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What manga has taught me about Japanese culture...

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Post #587354
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6:13 am, Feb 14 2013
Posts: 367

Got another one. Whenever an incident happens, no matter how much it is someone's fault, someone else will take full responsibility for it and take the reason why to ridiculous standards.

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Post #628901
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An F to judge M!

6:04 am, Jan 18 2014
Posts: 382

By all rights, Japan should've won every Olympic Games and every international sporting event. Unfortunately, all their top athletes are either too young to compete in their respective field, or they're way too busy combating evil forces that're bent on destroying the planet.

In Japan, it's perfectly acceptable for a girl to hit a guy over any mundane spat of jealously she may have, even if that girl is using a high-powered suit that's existence has rewritten the map on nuclear deterrence to do the hitting.

Post #628910
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7:41 am, Jan 18 2014
Posts: 44

Even though I really thought I wouldnt come out with something that hasnt been mentioned yet I surprised myself and participated in the forum

- No matter how boyish the girl is, she will likely get a girlish boy or a handsome boy.

- the nephew falls for the uncle that smokes

- every person has a sad story,

- Girls will always meet their ex's while trying to forget them

- The parents are carefree ones with a serious job, so she ends up living with a total stranger, and that stranger's parents also leave, so at the end they are left totally alone and something happens that either way or another brings them together.

- There's always a shy girl that no one knows her name or that she even exists, but the school idols are dying for her .

- Getting bullied is likely a rite of passage, everyone goes through it

- Poor girls are likely to get rich boys attention

- tall girls fall for short boys

- it doesnt matter how much both of them not match each other, they are actually boyfriend and girlfriend.

- In Old buildings you will likely find idols, models or your next boyfriend

- Even your love rival will help you get together with your girlfriend

- If you want to be the school's genius, there will always be a guy renowned as the school's 1st Place without any intention of it

- tough girls are easily tamed by handsome guys

- no matter how badly those random guy characters treat the girl, she will treat them nicely

- high schoolers smoke in the roof, and nobody notice.

- yeah most likely the roof is like another dimension no matter what you do in there, nobody knows, unless they are following you, in that case they dont fully know what you were doing but they do get suspicious about you

- no matter what you do, where and when you do it, someone is watching you.

- When a couple just started dating, the first date will likely be a failure, though it will lead to more intimacy. Even when the girl/boy planned it in advance, the date will go wrong.

- Food/drinks always spill on brand new clothes especially chosen for a date.

- once the girl starts dating, she will defy her parents

- If you fall for someone but you never approach her/him, someone will notice you like him/her. And that person most likely will become your love consultant, and afterwards you will be a couple

- your parent's business will have economic problems, and some rich boy will help you out.

- Boys are either super gentleman like or super ogre-like.

- Back hugs are like second base (this one in particular is funny, cause it also happens in k-dramas, j-dramas,and such)

Post #628911
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7:56 am, Jan 18 2014
Posts: 82

Knowledgr about Japanese culture can be gained from many manga; two of them are Vagabond and Genshiken.

Genshiken teaches mainly about otaku culture while Vagabond gives a detailed portrayal of edo period Japanese lifestyle.

Modern Japanese culture can be seen in every other manga.

Not to forget many manga have also been published which portray the lifestyle of a manga artist.

- a dreamer
Post #628951
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2:57 pm, Jan 18 2014
Posts: 123

I'm assuming this thread is to be taken in a lighter vein, so here goes:

> all bald middle aged men are perverts. Case in point GTO.

> If a girl gets into a train, one of two things can happen;
a) she gets groped by said bald middle aged pervert
b) she runs into the guy she likes regardless of how unlikely it is that he will be in the same compartment, in the same train, heading for the same destination in the large metropolis that is Tokyo.

> all handsome high school guys have insane fighting skills. Most are also brainy and rich to boot.

> foreign exchange students are godly beings endowed with looks, money, worshippers, etc., and just happen to fall for the plain MC so much so that they make Japan their permanent residence.

> no girl in japan locks the bathroom door when in the shower. The probability of this increases exponentially if said girl is a crossdresser who fears being discovered.

>calling each other by the first name causes severe blushing.
sharing food or drinks causes severe blushing.
bumping into each other causes severe blushing.
getting a text from person you like leads to guessed it.... severe blushing.

>people can morph into chibi versions of themselves. Moreover, when in said chibi form, they must invariably act in an idiotic immature manner. It's almost like a superpower except for the fact that it turns you into an insufferable brat.

