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H2 ENDING! Can someone please explain the H2 Ending as I am abit confused

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2:41 am, Nov 12 2014
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H2 is not a shoujo manga ! its an Adachi classic ! If you have read any other adachi manga you would know how cool of an ending that was !

That was a classic adachi i tell you ! It was a perfect ending ! Read it again and understand the awesomeness !


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8:28 pm, Oct 29 2017
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Reread manga. My rant once and for all.

Hikari annoys me and the ending proves Hiro is one helluva great guy.

Hiro loves Hikari. Hiro also loves Hideo.
Hikari loves Hideo. Hideo loves Hikari.

Hikari loves Hiro as a brother. She teases him about his porn habits. She nags him to read and better his mind. She loves him but not as husband material.

Hikari didn't credit Hiro with enough sense or respect him enough to let him make his own decisions. Instead she manipulated him into doing what she thinks is best for him: quit baseball. Sure later she sees he's grown up but by then it's too late, she was already in love with Hideo.

The problem:
Hiro suddenly physically grows up and becomes hunky-hot and taller than her. She suddenly sees him as a man. And now she's trying to keep him for herself while hanging on to her boyfriend. I dislike all her flirting with Hiro. And that line where she says she may marry an ace pitcher... Ughhh. The plot device of throwing them together was fine but Hikari actively flirting irritates me.

Another problem:
Trouble in paradise. She loves Hideo to bits but she's got so much respect and belief in him that she thinks he's perfect. And that he doesn't need her. Hideo tries hard to impress her with baseball but that isn't really the answer. So now Hikari is even more confused.

The solution:
Hiro (the man!) will move on. He'd been trying to move on actually. He really is interested in Haruka. But this thing with Hikari is clouding the issue. So he tells Hikari he does love her but they won't be together. He then proceeds to strike Hideo out (with dead Mom's help) to make Hikari realize that Hideo is only human. Hideo lost when it was unthinkable to lose. Hideo became vulnerable and showed Hikari he needed her.

Bittersweet ending because Hiro is such a great guy and he didn't get with his first love. But that's ok because there's a new possibility for love and she's been patiently waiting for him and supporting him until he's ready.

And this is why Haruka/Hiro all the way. Hikari annoys me. Cuz she's selfish and lacks insight. But meh. Ok. Fine. Her mother died. sad sad

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1:13 pm, Feb 19 2018
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Just have to get this out, can't find anyone to dump to.

Reread it whole twice, and thrice for the conclusion arc. Read bunch of old comments here and there about the ending. while some gave clear insight, but can't help that no one seem to notice the important part of hikari's mom death, hiro's conversation with her before, and the dad after.

There are just too much information scattered, one need to carefully read, collect, and summary them to get it.

Quote from harukohaha
Hiro loves Hikari. Hiro also loves Hideo.
Hikari loves Hideo. Hideo loves Hikari.

Hikari loves Hiro as a brother.

1st and 2nd line is the truth, but the 3rd line is incorrect. Hikari does loves Hiro, and Hiro does loves Haruka.

This a struggling love story of 4 teenager. Each of them had their share of struggle. Haruka, out of the 4, is the first one to get a hold of her feeling, while Hideo, is the last one. Hiro and Hikari had their struggle the entire course, but Hiro found his grip faster and help both Hikari and Hideo find it.

The conclusion arc is starting when Hideo got injuried, and ended after Hikari's mom death.
Another arc is where Hikari struggling to sort her friendship relation with Hiro, Worrying that Hiro still loves her, she decided to take the villain role and end their friendship, only to find that Hiro is the one that will bear it, she didn't have the right because there is no choice available.

During the conclusion arc, she is already settled with her struggle here, so he just check on Hiro from time to time.
During the ending she get the confirmation from Hiro that his muddy pond of thought has been cleared. Hence she jump into the pond.

During the conclusion, he is struggling on the feeling of defeat over Hiro and Hikari's long relationship. He got the upperhand over Hiro here since he is the one that keep trying to console Hikari.
Until near the ending, he is a stubborn that keep thinking he is the strong man, and need to win it all over Hiro to acquire Hikari's full commitment for their relationship. only to find that Hiro is, after he lose. But this is fine, since what Hikari need from her man is to show and share that kind of emotion, as she tell in earlier chapter.

is the one that struggling the most. During the conclusion, thanks to Hiro's firm resolution on moving on and cherishing their friendship, she finally confirms that she loves both equally, but Hideo is the one that she want to be with.
But she doesn't really want the perfect Hideo, because as long as Hideo stays perfect, and both Hiro and Hideo loves her equally, she would waver again and choose Hiro.
This is where she decided to cut their friendship and tell Hiro a "Goodbye" after the "final date" story, because she thought 2 things of Hiro: He is still in love with her, and Hiro needs her more than Hideo.
Up to the finals, when her uncle said Hiro is playing the villain, she didn't know that Hiro is already get over her.
That is why on the night before the finals, she play the villain again by asking Hiro "you want something?", implying that their friendship is gone and she is not someone Hiro can see on a whim. She later reveals to Hiro that she can't choose to abandon the friendship after Hiro's asking for an encouragement speech, just for the night, not to be carried over on the finals day, so she tells Hiro a genuine "Good luck, Don't lose" 4 times, as a frustration cry comes out for the matter.

