out who the guy really was. Good shockers in the series as an overall compared to the other 2.

Naruto on the other hand starts off well enough with them young and leading up to some fun arcs. The training stuff dull as usual since its a typical JUMP thing. Anyhow, all the way towards the battle of Naruto VS Saskue the series was good. Now when it gets to the 2nd half it's a mix bucket. Certain things were good while other parts sucked. For instance...any scenes involving Saskue was boring except when he recruits his own members. That was interesting since lots of other background info added. Boring to no end is Sasuke VS Deidara...BORING, BORING, Boring....and I can go on and on. As of late though, the manga is somewhat dull and doesn't excite me as much but more so then Bleach still. The fights are still fun since it's all in concerns of Akatsuki leader. Plenty more to explore but enough there that its not making me feel gung-ho.

Bleach had potential till it gets dull with the same repeated sword fights. I mean at first it's cool only till you see Ichigo meet Renji and Byakuya for the very first time. From there the story gets interesting all the way up to learning how to be a vizard. Then the whole Hueco Mundo was cool since we get to see how strong Sado and Ishida get. Plus the loveable Nel was introduced...ah so cute and funny. Latest chapters though...horribly boring due to the pace since same ole dull sword fights. That's probably why I rank it 3rd between the three. Plus the anime is just boring to no end. Sure I love the music but I hate the fillers just as much as the Naruto ones.

Though if comparing an overall of current JUMP series...Naruto and Bleach wouldn't be in my top 3 at all. The two just don't excite or keep things as fresh anymore. There's my 2 cents.

Post #254209
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1:00 am, Feb 1 2009
Posts: 23

I like One Piece way better than Naruto and Bleach.

Post #261269
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8:20 pm, Feb 25 2009
Posts: 78

one piece >>>> bleach+naruto

when i've started to notice one piece it was like 400+ chapters already it scared me to read such a long series but hey, every second was worth with this manga XD

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Post #262542
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8:38 pm, Mar 1 2009
Posts: 19

For me it's 1 bleach 2 one piece 3 naruto and with hinata's death cry i don't have any reason to keep reading naruto.

Post #271835
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5:14 am, Mar 30 2009
Posts: 237

Totally biased vote here. I fell in love with "Bleach" when it first hit Jump years ago, and even though it gets on my nerves I'm still a loyal fan. Death gods? That's sweet. "One Piece" comes next because even though I didn't stick with it, I still think its good plain fun. Who doesn't love pirates? Last, "Naruto", because I could develop an interest in it. Sorry, ninjas just don't do a thing for me.

Behold my bias! I stand firm and shall waver not.

But to be completely unbiased, I agree with kagemaro. From a serious critical standpoint, "One Piece" is by far the best of the three, while "Bleach" and "Naruto" share the same ballpark.

(...And then there's "Nana", which kicks all their skinny asses to the curb. wink )

Post #271838
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5:19 am, Mar 30 2009
Posts: 56

Bleach first cause I kinda like started majorly reading manga on it, and I still like it. One Piece next cause its awesome, best adventure manga. Naruto last cause at times I hate it completely with the entirety of my soul, yet I still read it. I think One Piece is probably the best though, despite choosing Bleach over it.

Post #271847
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A Person

6:38 am, Mar 30 2009
Posts: 2107

I meant to Vote, Bleach < One Piece < Naruto, but I voted the other way around instead. >>

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Post #271849
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6:45 am, Mar 30 2009
Posts: 452

As of now... Naruto >= OP > Bleach.

Bleach has gotten dull and repetitive, OP has always been waaaaay too shounen ( and I really mean WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too shounen ) since the start, and Naruto, though some dull moments, is imo the best among 'em. It quite controversial considering it's a shounen, it's by far the most mature of 'em and it has the best and most original "battle-system" (or whatever you call it) where most of the elements makes a huge more sense than OP and Bleach considering the universes they're in. The "systems" in Bleach and OP are more random, OP more than Bleach.

