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Omamori Himari Gets Anime Adaptation Treatment!

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12:32 pm, Apr 7 2009
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Just checked out the Anime News Network today, and I was caught off guard by this news.

This is quite good, and I'm glad to see one of my favorite manga to be on TV.

More can be found right here: imari-manga-gets-tv-anime-green-lit

See ya!
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2:05 am, Apr 8 2009
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That surprised me too, but i still can't believe they are making an anime adaptation on this series. Wouldn't a manga series need at least 50 chapters completed before it gets a green light?

Matra Milan normally works on hentai, but i wonder how they will animate Omamori Himari?

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2:08 am, Apr 8 2009
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Omamori Himari is actually a very good ecchi harem manga. I'm sure they'll make a popular anime out of it.

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I am the Devil

2:11 am, Apr 8 2009
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somehow i can see it being very watered down... although it would be cool
i love the manga ad despite my aversion to hentai, i have enjoyed all of Matra Milan's work

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6:37 pm, Jul 8 2010
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the anime was good, but it had some censorship... also i hope that they will release a second season, since its the only way to keep up the story since the manga was licensed and we can expect that english editors maybe will release from chapter 1 to 40 in like 100 years later

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