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Do you watch less anime now?

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From User Message Body
Post #515173
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7:12 am, Jan 1 2012
Posts: 197

English Subbed Anime used to put me off like sour milk, but now it's my bread and butter, I despise Dubbed, but yes, I find myself watching less than what I used to watch, more or less just read Manga now.
But with about 750gbs of anime, If I ever feel like watching something I do, still when I say I don't watch as much as I used to I mean, from about 15 - 20 episodes a day, to around about 12 episodes a day on the occasion.

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Post #515174
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7:13 am, Jan 1 2012
Posts: 123

I hardly ever watch anime anymore..
I get bored of staring at the computer screen.. I am liable to pause while watching an anime and check my email or something and then just never go back to watching.
I prefer reading the manga because at least then I have to click each page.. It feels more interactive and for whatever reason it keeps my hands busy enough that I don't suddenly go to another tab. Also I prefer the wide range of manga available compared to the anime.
If I happen to catch an anime on tv I will usually watch it all the way through.. the tv is apparently different.

I started my interest in anime/manga from toonami then Adult Swim.. I watched Adult Swim way late into the night when I should have been sleeping! lol As soon as I found out there was such a thing as manga.. and that I could find hundreds of series on line I became a manga addicted lol

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Post #515175
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7:13 am, Jan 1 2012
Posts: 48

Well for me,I always love watching anime....
then,when I learned about manga...the anime gets less attention now,because many manga are better than anime adaptation.

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Post #515178
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The Gorilla Killa™

8:09 am, Jan 1 2012
Posts: 3229

I don't watch it like I used to when I would watch a new episode every week as soon as it came out. Now I just read manga and then think up of an anime that I wanna watch and then go see the episodes I haven't watched (Like what I'm doing with Eyeshield 21 right now, seeing how I never got past episode 51 before cause it was boring me by that point).

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Post #515179 - Reply to (#497877) by chineserider
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8:26 am, Jan 1 2012
Posts: 44

Quote from chineserider
Yes. I used to only watch anime, but now I barely watch any anime at all, because I can read the manga chapters much faster.


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Post #515185
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10:12 am, Jan 1 2012
Posts: 746

I still watch less anime than I used to, but shortly after leaving my last post in this thread, I discovered Mawaru Penguindrum. A brilliant series that kept my attention each week that it came out.

Because of that, I was lead to watch/finish Ghost Hunt, which I enjoyed (more to laugh at the characters than to feel scared);

and Occult Academy (sort of meh, but not a waste, I think).

I'm currently watching Ghost Hound which is pretty interesting and a bit disturbing.

And have Serial Experiments Lain on the backburner (waiting 'til I'm in the mood to watch the rest of the episodes).

So, I guess what I'm trying to say is that after a few years of almost no anime-watching, I'm now going through a bit of a (probably short term) renewal of interest

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Post #515213

6:02 pm, Jan 1 2012
Posts: 6

I used to love watching anime, but since I've started reading manga I only watch the ones that are adapted from mangas I really enjoyed

Post #515217

6:20 pm, Jan 1 2012
Posts: 5

I've been watching anime/ reading manga since September 2009. Finally a high school senior now, and my addiction still wont go away. So no, I still watch the same amount of anime at the same rate.

Post #515220
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6:32 pm, Jan 1 2012
Posts: 36

Well,i actually watch more anime now than before,never been a fan of animation though.
Sometimes i want to try new manga but too lazy to read,i'd watch anime,that's fast to find out which manga to skip, i know it's not accurate but still biggrin
But really, anime can't convey the story as manga does,i always feel something is missing in anime (not to mention the fact that some characters voice is surely annoying as hell,yep i mean Japanese original voice-the dubs even worse)

Post #515224
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7:19 pm, Jan 1 2012
Posts: 44

I always read the manga nowadays. I used to only watch the anime, but after reading (Elfen Lied especially, along with D.Gray Man) the mangas always seem a million times better smile wink grin

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Post #515226
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7:23 pm, Jan 1 2012
Posts: 46

only when im in the mood. most of the time it is manga but i like to see some of the big fights in the anime, its just cool to see those in motion and stuff.

just living my life like any teenager would, facing the world, dealing with all the things that come at me. im not the special yet not that all normal, just somewhere in the middle ground :3.
Post #515227
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7:56 pm, Jan 1 2012
Posts: 7776

Been watching on and off.
Watched this year though.

