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Naruto, Bleach, & One Piece

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the three competing manga, vote to your reasonable judgements, time to see which is the most epic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Naruto < Bleach < One Piece
One Piece < Bleach < Naruto
Naruto < One Piece < Bleach
Bleach < Naruto < One Piece
One Piece < Naruto < Bleach
Bleach < One Piece < Naruto
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From User Message Body
Post #340997

1:33 pm, Dec 10 2009
Posts: 2

It keeps alternating between the three.

But most of the time One Piece comes first.

Post #341051

5:51 pm, Dec 10 2009
Posts: 46

Well most of people think that the One Peace is the best of those three, but I don't agree. I think OP is fantasticly... boring manga! Great humour? No, just some really stupid jokes. Good characters? Is THAT characters? Well I was mistakes. There IS one funny joke. That OP has characters. They are completely flat. Every, I'll repeat it, EVERY person can be described in one word. Luffy is stupid, Namy is greed, Usopp is a lier, Sanji is womaniser and itс. You see them and from that moment you KNOW EVERYTHING about them. So i reall think that Oda is potboiling(Well, my dictionary adviced me that word) whith the main characters. Ok he do this with the main charecters, but mayby the created good villians or secondary characters. Again no. His villians as flat as his heroes. His characters or completely evel without any white spot, or miraculously turn into good. THATS TERRIBLE! And what about world? Schizophrenic mix of everything. And this is not a compliment. Cyborgs with a sail ships, machine guns with old silicon guns. Space travels with a sword fights. I even not talking about completely different climate on the neighbourhood islands. How this can be? If hight technologies are so distributed than why are they so limited?
I can tell more, but lets stop here. Out of 10 OP has only 1(just for art stile)

Second is naruto. More normal world(well, with many bugs, for example if there is a phones, than why ninja still uses birds?) Than about fights. Fights between any other persons except Naruto is interesting, but Naruto's fights... To tell the true, I felt sick about his clones after the fist volume. You attack? Shadow clones! You defend? Shadow clones! You need to go to the toilet?Clones! Clones! Clones! I think mangaka is overused jutsus. He uses them to often, that's not good. And I still don't like the main character. 2 out of 10.(Overusing is not good. All should be balanced)

And the best(well, the best out of this three) is a Bleach. It's funny. Fights sometimes makes shiver. There are Kiske, Kenpachi, Matsumoto, Yachiro and KON!! I'll wouldn't talk much about it, jast say in my top ten it stay at third place(I read it, when I want DRIVE!).
Fights - 10, other... well not lesser than a 4 and not batter than a 7, but the 5 in most parts. So middle point would be 7 out of 10

The best shounen for me is FMA and the second is D.Gray-man))

Post #341060
user avatar
Form is Emptiness.

6:12 pm, Dec 10 2009
Posts: 930

so youre saying that OP is cliched and Bleach is not?

Omg im sorry, i didnt know you were blind laugh

Really, cmon: if youre a fanboy just say it so, we wont judge you XD

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I need a die with 2 sides.

That's known as a "coin".

Oh, thanks. Too much D&D.
Post #341063
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Peaceful Dictator™

6:17 pm, Dec 10 2009
Posts: 740

1.One Piece
i like all three but bleach was never epic to begin with but lately it's been really Dragging. At least with naruto and One piece when nothing happens for a while, they always make it up to you by giving you a couple of brilliant chapters.

Though the concept of Bleach is brilliant, i am now reading it out of curiosity rather than enjoyment and i no longer consider it as part of the big three shounen manga.
I think Fairy Tail or Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn! should take it's place.

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Post #341067

6:29 pm, Dec 10 2009
Posts: 46

grandexeno, yes I'm a FMA funboy. But we are not talking about FMA, right? Read my post better. I didn't say that bleach is not cliched. It's cliched like almost every shounen. But the fight make this manga more interesting that other two. But ONLY fights... well and some characters to tell the true. Bleach has a drive and i read it when i want drive. Nothing more nothing less.

Last edited by Teomat at 6:41 pm, Dec 10

Post #341071
user avatar

6:43 pm, Dec 10 2009
Posts: 2128

It's the only "action shounen for kids" that I bother with these days... the rest I don't really have time for.

~Point & Squirt~
Post #341075 - Reply to (#341071) by G-17
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Form is Emptiness.

6:52 pm, Dec 10 2009
Posts: 930

Quote from G-17
It's the only "action shounen for kids" that I bother with these days... the rest I don't really have time for.

even if its offtopic, i agree with Kekkaishi being "very" interesting for a shounen.

@Teomat: In reality (still jockingly) i thought you were a bleach fanboy, not an FMA one bigrazz
This because the things you wrote. Anyway no harm done here, just opinions :3

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Quote from x0mbiec0rp
Quote from Mamsmilk
I need a die with 2 sides.