He sort out his feeling right after Hikari mom death, after a short conversation with the dad, by saying "I'll be famous". This is the answer for the mom's last wish and question "do you really want to win? or just admit lose and comes clean?"
He always been true to his feelings and throughout the course, we get to know that he is the strong man, not Hideo.
He carries his resolution firmly, even after Hikari ended their friendship.
On the night before the finals, he meets Hikari for the last time to ask for encouragement word for an old, old friend, as a way to check whether she really means the "Goodbye".
As the strong one, he carried out the villain duty, the "sorry" was for not telling her earlier about his resolution and letting her play the villain.

The ending
1. Hiro deliver a clear message to Haruka that he will clear the pond with winning the game, so she can jump into. Hiro knows well that she's been waiting patiently for the chance.
2. Hiro deliver a clear message to both Hikari and Hideo with his fastball about his feeling and resolution.
3. Hikari telling that she didn't understand that she actually didn't have the right to choose, was for Hiro's action. Through the strikeout pitch she tells Hikari that she didn't have to choose, as he has completely move on from her. And also Hideo is not the strong one, Hiro is, from the start. Their childhood memories scene throughout the course confirm this.
4. Hideo finally open his eyes after the defeat, "I didn't understand", openly admit that he is not the strong one, and need to rely on Hikari.
5. Hiro's tear after the winning strikeout was a sadness of losing first love and two friends. As he is the strong one, he is the one that will move out of their life, he will be the one that bear the role as villain.
6. Hiro and Haruka relationship is already set before the final chapter, there is no need for Hiro to confess twice, he only need to show Haruka his resolution by winning the game.
7. Hiro smiles at the end, through the expression of his eye and loose eyebrow, and it is a genuine satisfaction smile. He is glad that he choose that path.
8. Hiro telling Haruka "you probably are", is the Adachi's classic of keeping the ending open. As their story will keep continue, with untold tale of their experience in life, whether it's bitter, or sweet.

The entire course was a delicious, full of flavour meal, period.

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5:02 am, Jun 11 2018
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I agree with you, especially with the ending and how relieved Hiro looked in the end.

You can tell al lot by the emotions that was displayed and by the words used. Keep in mind that in Japanese culture, a lot of the emotions are expressed through the eyes and not particularly the mouth. That is why in anime and manga, a lot of the characters has big eyes to express that fact.

In addition, if I can remembers it correctly, in psychology, Japanese people or people who are are really good can the tell correctly a person's emotions when look at the eyes despite contradicting mouth piece (e.g., frowning) and same can be said for the opposite with Western people because they are better detecting or expressing emotions with the mouth instead of the eyes.

Just a fact to keep in mind when watching or reading manga/anime. A lot of the emotions are expressed in the eyes and the HIro in the ending looked relieved.

Quote from pillowmaniac
7. Hiro smiles at the end, through the expression of his eye and loose eyebrow, and it is a genuine satisfaction smile. He is glad that he choose that path.

I hope that help anyone! biggrin

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6:50 am, Sep 2 2018
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I need to clarify one important thing, what most reader seem to misunderstand ( me as well at first )

Hikari IS NOT IN LOVE with Hiiro.
Its never meant to be romance love like she did with Hideo.

Been reading again and again and deciphering the hints ( still, its a subjective opinion. Feel free to discuss it furthermore )
Been taking notes from a whole 338 chapter. I could breaking it each chapters clue and hints. But it would been very long text and my english also not that good.

Here few important note:

-C.45-47 Pinch date. Everything is casual.
Hideo think Hiiro is his wingman and bestfriend.
Hikari think Hiiro just as childhood friend and his BF bestfriend.
Hiiro think this an opportunity to make something happen.
( Hiiro been throwing hint if he saw Hikari more than friend. And Hikari simply brushed it off. Also to notice, she worried how Hideo gonna think about this situation )

-C.107 Hikari explained to her uncle that Hiiro just a brother.
( first sign of denial. And she getting a vibe about Hiiro thinking her more than sister )

-C.113 Hiiro explained to Hikari if that kiss was accidental. She still praise and tease Hiiro about it.
*FIRST* Hiiro confession he has a feeling for Hikari. And about Hikari's first kiss with Hideo. Hikari seems shocked Hiiro found out about it.