Talking anime though it's more like OP > Naruto == Bleach. OP is the only anime whcih manages to keep the feel of the manga. But in all cases the mangas are better. biggrin cool

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Post #271987
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11:40 pm, Mar 30 2009
Posts: 1901

All these people voting One Piece as their least favorite are weirdos.

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Post #271994 - Reply to (#262542) by 668
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Prinny Puncher

12:31 am, Mar 31 2009
Posts: 120

Quote from 668
For me it's 1 bleach 2 one piece 3 naruto and with hinata's death cry i don't have any reason to keep reading naruto.

Dude, really you should spoiler the Hinata's dead bit, but its not that big since she isn't dead
Spoiler (highlight to view)
at least for now, who knows what might happen, seeing as their are people their to tend to her. [sarcasm]so she is screwed now[sarcasm]

Anyway for me its

One Piece

which is funny I started reading them in the opposite order.

My comments on them all.

One Piece is an Adventure story and its good for me the story has been a constant climb upwards or a steady level of awesome with the character development and not just amoung the Strawhats, seriously as we read the story you see the world changing and growing as a world would do over time, other people get stronger, or grow in some way or get closer to their goals, seriously look at the kid introduced to us from the first chapters [koby is it?] we meet him again and he's changed so much and its not just him, Hatchi and Buggy they've changed and grown, the story hasn't gotten worse for me as its gone alone, sure there have been bits where its not improved at least its not Bleach.

Naruto, well I think everyone will admit its gotten to some ridiculous levels especially post time skip, there have been long strips of the chapters I've not liked, that have been slow or ridiculous and quite a few things to p- me off, character development has been pretty cr*p if your not Naruto, Sakura or close to them. but its gotten better ever since
Spoiler (highlight to view)
Pain attacked we saw some awesome fights, but we saw the village fighting, not Naruto alone but every ninja in the village, like in Ochimaru's assualt on the village
And well some of the more WTF moments of the last dozen or so chapters have gotten me back into Bleach.

Bleach. Its repetative and pretty boring, seriously whats more original than Good guys beat bad guys only to be beat by stronger bad guys who then beaten by stronger good guy, its almost like he doesn't want to kill off anyone in the good side. What held this story for me, what kept me hooked was the Inner Hollow and The Old Man, I like them, I want to know more about both of them and I want see the development of them with Ichigo and all I got was a long assed rescue arc... after another assed rescue arc, which with the current chapter seems to be moving in a similar pattern [Inner Hollow brutalises stronger foe, Ichigo then fights for control and wins]

To be honest Bleach isn't in my top three shounen, One Piece is first, Claymore in second and Naruto hangs out in third barely.

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Keepa KeNt
Post #290675

11:20 pm, May 22 2009
Posts: 1

I'd Hell have to say One Piece. Naruto or Bleach isnt really that interesting.

One piece ther are more and better:

One Piece is the best anime or manga to read but idk why naruto is better? biggrin

Post #290679
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11:26 pm, May 22 2009
Posts: 746

One Piece is by far the best. I just like how it is so...Outgoing? And it always stays interesting. There have only been two chapters EVER where I was bored and uninterested in what happens next. Bleach is next in line then comes Naruto in last for me.

User Posted Image
Post #290681
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I am the Devil

11:29 pm, May 22 2009
Posts: 2083

six months ago, i was Bleach>Naruto>One Piece
Now im One Piece>Bleach>Naruto

Post #291677
user avatar
The Gorilla Killa™

9:58 pm, May 25 2009
Posts: 3229

Right now, it's One Piece > Bleach > Naruto

One Piece is still awesome with the Rescue Ace arc, Bleach has gone so far in ridiculousness that it basically became fun to read just to see how farther in craziness it can go. And Naruto's been pretty boring for the past 5 weeks, but hopefully chapter 449 will turn it around with Nagato making handseals for some reason.

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