Post #517014

6:22 am, Jan 13 2012
Posts: 180

I went through a period where I wasn't watching much. Manga takes less space mainly. Plus I could get more faster. This was around 2007. Around late 2008 I started watching American cartoons again and had a backlash on manga/anime/( for a lot of reasons, including damaging myself, trends, mismanaging my time,).

Anyway now I watch more anime on t.v, dubbed. I still watch one or two things subbed. Works that tend to be manga based tend to be better in their manga format. Though it can be good for getting into stuff and trying it out. Using each format to try different things.

But I don't consider the anime format identical when they do original works. I really enjoy works designed for television. And some adaptations sometimes work better because their given a second chance and some polish. If light novels didn't take so long to complete, an anime adaptation would be perfect. Anime adaptation of light novels tend to be better, and quicker, than their manga counter parts. Some adaptations are as good or only better marginally, or different enough that I'd recommend owning the anime as well like koe kaze and midori no hibi(it might even be cheaper than getting the manga if available).

Post #517588
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2:08 am, Jan 17 2012
Posts: 126

I haven't watched much anime lately. When I was younger I watched much more, but it sort of died out with time, especially when I realized how great manga is. The art style of manga also appeals to me a lot more. In anime, the style is the same from start to finish, but manga style (for the most part) is always evolving and giving new perspectives of characters.

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Post #517626 - Reply to (#497873) by purplebunny101

8:33 am, Jan 17 2012
Posts: 29

Quote from purplebunny101
Also, I'm in search of a new anime, one that is a quality anime nothing that seems to be thrown together. Recently I've looked and nothing has come that was intresting since I stopped.

Personally my issue is not the quality so much as the increasing tendency of comedic anime to rely on ethnocentric stereotypes rather than doing actual research into foreign stereotypes.

FTake Infinite Stratos. If you actually bother to read the novels you would find while the author does indeed play heavily on the International Team sterotypes of a The-Sun-Never-Sets-on-the-British Stuffy Cecilia; Bifauxnen Openly Transexual French Friend Charlotte; Almost Meat Ball Head Genki Yandere Chinese Anime Girl Lin, and of course a Efficient Nazi Übermensch soldier Laura. However, she justifies these by actually giving justifable multilayered background story for how each character sterotype is actually a reflection of how they protect themselves from the world primarly the parental abandonment issues. However, it later turns out that there is a deeper layer in that these parental abandoment is a reflection of how Tabane Shinonono artifically rose wemon to power creating surface layer of government of wemon ruling with a lower power struggle between men/women and nations as countries have actually regressed culturally due to Shinonono's hacking.

Not only does the anime not even mention this cultural regression of society, but it scarely gives a glance at the background story's of the four main character's mentioned above. For example, Rin's stereotypical Chinese Yandere(*) and Geiki-ness is only brushed over as her parent's divorced and does not talk anything about the deep psychological pain Rin felt due to that divorce and the issuing re-establishment of her identity as a China's represenative and Ichika's support from a broken psychological mind. She wears Odango-like pigtails not simply because her Chinese support team tells her too, but because its her connection to her past with Ichika, whom was the rock in her stormy childhood. Who wouldn't go crazy if they felt the very thing that had given them a sense of security and safety -- a sense of "home" and "family"-- was taken away from them by someone they had never heard of?

Alternatively, the background behind Cecilia's sterotypical British arrogance and stuffinees is completely left out of the anime, but is a 10 second fan-service scene of her showering. (We don't even get thoughts). We get no explination of how Cecilia live in an area that was part of decline and upper class and wholesale destruction of upper class houses in the 20th century. With her parents death, if she had not taken responsibility historically speaking she had a high probability of either a) her family's treasure stolen by pretender/corporation, b) being sold as a childhood slave/abducted (which still exits in IS c) being forced into an orphanage not to mention the historical reasons of having to maintain political power with the local middle class who could overthrow nobility with each new heir, double death duty tax, a high income tax, and need to be an adult in order to pay servants. If you had parent who died when you were still a child and where forced to group, you would probably have higher-than-thou arrogance in order to build confidence at negotating with people who would naturally treat you as an inferior due to age. The anime mentions none of this

Now if it was just one anime like IS, it would have been fine; however, I have constantly seen this lazy portal of the deep stories behind comedy anime for the past 3 years. This is why I honestly don't watch anime any more. Not that the Reality TV in the states is any better. (Its actually much much worse)

(*)Yandere's are often paired with Dragon Lady's its sad.

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