-C.114 Hikari mind preoccupied with Hiiro confession. She ask Hideo to a date.
(note: remember this is a new start for their drama)

-C.115 -Hikari-
HIKARI important chapter
Hikari do mind her date being interrupted by Hiiro and Haruka.
( Conflicted feeling, theres flashback scene for Hikari and Hiiro. And how Hikari and Hiiro knows each other well.
In the end, Hikari upset Hideo talks to Hiiro instead with her. Leaving them. Then asking Hideo which most important person? Her or Hiiro.
Finally, she said she love Hideo truthfully.
( From this chapter alone. Hikari conflicted about Hiiro confession chapter before. Then asking for a date to confirm her feeling )

-C.117 Another assumption from Haruka. If Hikari 'may' bothered/jealous how close she is with Hiiro.
Also Hikari decided she being a temp manager even though she rejected that offer before.
(sign she moving away from Hiiro and closer to Hideo)

-C.136 Hikari want to letting know kunimi's that Hiiro won. And they talks been a while. Hikari also answered Hiiro, why she deciding to be Hideo manager. To quote her:
"I haven't has any time to sit down and talk with Hide chan for a while. Also i wanted to observe Hideo chan closer again. So that i can closer to him"
( she drawing a line between her and Hideo and Hiiro )
although in the end she still rooting for Hiiro game. And saying she know him better than anyone.

-C.197 Kissing scene between Hikari and Hideo. She pushes away Hideo because no sudden kisses? (And perhaps embarrassed be seen by Hiiro or feeling bad since she know how Hiiro would feel about it)

-C.213 Second confession from Hiiro. See how nervous Hikari is.
Hiiro also want to confirm Hideo existence (or maybe if he good man enough for Hikari) Ended with a hug and a whisper.

-C.213 also explained to C.216 Hikari apologising to Hiiro. Either because Hiiro losing and/or she cant accept his feeling

-C.217 Hikari hits bullseyes in his archery session. She begin moving away from Hiiro (unwavering)

-C.222 Rejection after beach date. To quotes her "Amamiya Hikari's first crush was Tachibana Hideo without a doubt" and "I'm just making sure".
Isn't that SOLID CRYSTAL CLEAR statement?

Also "being with you cheers me up" comparing Hiiro with ocean its like saying she simply comfortable with Hiiro. Possibly brother alike.
(Notes to self: Why doesn't Hiiro mans up and bursting his feeling. Instead giving half hearted replies...)

-C.282 Hikari held Hideo hands. Thanking him for his effort comforting her and showing she choose Hideo over Hiiro

-C.285 Parting ways after 'dating'
With a kiss on the cheek...
No further explanation needed
(Not gonna lie, this scene hurts so much.... )

-C.289 Hideo ask Hikari if she loves Hiiro. And she replies with "of course" then "dummy"
This love are as friend and brother alike. Hikari never hate Hiiro no matter what.

-C.294 Hikari ask Noda to taking care Hiiro in her place

-C.300 Hideo 'let her choose' between them. Another false suggestion, if by any chance, Hikari still have feeling for Hiiro

-C.320 Hiiro want Hikari to cheers for him. Even for lips services. Its pains her to 'root' for Hideo's losing.
Hiiro said "sorry" to force her doing that.
(This also means, Hikari 'choose' Hideo over Hiiro)

-C.322 "You just don't get it. Do you?" Hiiro loves Hikari ( as friend/sister? ). Hiiro starting attempt to make Hideo awake from his jealousy.

-C.335 "Do you really love her?"
Note to us, if you really love a person. And she really love another man. Are you gonna steal her heart?
( Hiiro actually want Hideo won. So they wont breaking up )

-C.337 *Idiotic, unwavering sense of honesty* .That's what Hikari fall in love from Hideo And Hideo been blinded by jealousy.

-C.338 Hideo doubted his feeling. Both to Hiiro and Hikari. And Hiiro struck it out with last pitch
Finally Hikari said she never had the right to choose. Since she ALWAYS has Hideo in her mind.

If you notice carefully.
Signs or hints if Hikari in love with Hiiro, comes from childhood reminisce and OTHER person around her. 'Culprits' is Hideo jealousy, Haruka envy, Noda, Their parents (except Hikari mom) even Hikari uncle. Not to mentioned duo Kine and Ozanai with their own agenda.

In general, H2 manga is a story about Hiiro efforts to overcome his feeling toward Hikari and maintaining his friendship with Hideo.

