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Introducing, manga upload site dedicated to readers, uploaders and groups

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6:19 pm, Jan 25 2018
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Hi guys,

I'm Cruz from mangalism, we are a scanlator group who used to work on various series. However, due to the lack of translator and proofreader, and real life troubles (of course), most of our works have been dropped or have been picked up by other groups (my bad). If you are interested in, you can see our works at:

As we all know, the shutdown of batoto was shocking news to anyone who like reading manga online. As a scanlator group, we also host our projects at batoto, so this is double the pain.

After crawling in sadness for days, I finally got through it and was ready to find another host site. However, there was a question in my mind: what if the site that I upload my works shuts down again? The biggest problems would be losing all the manga image files, and, losing the bookmark list, right?

So I was thinking about finding solutions for the problems. Fortunately, I was able to have some free time, and my group members were ready to work again. That was the time when I build this site:, a website to upload manga.

I'm not an expert, not at all, I just learn to code myself. So I can only build a side based off blogger platform. It's quite simple and full of bugs (haha). However, I was able to enhance some features that could be useful:

Firstly, no need to worry about losing manga image files again. If you ever created a blog at, you would know that we could invite people to post contents on the blog. That's what I'm gonna do. I will invite people who are willing to be uploaders to post their manga. Since people post it directly from their google accounts, these image files belong to them forever (not mine), as long as they own their google accounts. Even if I no longer run the site, uploaders and scanlator group members are still be able to post the contents, update information and such. Not to mention that blogger provide unlimited content. I will never have to pay for hosting, which is the most popular reason for many manga sites and scanlator groups to ask for donation (not like I'm blaming them, though)

Secondly, I have added an external bookmark list (from, which could store your bookmarks conveniently. Then again, if the site is down for any reason, people will still have their bookmarks stored at a safe place.

Additionally, I don't use popular manga reader like other sites. My reader is more to a slideshow widget, so all image files are preloaded simultaneously, which could greatly increase loading speed (though some features will be turn off).

Lastly, please don't get me wrong. I'm not even trying to make a batoto replacement or something. I will never be able to do what they have done for us. Just think about my site as a place where you store your favorite stuff. Never shall I ask for donation or offer bloody popup ads.

Alright, it looks like I have talked too much (lol). The last thing I wanna say is, please take your time and help me build it up. Be it uploader or group, or anything, I truly appreciate your help!

The site is up for now, like I said earlier, there's a lot of bugs, but at least you can visit and see how it works. And please don't for get to let me know what you guys think. Thanks for reading!

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6:59 pm, Jan 25 2018
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This is a pretty good idea in theory, but given that it offloads widespread hosting costs to Google, if the website gets too popular, google will eventually notice and will either change their image-sharing behavior or blacklist your website.

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7:09 pm, Jan 25 2018
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Quote from Cruz
what if the site that I upload my works shuts down again? The biggest problems would be losing all the manga image files, and, losing the bookmark list, right?

Upload your works on torrents then, this would solve the issue without any over-complication.

Post #751791 - Reply to (#751780) by HikaruYami

1:11 am, Jan 26 2018
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Thanks for your comment. I also thought about this matter when I started creating the website. Fortunately, there are some other notable blogger-based websites that have been around for years, so I think it shouldn't be a problem, as long as we keep it away from licensed stuff and adult contents. Also, since I own the domain names purchased directly from google, and I backup regularly, even if the website is blacklist or forced close, I still be able to relaunch quite fast.

Last edited by Cruz at 7:40 am, Jan 26

Post #751792 - Reply to (#751781) by installgentoo

1:12 am, Jan 26 2018
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Quote from installgentoo
Upload your works on torrents then, this would solve the issue without any over-complication.

You got the point there. However, I think people would love to store the image files (not just the link) somewhere other than upload them into unviewable, unlinkable files.

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Mythical Creature

4:06 am, Jan 26 2018
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I second the torrent comment. I love to archive manga but these days everyone just uploads them to sites and scan groups are often lost in a sea of dead blogs and social media that I can't care to navigate

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