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Who do you think Naruto will end up with?

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Who do you think will end up with Naurto?
Shion (anime)
No one
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From User Message Body
Post #430851

3:57 am, Dec 10 2010
Posts: 79

yeah, with Sasuke, six feet under is the way to go.

though with the way things are now, I can see him ending up with just about anyone 50/40/10 for Sakura/Hinata/nobody

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Post #431688 - Reply to (#408181) by xdude101

8:17 pm, Dec 13 2010
Posts: 4

Quote from xdude101
I have to agree with the sentiment that he'll die in the end. Kishimoto has made it abundantly clear that events from the first chapters are incredibly important and return to the story later on... and one of the only thing that has not yet been revisited is Naruto's pledge to be a name on the "Heroes" Memorial.

The young Hokage, Naruto, will die a hero's death (probably fighting Sasuke, not Madara) and have his name engraved on the statue.

I disagree I think that was to show his fooliness at the beginning and is in the trash now.However he could die at any time but I don't think so.I don't think sasuke will die ether.(Not that I don't want them to. both are annoying)By the way I think he will end up with no one or hinata.

Post #431695
user avatar

8:41 pm, Dec 13 2010
Posts: 54

he will not end up with sakura. it is clear at this point that sasuke is the only person she will ever have feelings for. even after she realizes that he evil she still wont get over hm. i personally would hate it if she ended up with him after what she did to him during the kage meeting.

i just want to add that i dont think sasuke will die, and it will probably come down to sasuke and naruto vs madara.

Post #435011
user avatar

8:21 am, Dec 28 2010
Posts: 28

As much as I would love Naruto to end up with Hinata, I get the most feeling that he won't end up with anyone. But I also have a small dreaded feeling he might end up with Sakura. -__-;; Reasons?
1. I don't think he feel anything for Hinata that way.
2. Sakura still likes Sasuke, that's obvious. If not like, she still have a soft spot for Sasuke.
3. I believe that Naruto's "liking" Sakura is kinda like a habit now. I don't think it's anything real. I think he cares for her a lot, but not that kind of 'like' anymore.

But why I think Naruto may end with Sakura?
Because in the chapter where
Spoiler (highlight to view)
Naruto meets his mom, and sees the past: his mom says all these things to Naruto (a baby then), and one of those things is that Naruto marry someone like her. And she has a personality kind of like Sakura...

So yeahhh. I just hope that's not true. D: I like Sakura better now, but I don't think she should end up with Naruto.

But at this point in the story, I don't feel that Naruto will end up with anyone.

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Post #435021

9:02 am, Dec 28 2010
Posts: 1

no one because he's going to die. he'll use the power of the kyuubi to protect the villages from madara but it kills him in the process. his death convinces emofreak to return to konoha and sakura pounces on him. meanwhile, hinata, having lost the one she loves while not being able to do anything, commits suicide due to depression.

jokes aside, i really want him to end up hinata. but the way things are going, it really seems like he will die. the best ending i can see is he gets together and has a child with someone. but he dies like his father, protecting the village.

Post #435183

2:29 am, Dec 29 2010
Posts: 14

Naruto is gay he will end up with a homo relationship with Sasuke-dude.

Post #591410
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3:05 am, Mar 19 2013
Posts: 7

obviously hinata
seeing how the manga is going now..

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Post #621297
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2:28 am, Nov 18 2013
Posts: 64

Honestly, I strongly think (and somewhat hope) that's it's going to be none. There are too many reasons for this, mostly because the epic of the character and the series on a whole will inevitably be influenced by this decision of the mangaka to let him end up with whoever even if only by a little or a lot - it depends on the character picked. But let's be real here, we all know who the possible candidates can only be, so this post's options are definitely served for more purposes than just seriousness. Thus I also picked another choice for the sake of humour biggrin

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Post #622263
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Come and Go

3:51 pm, Nov 27 2013
Posts: 337

Haha, Sasuke and No one wins over Sakura in the poll....
Well, its okay since I chose Hinata and she's no.1 in the poll at least. I dont know about the author though.

Post #622271
user avatar

4:54 pm, Nov 27 2013
Posts: 140

Though I'm rooting for Naruto to be with Hinata, the idea of having sort of a "romantic ending or romantic development" is kindda weird. I mean, there have been few instances in wich this happened and no real development between them happened, romantically speaking. (only truly valid one was the teaher's one)

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Post #625343
user avatar

11:12 pm, Dec 20 2013
Posts: 20

People! You can see that it is most likely gonna be Sakura... When Naruto's dad asks him if she is his girlfriend Naruto says yes and although Sakura attacks him, she doesn't deny it. Thus mutual feelings are there.

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Post #627524
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11:15 pm, Jan 6 2014
Posts: 2

i don't think he will end up with anyone, but if there's someone i want him to be with,it's definitely going to be Hinata

Post #627536

2:31 am, Jan 7 2014
Posts: 1

In all of the shounen manga we've all read, there are very few instances where the main character will grow some balls and tell someone how they feel and do something about it. Plus unlike Rave Master, where there is one love interest there are two (or more) in Naruto. That means judging from my exprience, he will not end up with anyone because Sakura will never admit (and mangakas will never change when their character is tsundere) that she likes him (but likes Sasuke more) and Hinata is too timid to ever tell him face to face without the danger of dying(The Pain fight). My main point is he has not spent enough time romancing either of these girls, by which I mean giving cheesy lines of how he will save, protect, or how much he loves them. Plus main, main point that we all know even though Naruto is ridiculusly strong , HE IS AN IDIOT, idiots can never figure out who they love and never tell the person they that they do. (e.g To love ru, Reborn, Beelzebub, etc.) Shounen rarely ever gives us the (romantic part) ending we want and just leaves us with questions and disappointment.

P.S- Please don't bash me for grammatical errors, this the internet ok a faceless community.

Post #628638 - Reply to (#354857) by John21
user avatar

5:27 am, Jan 16 2014
Posts: 110

I voted Sasuke. He's the only person in the series Naruto has been consistently in love with.

Quote from John21
Hopefully Hinata. Sakura should just die, totally useless always causing problems, in love with a emofreak. Ahaha if it were upto Naruto he would choose Sasuke proably god, hez bekum so gay recently dam drez a limit to friendship god!!

I understood the first part of that, and I totally agree!! Hopefully Hinata. No, scratch that, it BETTER be Hinata. But it'll probably be Sasuke.

Post #629637
user avatar

12:46 pm, Jan 23 2014
Posts: 23

Don't think there will be anyone.
But if I could choose? Of course Hinata. She is cute, nice and honest and the one who really liked him from the beginning. She is very good hearted, I like that. And in the old days (once upon a time this Manga was good), it was shown that she also has personality, well enough für this kind of Genre.

Problem: Naruto still is, and always has been and always will be a stupid brat, though he has some good points. But he is not worthy to get Hinata. So, he deserves a Life as a Housefriend of Sakura and Sasuke, if you know what I mean..

Don't really hate Sakura, at least anymore.

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