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Site Poll - Chat Box 51 - What Do You Do On MU?

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Evil Little Kid

10:31 pm, Feb 21 2009
Posts: 437

I mainly check the latest releases page so I can stalk more manga. But if there's no updates after every time I check, I go to the forum and read posts of topics/threads that I'll never comment on. =3
Although I love the lists. I love rearranging my lists and it makes me happy whenever I mark a manga as completed. =3

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The Gorilla Killa™

10:32 pm, Feb 21 2009
Posts: 3229


I'm surprised with the votes. I'd thought that posting on the forums would be in first or second place...

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10:52 pm, Feb 21 2009
Posts: 278

I have the list feature as home page, so that's the one I chose.
But the looking around and search to the datebase both come in as a close second.

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11:20 pm, Feb 21 2009
Posts: 3120

most of the time i come to check releases but then i get distract and go on the forums

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2:33 am, Feb 22 2009
Posts: 4917


I don't actually search the database here for manga...

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2nd wave MU user

3:39 am, Feb 22 2009
Posts: 7783

Post some crap now and then
and stare at private convoes and insert
my barely clothed pictures into them when
least expected.
Mostly the latter.

Post #260115

3:50 am, Feb 22 2009
Posts: 1

I wanted to pick more than one bigrazz

Look at the latest releases,
Look around for new series to read,
Search the database,
and use the list feature.

I answer the Poll questions too it seems.

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Local Prig

4:20 am, Feb 22 2009
Posts: 1899

Mostly just checking for releasing and sitting around in PM convos.

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Post #260127 - Reply to (#260120) by Crenshinibon
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The Coolest

4:59 am, Feb 22 2009
Posts: 891

Quote from Crenshinibon
Mostly just checking for releasing and sitting around in PM convos.

PM convos, really? i dont even kno who to talk to and i jus cant randomly talk to anythin...ppl will think im i jus check releases and maybe to go i said b4

srry to post again

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Post #260145
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 Site Admin

5:50 am, Feb 22 2009
Posts: 6219

I mostly stay, view and post on the forums.

Post #260150
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6:02 am, Feb 22 2009
Posts: 2964

01. Staring point-blank at the release page.
02. Lurking, stalking in PM convos.
03. Adding my two cents in the forum, time-to-time.
04. Clicking furiously through the database.


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Slient Dragon

10:38 am, Feb 22 2009
Posts: 20

I always check the release page. I occasionally use the list feature (I am really thankful for this, without it I would most probably wouldn't be able to keep track of the manga I read.) and search the database for stuff, while every now and then when I feel like it, I lurk and post about the forums. I rarely rate and comment on series (Mostly because I only rate and comment on complete series.)

So that about everything I do in MU. :3

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A Person

6:18 pm, Feb 22 2009
Posts: 2121

Visit/Post on the forums, for the most part, but I also use the Lists/Look around for new series a lot as well.

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Mad With a Hat

6:52 pm, Feb 22 2009
Posts: 4764

No "all the above"?...
Well, I don't lurk though.

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Post #260373
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11:02 pm, Feb 22 2009
Posts: 814

Well, pretty much everything in it.

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