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Crying Over Music...

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A talking rock

10:22 am, Apr 8 2012
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I cry when I watch The Heap Princess and Apostrophe [Hatsune Miku], Kokoro Kiseki [Kagamine]. But both of them have PV, so I didn't know if this count or not.

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9:21 pm, Apr 9 2012
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I cried a couple of times when I listen to...
(since I'm a sucker for shoegaze/postrock/ambient kind of music)

Summer Haze - Shapeshifter (New Zealand)
Under Your Wings I'll Hide - Immanu El (Sweden)
Swallowtail - Lemon's Chair (Japan)
なんとなく - sleepy.ab (Japan)

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10:17 pm, Apr 9 2012
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Not crying, but close when I first heard them in context.

Dango Daikazoku from CLANNAD
Brave Song from Angel Beats!
Kimi no Koe from The Place Promised in Our Early Days
Secret Base by ZONE and used in AnoHana
IA's Ib after playing Ib

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12:32 pm, Apr 20 2012
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Maeda Jun x Yanagi Nagi - Last Smile
Closest i've gottten from a music video

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2:16 pm, Apr 20 2012
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Yes, quite a few times. Actually... I probably did alot @ @. I'm pretty loose with my tears since yea... I like sympathizing with tragedies ><. I dunno, stress release? There's an unknown satisfaction from sympathizing with other's misfortunes.

Well, it's only when there's PVs to watch, and when I'm in my room with doors locked, otherwise you'll never see one drop lol. It's all about imagination~

Servant of Evil. Still my fav vocaloid song, also my first. Now that I think about it, it's mostly vocaloid songs that made me cry o.O.
AND, all those that I forgot completely XD;;.

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Life Puzzler

3:57 am, Jul 24 2012
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Studies show that when you're depressed or sad you focus on the lyrics of a song and take them to heart. That being said, The Prayer by Celine Dion, Kiss It Better by Jeffree Star, Angel by Sarah Mclachlan and Duvet by Boa.

These songs normally do no tear jerking if I'm in a good/okay mood.

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4:44 pm, Sep 18 2012
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There is a song I can think of that will make you cry. Its kinda depressing though.

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4:30 pm, Nov 24 2012
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I usually listen to music when I'm crying, but a lot of Carrie Underwood's songs make me cry. Also two vocaloid songs were really sad. I don't understand Japanese but the music videos were really sad. I think they were called "Prisinor" (I hope I spelled that write) by Len Kagamine and "Paper Airplane" by Rin Kagamine.

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A daydreamer

1:37 am, Nov 25 2012
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I can't say I would know whether or not this counts, since you'd have to both listen to and watch in order to feel the impact but:

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5:38 am, Nov 25 2012
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Lana del Rey- Summertime Sadness
watch the video and the song in general is just depressing...

Britney Spears- Everytime
This song is beautiful, video makes it even sadder than it already is D:

KanataxYuki will always remain in my heart...
Their love is so profound~!
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6:04 pm, Dec 24 2012
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The Beatles - Eleanor Rigby

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3:56 am, Dec 21 2013
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Kowarete Iku Sekai (live ver.) by girugamesh
Kodou PV (Unrestricted) by Dir en Grey

their screaming just pierced through my heart.
it's very rare for me to appreciate screaming in a song but these are just so powerful along with the message of the song and how they express the songs. it's moving enough for me to shed tears.

i immediately regret posting this
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Forever Young

4:58 am, Dec 21 2013
Posts: 250

I cried when I listen to:
Paper Airplane by Rin Kagamine
Prisoner by Len Kagamine
15 Years of Pursuing a Cute Boy by Hatsune Miku
A Clingy Boy Sticking for 15 Years by VY2 Yuuma
Alluring Secret ~black vow~ by Rin and Len Kagamine
Karakuri Pierrot by Hatsune Miku
Sorry to You by GUMI

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12:53 am, Mar 1 2014
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I get goosebumps and emotional but I haven't ever cried. Unless of course I was depressed to start with and problematic, I do. But if it's just the song, never. Oh, also in an orchestra and opera, I cry sometimes.

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Thanks to blueangel06661 for the stock!
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7:18 am, Mar 1 2014
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Any song by Olafur Arnolds

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