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can u bear to read long shonen with no girls?

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so can you people bear to read a long 10+ volume shonen/seinen action manga with no girls just dudes flinging fists and baring knuckles?
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From User Message Body
Post #562111

2:32 am, Jul 21 2012
Posts: 70

As long as the writing is good enough, you should be able to read anything. It doesn't matter if lacks girls or boys. Or maybe it has some ridiculous premise. Or strange characters. Even ugly art.

Good writing comes first. If a series has that, then everything else should fall into place.

Post #562117
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Mythical Creature

3:26 am, Jul 21 2012
Posts: 284

Not all shonen are dudes slinging fists and girls flinging panty shots. Now if a manga was just fighting but it was interesting enough, I'd probably read it eventually.

Post #563842
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7:30 pm, Aug 1 2012
Posts: 56

I think the manga without girls that will be free for guys in fighting *haha*, it's the best. biggrin

Post #568232

7:34 am, Aug 31 2012
Posts: 26

I usually ship the guys anyway. The girls just get in the way.

is supposedly a sausagefest, as Hunter x Hunter, which is very popular among both genders.

In fact, feel free to post any shounen or seinen mangas that qualify as a sausagefest. could just read shoujo, but they have sucky plots & no backbone. I like blood & fighting & shit.

Post #571444
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9:15 am, Sep 26 2012
Posts: 974

if its like Blood and Steel, why not laugh

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Post #571449
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10:19 am, Sep 26 2012
Posts: 471

i vote yes.
however, from your elaboration, I assume you don't really mean ALL shounen, just the action, fighting type shounen. since I really like the harem type shounen, and this can not be read without any girl at all.
from your question, I assume you mean whether I can read it or not, which I can, NOT whether I prefer it or not, which is a non-issue. with or without girls, with or without boys, or even with or without human - as long as the story is great, I am fine.
If you mean the girls is for romantic love interest, personally I am not fan of romance if the love is not tenderly developed - if it happen just because, I rather not have one. for example, [m]eye shield 21[/m] romance is very awkward, and the mangaka just scrapped it off. I am thankful hikaru no go dont have any romance, since it will just interfere with the board game though the girl is very clearly in love with the protagonist. a good romance is of course a big plus, like the one in Kyou Kara Ore Wa or BECK.
I don't understand what some of you think that without girls it all just become yaoi. obviously you never read cromartie high school.

Post #585299
user avatar
Shit happens

5:13 am, Jan 27 2013
Posts: 19

I say maybe, as long as the girl is chill and strong. I really can't stand girls who can't do anything and needs to rescue all the time and make the story plot unnecessary

User Posted Image
Post #603885

12:36 pm, Jun 17 2013
Posts: 32

no way that's gay

...although, in all honesty, I can hardly bear to read shounen WITH girls, either. Booooring.

Post #603893
user avatar
HI all

1:39 pm, Jun 17 2013
Posts: 135

If its something like Death note then i can think about it!
And if its To love-ru without any girl then its unbearable!

Post #603895
Piss Ant

2:16 pm, Jun 17 2013
Posts: 171

I was going to vote yes, then I saw the poll question. Fuck no, that's gay a hell. Hell, reading anything where two guys keeps telling each other how precious they are to them makes me wonder if they mix that crap in there for the shounen ai crowd. Really, who keeps reminding their friend how precious they are to them unless they want to hook up or something. Like Kuroko no Basket. There are so many gay moments it's not even funny. Even if there is no romance, there must be some females in there just to even things up. I hate the "my vagina is sensitive" male character type.
I'm not trying to gay bash here, but if one of my friend acted all "you're my precious friend" I'd pat him on the back, smile, and then assault him a bit while calling him a fag. All in good fun, of course. Unless I was shitfaced. Then I'd cry and tell him how great he is. Most shounen series fawning over the whole friendship idea must have been started with the mangaka getting hammered and acting like that with his friend.
Anyways, all male cast equals shounen ai. If that's your thing, then good for you. I want nothing to do with the little fruity bastards. laugh

-No longer do I quote great scholars, the famous, etc. Kids feigning wisdom ruined it.
--I wont type a post like a college report. If you don't read it just for that reason, you don't have to post why your hoity-toity ass refused to. I swear, so many people on this site are so full of themselves. A lot seem to think they always have an "intelligent and/or logical" point or show signs of a superiority complex. They never admit they're wrong. Maybe partially, but excuses abound! :\
-Stop mailing me about my comments. I don't read them.
Post #603900 - Reply to (#414022) by magnet_dance
user avatar
Psycho. Cracked.

2:54 pm, Jun 17 2013
Posts: 166

Quote from magnet_dance
I prefer to read shounen/seinen for the action so romance feels kinda gay to me. I also appreciate good comedy and interesting characters. Though I don't actively look for manga with all-male casts I surprisingly end up liking them more.

Mostly because girls get shitty characterizations in a lot of shounen. They're usually stuck as some crappy romance lead or for fanservice. You know manga world, girls can do much more than fall in love with a guy or get hand down ancient relics that all the bad guys want to kidnap/rape her for!

Unfortunately it seems that's all they think chicks are good for

Agree. I can't recall I have ever had a good impression towards a girl as a side character in any shounen manga. They all get on my nerves. Either the girl is incredibly strong with humongous breasts or annoyingly weak that always play the role of damsel in distress.
However there are always exception, especially when it's a female lead in a male demographic manga. I love Yako from Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro for example.

There are a lot of great shounen without any girl. Most of the shounen I actually like are without many girls in them, since I only like fighting, bad-ass shounen manga, not the romance ones. Romance as main plot in shounen has never success in impressing me. The others have mentioned them in their previous post so I think it's unnecessary to repeat them.

As for seinen (in the poll question), I don't see why not. Although I do like a lot of girls/ women who are portrayed in seinen. They are much more realistic, much more mature.

Last edited by giinko at 3:01 pm, Jun 17

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Post #603903 - Reply to (#603895) by That3rdGuy
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A bomb!

3:00 pm, Jun 17 2013
Posts: 479

Quote from That3rdGuy
I was going to vote yes, then I saw the poll question. Fuck no, that's gay a hell. Hell, reading anything where two guys keeps telling each other how precious they are to them makes me wonder if they mix that crap in there for the shounen ai crowd. Really, who keeps reminding their friend how precio ...

How a man with taste chooses.
User Posted Image

Post #603904

3:18 pm, Jun 17 2013
Posts: 133

Yes. An example would be Worst I guess.

User Posted Image User Posted Image
Post #603909
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3:37 pm, Jun 17 2013
Posts: 159

yes, bros before hoes lol

User Posted Image
Post #603910
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3:37 pm, Jun 17 2013
Posts: 19

Most of the time no, however exceptions do pop up at times, like I still follow Dendrobates and Bartender and neither of those have many women characters, but I like them none the less.

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