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Vampire knights couples

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Which couple do you prefer, in Vampire knights?
Zero x Yuki
Kaname x Yuki
Zero x Yuki x Kaname
Other (please say them in the topic)
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From User Message Body
Post #362789
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0n3 Winged

5:23 pm, Mar 10 2010
Posts: 603

i almost never read shoujo but this i have due to the anime...
i'll be very blunt!
KANAMI dead! and alot of vampires dead ,zero stays alive , steals the girl happy ending biggrin don't you agree ladies?

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Post #362964

4:03 am, Mar 11 2010
Posts: 3

ummm well me i love Kaname-sempai he's so adorable, he treates her like a queen, meantime zero acts like an undecided. i love guys that love as crazies!!!!!! bigrazz

Post #374140

2:16 am, Apr 25 2010
Posts: 8

at the beginning of the manga, I supported ZeroxYuuki. But as
I read on I found that KanamexYuuki made a better pairing in my
eyes. They just seem to be meant for each other. This may sound
a little crazy but I think ZeroxYori might make a sweet couple.

Bog Initiate
Post #374150
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3:16 am, Apr 25 2010
Posts: 35

This is quite difficult to answer, but after read the manga chapter until now and saw the anime nearly to 4 times, I want Yuki ends up with Zero.

I love Kaname and Zero, both are great, but when I analyze the story more and more I finally can say Zero is Yuki's match.

Please, don't musunderstand what I'm saying: In a start I liked Yuki and Kaname couple, but through the chapters and the story I think Zero is the guy for Yuki. She is confused, but I think she really loves Zero.

I think hating Kaname or Zero depending of the fan's couple preference like a loooooot of VK fans do have no sence, the manga's story must be analized by a lot view points and well and, as I said before, I think Yuki must end up with Zero... and I can take care of Kaname! x3

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Post #385032
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8:33 pm, Jun 12 2010
Posts: 7

at first i was undecided confused.
but as the series went on i started to like kaname less and less, and to like/love zero more and more!
i think yuki is so stupid for choosing kaname!
dont get me wrong i like both guys, but i just think zero is the better guy! eyes
but i'll be happy either way biggrin

Post #385840

11:48 am, Jun 16 2010
Posts: 20

I really can't decide. But I've recently come to prefer Zero over Kaname...

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Post #555126
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11:42 am, Jun 7 2012
Posts: 261

sorry a necropost. i just want rima to end up with shiki.

Post #592477
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6:42 pm, Mar 26 2013
Posts: 19

ZERO X YUKI!!!!!!! biggrin The main reason I root for them is because I know that there is a very slim possibility that they will end up together. I kinda have a fetish for forbidden love, lol. shy Also, Yuki was head over heels for Kaname that it doesn't give me any feeling of excitement over their relationship anymore. .__. And in contrary to what everyone's saying, I love this.. "cold" side of Zero. This is exactly why I like him! He could also be so cruel to Yuki at times, too. embarrassed bigrazz bigrazz bigrazz Oh! And also, I find the way he struggles with his inner vampire so very hot. laugh laugh

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Post #595792
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9:58 am, Apr 21 2013
Posts: 26

Zero x Yuuki. You have been warnt that this will contain spoilers.
Kaname is a jerk in my opinion, and if I remember somewhere in the plot he kinda abandoned her when she needed him the most. Total jerk. We all know Zero has the feels for Yuuki and what he's been through, and I just feel really sorry for him. Zero seems to still care for her even though his ways of showing it might seem ... weird. (I'm going to kill you next time I see you)

Though I don't know what direction Hino's going for. Kaname is going to die to be the new parent and Yuuki erased Zero's memories of her. Yuuki and Zero kissed before she erased his memories, which I think means that they admit their feels for each other, yet Kaname 'deflowered' her, though I saw this in an 'ehh' stage because Kaname kinda used her because Yuuki was an emotionally distressed and it seemed kinda rushed and desperate.

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Post #596206

11:29 am, Apr 24 2013
Posts: 6

I haven't read from right after the academy was attacked, but I have always hated Zero. Why? Because he is a hypocrite in my honest opinion. He is all "Vampires are bad, Yuuki don't get close to Kaname because is a vampire and ovbiously bad" when Kaname is a great guy (at least what I have read, not sure if things change). But when Zero needs to drink blood he goes all "Blood, of tasty blood, more blood Yuuki, blood!" Ok, he doesn't want it BUT need it in order to survive and he obviously finds it a delicious treat now BUT he should at least stop being all against Kaname. Zero is the one sucking Yuuki's blood while Kaname isn't doing anything to her at all and still Zero sees Kaname as the bad guy. I'm sorry but I just couldn't like the guy after that.

Post #596209 - Reply to (#596206) by kakashi524

12:17 pm, Apr 24 2013
Posts: 152

Quote from kakashi524
I haven't read from right after the academy was attacked, but I have always hated Zero. Why? Because he is a hypocrite in my honest opinion. He is all "Vampires are bad, Yuuki don't get close to Kaname because is a vampire and ovbiously bad" when Kaname is a great guy (at least what I have r ...

you do realize that most of what zero feels towards kaname is jealousy? as yuuki has been in love with him since the start.

