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Awesome new series!

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4:08 am, Feb 19 2009
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4:15 am, Feb 19 2009
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Quote from Sijy
Read the new interview of Naoki Urasawa, and since I've read a lot of his other stuff and am currently buying the newly release Pluto and 20th Century Boys decided to start Billy Bat. So far after 3 chapters it's turning out very nicely.

His great drawings of people of different ethnicities shines through, as well as the stupendous cityscapes of 1950s Japan and America, along with "Billy bat" his old school American style comic within a comic.

haha! it is good! and a fellow pluto fan! hooray smile

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6:27 pm, Mar 27 2009
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Great new mystery series.
Anyone that likes Monster,20th Century Boys will like this.

Although I wonder if Chapter 1 will throw people off?

This is a series you must read at least several chapters of before you can even form an opinion.

And I never thought Urasawa would switch to Kodanasha from Shogakukan publishers.

Anyways great new series and it fills my void of wanting more Urasawa.

Now just waiting for more Billy Bat and hoping for more scanlations of Yawara and Happy.And if it ever happened Master Keaton and Pineapple Army being scanned by some group.

After 8 chapters which won't even make 1 volume yet.
I assume 11 chapters maybe 10 for a volume.

This series is getting interesting and good.

Taking some elements from both Monster and 20th Century Boys yet making its own thing.

Also set in 1949 is different.

Only complaint is its monthly release at the moment hopefully it picks up to some weekly releases or biweekly.
Pluto will be finished on April 5th last chapter so Billy Bat can now have all of Urasawa'a attention.
Unless he plans on having another series soon and to do 2 mangas at time like hes done his whole career mostly.

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6:14 pm, Mar 31 2009
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I love Urasawa's work. 20th Century Boys is my favorite manga. Monster follows closely in second, and by the time it finishes, Pluto would probably enter the ranks (I love it so far). His storytelling abilities are unmatched. The first 8 chapters are looking promising, but then again, I wouldn't expect anything less from him. Can't wait to see what direction he takes this story.

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6:22 pm, Mar 31 2009
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Knowing Urasawa's work, I have no doubt that this will be long and epic...

Though I can see a number of people being turned away by the first chapter...but also a few disappointed after the second. laugh

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4:34 pm, Dec 17 2009
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The taxicab and bride story really moved me; its going to be one I remember smile

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