That's known as a "coin".

Oh, thanks. Too much D&D.
Post #345618
user avatar

6:36 pm, Jan 1 2010
Posts: 283

1.Naruto 2.Bleach 3.One Piece
Naruto is the best in my opinion....always make me thinking and waiting what will happen next.....i nvr get tired and bored for waiting the next episode of naruto.....Bleach and OP doesnt suited me so.... no

Post #361424

9:59 pm, Mar 4 2010
Posts: 11

Definitely One Piece! Fantastic character (each one whether its the good guy n bad guy,very original n interisting). Oda-sensei is a genius in the art of emotion swing story telling and his original idea with the 1st page cover of story telling (the 1 manga I ever cry for a ship!!!A ship!!). And now the story come to a halfway with a very100x fantastic way to end of the beginning of 2nd half (clash of the giant,Ace died (FUCK!!I dont see that coming), Whitebeard dead (to show that the age of oldies is over,it is now the new age era of pirate),new arc enemy (BB n his new crew) and to strengthen the title of this manga and that is Whitebeard,"One Piece exist!"). The 1st ever manga that i enjoy every time i read over drom the beginning,over n over again. To say the least, its a masterpiece!!!

Naruto in 2nd. I love this manga more than one piece in the beginning,but now..... Naruto n Sasuke become too superior!!!Its too soon!!!!, the strong bond that Naruto felt for Sasuke now become like a Yaoi bond!!! the lie confession of Sakura to Naruto, fuck it!!! I hate that women now,I know that Sakura dont want Naruto to kill Sasuke cause she knew the burden in Naruto too great too achieve so she want to replace Naruto,but lie with a confessionconfused!!! 10 tailconfused Tsukiyomi in a moonconfused? Wtf is thatconfused theres no preparation in the previous story,its like the author just dont know a definite how this story will go n end. And its like the author just want to drag this manga as long as it takes. Nonetheless i still read it though,but in comparison with one piece.... too big of gap

Bleach in 3rd. Great in the beginning but now.... drag n drag n drag!!!!!!! if i can choose,i will choose Hajime no Ippo in 3rd.

Jun Tenkawa
Post #361946
user avatar

4:43 am, Mar 7 2010
Posts: 131

One Piece keeps things interesting all the time, so #1. Oda is a IMHO a genius in story telling.

Naruto is good every now and then although these days it's getting kind of lame with the whole Naruto's "I understand everything" crap emotions, so #2. It's obvious that Naruto's popularity went down a lot since it first started.

Bleach is just plain stupid. Hate Kurosaki with his "I'm going to protect my friends!" attitude. Really really lame, so #3. And Tite with his stupid fashion for Bleach characters are even lamer. I would honestly replace #3 with either KHR or D.Gray or even Fairy Tail.

Post #363001

8:17 am, Mar 11 2010
Posts: 20

one piece
Things in naruto are getting to yaoi for me
and bleach is bleach

Post #366369
user avatar
Coffee Clouds

7:15 pm, Mar 25 2010
Posts: 66

The choice for me has to be definitely Naruto, without doubt. Sure it may have more fillers than most Shonen mangas, but when it comes to action, as far as I'm concerned, it is one of the better mangas I have read overall. It has action, a decent plot line; 'Naruto' has considerable 'character development'. This seems to absent in some of mangas I have read; of course the most crucial element, it is entertaining to read. It has however been carrying on for a while; some of the episodes are slow and can be considered to be over superfluous.

Second place is secured for One Piece. It has a lot of elements and not to much fillers; the action is second to none but it can be confusing when you miss an episode.

Bleach is third in my opinion. Bleach is okay; it can be very slow paced at times. Then again something vital to the story may pop up. The action is good but I'd rather watch the anime over the manga, unlike the other two above.

Last edited by rugal14 at 7:36 pm, Mar 25

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Post #374947
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5:48 pm, Apr 28 2010
Posts: 26

I believe one Piece is far better than Bleach and Naruto.
Oda is a master storyteller.

Post #377587
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6:19 pm, May 10 2010
Posts: 7

eek Naruto and One Piece are much better than Bleach!!
I read Bleach but I'm losing interest...and I get sooo confused with what the characters are on about! confused

Sometimes I think Naruto is better than One Piece and other times it changes, but Bleach will never, never be my favourite! lol biggrin

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Identity Crisis
Post #377607
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Somewhat dead
Super Mod

7:11 pm, May 10 2010
Posts: 4915

Now that I've read them all up to date, I can definitely say One Piece is better than both of the other two together.

Especially lately, Jesus they have been dragging.

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