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New Poll - Bitcoin

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8:03 am, Jan 20 2018
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Bitcoin has been making headlines recently, so might as well do a poll about it. I personally haven't gotten any since I don't want to take on that risk, but my brother has some Ethereum.

You can submit poll ideas here

Previous Poll Results:
Question: Will the loss of Batoto affect your manga habits?
Yes, huge problems now - votes: 2257 (33.3%)
Yes, but it's not too bad - votes: 1476 (21.8%)
Just a little - votes: 828 (12.2%)
Nope, nothing changes for me - votes: 2214 (32.7%)
There were 6775 total votes.
The poll ended: January 20th 2018

Looks like the majority of you used Batoto to some extent.

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9:56 am, Jan 20 2018
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Nope, not interested at all, as it´s fucking stupid. Have people learned nothing of the near identical bubble of the late 90s where web currencies also tried to replace the dollar, among other things. Having over 10.000 currencies fight each other for supremacy while none of them are being used as money to by things put the market in a permanent recession for half a decade! Laszlo Hanyecz´s tale spooked them all.
Then there is the lack of regulations, meaning that that all this nonsense could be shut down within the year in major markets. Or the crazy high power consumption of it all. Or the fact that these currencies were invented to bypass the governments and banks, which are 100% needed to have a functioning country confused . Or the fact that all of this is very insecure and 1/4 of all money mined is apparently being lost nearly immediately. Or the crazy instable market. Or that the system is almost a pyramid scheme where only early adopters can get rich.

Yeah, great stuff. How do i know all of this. A roommate traded 2000€ into over a dozen coins and successfully traded on the Chinese market BUT never converted his winnings back into €. He changed the money he isn´t trading currently into the currency he believes will succeed as a finical investment into the future. Yet that is literally the opposite of why these currencies were invented or why money exists. Meaning that a successfully month of 24/7 trading still has him in the red in term of real world value as of now. I tried to explain that to him, yet all i got as response was loud rant. Well, i tried.

I knew of all this nonsense since about 2011/12 due to the darkweb and could have invites a small portion of my money to try my luck but the same can be said about gambling... It´s legal here. The cryptocurrency model isn´t completely dumb but it´s current form is a sham.

What all of this did to the PC market is finally just sad. Dat price explosion! Thank Zod i majorly upgraded in mid 2016.

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10:43 am, Jan 20 2018
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Nope, not interested at all.

Till now haven't needed to buy anything really that secret or shady, which would require me the least bit anonymity any of the current row of cryptocurrencies, which includes BTC, LTC, MONERO etc supposed to provide. Doing fine with general currencies at the moment.

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12:05 pm, Jan 20 2018
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Cryptocurrencies were designed to decrease in value with each one mined and yet a bunch of people decided to invest in them, artifically inflating the value. Seems like a bad thing to invest in.

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12:52 am, Jan 22 2018
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Not interested at all. I hate how all of the Crypto miners are driving up the prices of graphic cards. sad

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