Post #596242 - Reply to (#596206) by kakashi524
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[ active ]

6:01 pm, Apr 24 2013
Posts: 17

Lmao, I suggest you read more into the manga then, because Zero has every right to be against Kaname (a.k.a., spoiler alert - Kaname is the one who is the chess master, he's the one who ruins Zero's life). Zero may be a hypocrite, but honestly, who isn't? :c His life was ruined by vampires entirely; his brother sided with one (in turn killing their parents out of jealous/hatred), he was turned into the very thing he hated, his brother was killed by a vampire (Rido, who is related to Kaname), and in the end - he had to devour his brother (Zero didn't even want Ichiru to die, he still loved him despite be betrayed).

Also, Zero managed to live through his hunger for years (and to which Kaname stated was astonishing, because really, no one has the willpower to do that) - in turn, he's been trying to protect Yuuki the way he can (vampires are bad, he says, but his heart has been stepped on so many times so it's obvious to see why he thinks this), but even he doesn't have enough strength to overcome the hunger; a vampire's hunger is fueled by the one they love.

You should read all the way to the updated chapters before you decide you dislike a character, because you're far behind on what's happening.

Ahahah, Yuuki erased Zero's memories so she could go and turn Kaname human - the reason why they slept together was so that Yuuki could attempt to turn Kaname human so he won't sacrifice his heart and become the new parent, but that plan didn't work (Kaname caught her before she did); their sex was mutual and consented, and if Yuuki's emotionally distressed then Kaname is too, because he's suffered a lot (more than her, imo) lmao.

Ahh, my input in this.

What I Ship:
Kaname x Yuuki - Only because he pretty much did everything for her so she could be happy; he was also her first love, the man who made her blush so many times in the manga, and their moments together were quite nice. Plus, for Kaname, Yuuki had became his will to live; she was the light of his life and he would do anything for her, even playing as the anti-hero just so she could be happy. Zero is out of the dark, but Kaname is still stuck, and I believe that the only one who could possibly bring him out is Yuuki (if not without the help of Zero, because Zero is the only one who has been able to accomplish all his obstacles).

Kaito x Zero - Yeah, they're both guys, so what? It won't ever be canon, but personally, he's the only one who probably deserves Zero the most; Kaito's job is just to check on Zero to see if he's going to fall into Level E status, but Kaito does so much more than that - Kaito takes care of him and he doesn't have to, but he does. Throughout his life, Zero's been manipulated, controlled, screwed over, depressed over, and toyed with (Shizuka, Kaname, Rido, Ichiru, Yuuki, Sara, etc.) - Kaito doesn't do any of this though, he lets Zero control his own life, but he guides him along the way. This is what Zero needs, a guidance, someone who can lend him a hand and try to understand him - an equal, really. I honestly think Zero is the type of person who needs someone to take care of him, but also someone who knows when to give him space given his insecurity as well as short-temper.

Akatsuki x Ruka - They're adorable, I don't even know. I love Akatsuki's devotion to her, his strong will, and how he loves - he doesn't want to possess her, own her, nor does he ever try to control her; Akatsuki just wants to protect her, because she's dear to him - he lets her do what she wants, because all he wants is to be by her side. For him, she is the person who he holds above everyone else. Even Kaname whom everyone in the vampire world seems to bow down to, 'cuz Akatsuki is willing to step up and face him if he hurts Ruka. c:

What I Don't Ship:
Yuuki x Zero - They used to be compatible, but later in the chapters, despite how many 'love-love' moments they have, I can't tolerate them together anymore. The love triangle ruined it for me, tbh, and I don't see them getting together IF Kaname does in fact succeed in sacrificing his heart - if they do, then that's bull, because I don't see a happy relationship from that; I don't see Yuuki happy and really, if Yuuki isn't happy, then Zero isn't either. I would like to see Zero happy. I actually would prefer it if they fix their relationship, settle things down between them, and straighten everything out. Zero has his priorities down, but I don't know about Yuuki.

Kaname x Yuuki x Zero - I don't want a threesome ending and really, I don't understand threesomes either lol; like, okay, so it's stated that Yuuki 'loves' both of them - but I don't think it's fair for either Kaname or Zero to have to take turns to be with the one they love. I don't think it's hot, I don't find it attractive, and I find it really, really annoying. The only way the threesome would work, imo, is if Zero and Kaname love each other equally as well (um, I don't see this happening any time soon) - then yeah, a threesome would work, because all parties would have mutual feelings for each other. But really, how can anyone tolerate sharing someone they love with another? Because it'd make that special someone to you, happy? That's bull, for me. :c

Last edited by lambchopsil at 7:06 am, Apr 25

Post #596532

4:39 pm, Apr 26 2013
Posts: 1

Kaname and Yuuki forever!! They are destined to be together forever! Maybe Zero was a good choice in the beginning, but I feel that Yuuki and Kaname have the special chemistry. I cried when I finished the last volume. Please don't kill of Kaname!! The story is amazing and absolutely my FAVORITE! Keep up the great work Ms. Hino!

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