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change 123 chapter discussion

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8:23 am, Mar 11 2009
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I can't believe such a gem of a manga is left without any topics in its forum section for so long. Anyways I hope that people would start to discuss the chapters of this truly great manga, latest chapter 41 peaked my interest in the end wonde who that person is and her relationship with motoko...

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8:39 am, Mar 11 2009
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It's her grandmother...

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10:00 am, Mar 11 2009
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no she's a nice obachan mikiri used to visit she was LIKE a grandmother to her sad chapter sad

sorry my bad if my japanese sucks still learning

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Post #266144 - Reply to (#266140) by fleet79
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11:46 am, Mar 11 2009
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Quote from fleet79
no she's a nice obachan mikiri used to visit she was LIKE a grandmother to her sad chapter sad

The guy was talking about the lady at the end of the chapter, which was her grandmother apparently. I believe you are thinking of the lady in the beginning to mid part of the chapter.

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11:52 am, Mar 11 2009
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Well lets say its a peculiar manga but only in the way they are concealing a shounen/harem/ecchi manga. Nice thought of, indeed: I enjoy reading it and SnoopyCool ensures a safe and sound translation (beside smooth, of course), as always.

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1:33 pm, Mar 11 2009
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I appreciate the vote of confidence, grand.

It's inferred that the lady at the end with Botan is Motoko's grandmother, hopefully that came through decently enough. As for other things about her... clearly she's the elder for some clan of fighters... whenever I see things like that (she's referred to as 'oyakata-sama', and has the emperor-like vale blocking her off from 'commoners'), I think of feudal lords and their ninja subordinates, but none of that has actually been stated.

Next chapter starts a new storyline and we are only 4 chapters away from catching up to the latest magazine chapter. (!)

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1:40 pm, Mar 11 2009
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I can't wait then. The work you do is great! What an enjoyable manga to read.

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1:42 pm, Mar 11 2009
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It's good to see that we're finally starting to get some of the background filled in about Motoko-chan's family. I've always wondered why her mother left her to the care of three legendary martial arts masters, and I hope we keep getting more details about the past in upcoming chapters..

But it sure would be nice of she(they) could go on a date or just spend time together with Kosugawa-kun without winding up in a brawl with a bunch of thugs! roll eyes Have they ever had any peaceful, quiet time together without out winding up in the middle of one sort of ruckus or another? confused

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5:50 am, Apr 3 2009
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well chapter 42 is out, great chapter but the whole "host" thing was a surprise to me,I didn't see it coming.

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Post #318297

11:37 am, Sep 4 2009
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What happen to Change 123 manga? I don't see releases for months :s

Are they waiting for the volumes to better quality or the manga is on hold?

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11:49 am, Sep 4 2009
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It seems Snoopy Cool has a few problems with it's founder, Snoopy.
He's been stuck IRL and hasn't come online much as far as I could find out on Snoopy Cool's forum.
All the members of Snoopy Cool have been working on their respective projects though, it seems.
So once Snoopy finally gets back, I think we're gonna have a big ass release, or at least many succesive ones.
If you wanna find out more, check snoopy cool forums.

Edit: huzzah, just broke 100 posts.

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7:53 pm, Jan 3 2011
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all 3 dads dna's in her? wow mom thats some wild stuff lol im i have to say that her real dna father is the man

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