As for the ending. I'm 95% sure Hiiro ended up with Haruka.
Hiiro confession at 'almost' rape session. And live a long life is key part. Hiiro just never been clear about it ( just as almost all manga do ) No question for, if Haruka loving Hiiro back right?

I've never read a manga three times in a row ( not to mention way too late too )
Don't get me wrong. I'm also rooting for Hikari x Hiiro pairing. And maybe I'm too biased defending Hikari. Since people seem to misunderstand her.
Also just to ensure myself they all still end up happy even separately ( remember, they in senior HS) Hikari goes to college, Hideo goes pro, no clue about Hiiro. and Haruka gonna stick with him.
So its bitter sweet ending afterall.

Hope that clear something up guys.
(Looking forward for anime and live ver adaption, heard it has 'alternate' and more conclusive than manga)

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10:29 pm, Apr 23 2019
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Quote from pillowmaniac
Quote from harukohaha
Hiro loves Hikari. Hiro also loves Hideo.
Hikari loves Hideo. Hideo loves Hikari.

Hikari loves Hiro as a brother.

1st and 2nd line is the truth, but the 3rd line is incorrect. Hikari does loves Hiro, and Hiro does loves Haruka.

Hikari loves Hideo the best. Hikari loves Hideo the way a woman loves a man.

No one knows this better than Hiro himself.

Even though Hikari was confused for awhile. Even when Hideo was screwing it up with his insecurities. Even when those two kept putting Hiro in a position where normal people would get jealous.

If Hiro had taken advantage of the confusion then yes he could have gotten Hikari for himself. He loves her, after all.

But Hideo and Hikari being his BFFs and Amamiya mom watching over them, and both of them trusting him so much, he lets her go. He "fixes" their relationship.

By striking Hideo out. Making Hideo and Hikari realize anew that they belong together with Hiro's blessing.

And he moves on.

I think Hiro also loves Haruka. But this can't be explored further and it can't move forward until this thing with Hikari is cleared up.

Edit: Hikari loves Hiro but she wasn't in love with him. I admit she eventually saw him as a man and was maybe starting to fall for him. If Hideo wasn't around, I'm sure they could build a beautiful loving non-platonic relationship together. Trickier to achieve if Hiro is the cause of the break up, though.

Also, honestly, she's not a good match for Hiro. She's too manipulative and dishonest with him in my personal opinion. She's a great person otherwise. Koga is a better match for Hiro.

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5:43 pm, Dec 13 2020
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Almost at the end of 2020 here, re-reading this manga after more than 10 years, trying to find entertainment in the middle of my hectic life.

First time I finished this manga when I was a teen, I was not satisfied with the ending because I pity Hiro. I understand that nice people usually not finish first, but it's not fair for Hiro that he could not be with someone that he loves. I felt that Hiro was too nice, Hideo was a goody two shoes, Hikari was a bish, Haruka was a coward alongwith some other characters that would not try to get their love. Mine.. well he was admirable in a sense lol.

Now though, after many years of relationships and broken hearta.. I felt that the ending is simply beautiful and shows the good in people. Adachi is admirable, trying to teach such a high level life lesson to teenagers (yeah this manga main target was shonens I think).

The manga not only realistically shows that life is never fair, nice people does not finish first, love hurts.. but it also shows people about being understanding and loyal while sacrificing their feelings.

Mind you, all of them made sacrifices, not because they think they can't win their love (at that point in time), but because they are being nice and mindful of others. I reflected and realized that I can't be such a mature adult like them at their age.

In my opinion, in love (and life in general) it never matters who finishes first.. pick a choice whatever it is and life with it while trying to be happy about it, and hope that you can find happiness somehow. 😛

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1:48 am, Dec 14 2020
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Since this topic has been bumped again, last month brickme made a long, thoughtful post comparing the story & ending of H2 to Touch. I think it's worth the read for anyone interested in this thread.

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11:13 am, Feb 12 2021
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Just my 2 cents, about the end, after another read (sometimes, in last 20 yrs I re-open H2, cause I love it!):

(add a "for me" before any point)
-Hiro tells Hideo that loves Hikari because it's right, BUT, at same time, want have no regrets and a clear fight with him. Like "U have clouds in your story with her by me then ask to play for her love? I give you the salty reason and I wanna see if you real love her, MY FRIEND". Mind trick, reverse psycho, but often see in sensei's works.
-Hiro told "I love you" and save Haruka (2 times, flood and rapist), constantly grow his love for her, sweep away the regrets. Finally she win. But in Japanese form, with a "maybe" (more softly then our... 😉 ) that is a solid "yes"
-He proves to the Japan that he can go pro, to Hikari and Hideo that loves both but their love is different and put a milestone on that.

Always a great read, although I will always want to know how the story of the other characters would continue....

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