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Who likes Spongebob?

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2:46 pm, Apr 2 2010
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I used to. Now the crap they got out now is brainnumbing,

The only kid cartoon I can watch nowadays is Chowder.

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3:51 am, Apr 6 2010
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Aw love spongebob. His voice is so funny with funny and stupid friends. Anyway I love Wonderpets too.

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4:02 am, Apr 6 2010
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I actually still love Spongebob. >_>; My favourite episode: Krusty Krab Pizza.

Never gets old. I always burst out laughing.

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4:10 am, Apr 6 2010
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The real question is who doesn't like spongebob? o_O
One of the funniest cartoons ever

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Ghostly Ninja

4:11 am, Apr 6 2010
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Spongebob is awesome. Always fun to watch. I love the "No Weenies" episode.

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4:13 am, Apr 6 2010
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LOOVEEE SPONGEEBOOB. but i agree with Calibre about the new episodes. they hurt my head, but for some reason I continue to watch...

The old episodes are the best though smile

and I think spongebob might swing that way, because one of the new episodes went like this:

Sponge: Bye squidward! Bye Mr Krabs! Byyee squidward smile wink grin
Patrick: you said bye squidward twice confused
Sponge: I reaally like squidward shy

haha it was weird laugh

Live, love, laugh <3
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it's a boy

1:06 am, Apr 8 2010
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I still like it.
I watch it when I'm bored.
Especially afterschool when I have no clubs/sports to go to.
It amuses me. : D

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1:17 am, Apr 8 2010
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I always watch either Spongebob or Chowder while exercising. I still find it hilarious laugh

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1:36 am, Apr 8 2010
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Me, but like the simpsons, I like the old episodes

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1:42 am, Apr 8 2010
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its the lamest show on tv

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2:52 am, Apr 8 2010
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I love Spongebob. It's the most entertaining and mind numbing show out there which is a great combinaion after lots of stress.

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3:26 am, Apr 8 2010
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Sorry. Not a Spongebob fan. Too mind numbing for my taste.

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3:35 am, Apr 8 2010
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I used to watch it, but then when kids at my school started quoting every freaking thing he said...NO. >:3

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3:57 am, Apr 8 2010
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^Yenoh, nice sig

I used to hate Spongebob in middle school, then I grew to like it. Eventually it was the only thing on TV I wanted to watch in high school. Go figure D:

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4:07 am, Apr 8 2010
Posts: 200

spongebob is a pro baddie.

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