Last edited by nunya_bishieness at 3:41 pm, Jan 18

I give up. I see not point in living if I can't be beautiful.
Post #628956
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Lowly Member

3:21 pm, Jan 18 2014
Posts: 3891

Glasses make you ugly. Taking them off magically transforms any previously plain girl to an ethereal beauty.

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Post #629294
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2:41 am, Jan 21 2014
Posts: 1177

-That you canít just call someone so casually with their first names...

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Lads in Japan canít just be contented with watching R-18 materials online, they just have to really buy some book, etc..

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Post #629300
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3:00 am, Jan 21 2014
Posts: 358

in japan, you remember everything from elementary school and all the friends you had there.

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Post #671609 - Reply to (#629294) by Knightzomegaz
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Lone Wanderer

11:20 am, Sep 15 2015
Posts: 1841

Quote from Knightzomegaz
-That you canít just call someone so casually with their first names...

This is a true facet of Japanese culture, not something manga/anime made up. Honorifics are used regularly (especially when addressing elders); they don't call everyone by their first name like they do in western countries. First-name basis is a relationship privilege that has to be earned -- and if not earned, is a show of disrespect, not closeness.

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Post #673117
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Seinen is RIGHT

5:09 pm, Oct 28 2015
Posts: 1662

They mostly taught me that rape is relative and that mechs go with everything.
Everyone further peaks in 8th or 10th grade as all life ends after high school...

Germany is also very strict with honorifics (we have cultural connections to Japan but most manga readers know that already) so that isn´t a strictly Asian phenomenon.
The Senpai and kōhai hell though (it lasts a lifetime) is of their own doing.

I learned a bit about modern Shintoism after reading Jinja no Susume but don´t tell anyone wink .

I also read Bande dessinée / US comics and am a librarian.
Manga-Masters, My ANN-Lists
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Post #673180
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1:33 pm, Oct 30 2015
Posts: 124

Let me try: They're serious about school-club activities.
Very serious, they can be ?? And that'a good smile

Post #673195
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4:45 am, Oct 31 2015
Posts: 838

Japanese people reincarnate in a fantasy game world if they die in a traffic accident.

Post #673221
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3:19 pm, Oct 31 2015
Posts: 352

Mostly every school trip there leads to somewhere close to Sea. Especially Okinawa.
- Yeah. Seriously?! -
And Planes or Buses are normally used for transportation.
- A whole class makes a lot of people. ±120 people on average, considering three to four sections. Hope the gets discounts! -

Well. Gang fights are basically based on physical strength. Gun regulation law is quite strict there.
Yakuza(s) have some strict code. Guns aren't used casually, unlike in the western world.
And people in gangs do fear Detectives(probably cops too).
- Quite the peaceful country. -

You can buy Condoms and things like pills and stuff from some vending machines.
- yeah. Really! Probably to help shy people. But, there are cons like Kids can get there hands on things like that easily, probably. Whatever. -

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Post #673279
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7:40 pm, Nov 2 2015
Posts: 8

Seriously, I got real knowledge from Megatokyo. Also Chuugoku Yome Nikki.
Web comic by Åsa Ekström is very good too. I just tried to add this series to the database.

But I still think some Japanese ideas are weird. Why usually the brave and the demon lord in JRPGs? (I know there are exceptions, nevertheless)

Last edited by poplar_brook at 7:47 pm, Nov 2

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Post #673816
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Snarkiness Lvl.500

12:32 pm, Nov 18 2015
Posts: 97

laugh laugh laugh Love the previous posts! Anyway...

-Sumo is the national sport, but baseball is probably more popular.

-Cutting hair after breaking up/being rejected often implies the start of a new love.

-Going to the shrine during New Years to pray for a good year.

-School uniforms. I mean, here almost everyone has school uniforms, but only because it's required and certainly not because it's something like a fashion statement. Of course no one chooses their school based on how "cute" the uniform is (my mother is the only exception there hahaha)

-Valentine's Day, pretty much all girls give chocolates and supposedly on White Day the guys are meant to give chocolate back, but usually the latter is forgotten. Oh and the Valentine's Day presents are prettily decorated and the White Day ones are generally plainer.

-They almost always have a handkerchief and tissues. The handkerchief isn't for blowing noses, but for sweat and tears and coffee spills etc.

-Wear masks when they're sick and going outside.

-They don't use cell phone numbers, but use email addresses instead. Texting = emailing. confused

Other stuff:

-A lot of tripping down the stairs...and no real injuries.

-Normal houses exist in the cities! I thought Japan was full of skyscrapers or something! laugh

Hey relax, I'm just kiddin'.
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