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New Poll - Drinking

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9:11 am, Feb 10 2018
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The natural follow-up to last week's poll

You can submit poll ideas here

Previous Poll Results:
Question: Have you ever tried reading manga while drinking?
No, and I am not interested in trying - votes: 1191 (20.4%)
No, I don't even drink - votes: 2714 (46.5%)
Yes, and it was an unpleasant experience - votes: 116 (2%)
No, but I would be interested in trying - votes: 595 (10.2%)
Yes, and it was an enjoyable experience - votes: 405 (6.9%)
Yes, but it made no difference - votes: 813 (13.9%)
There were 5834 total votes.
The poll ended: February 10th 2018

Probably should've done the polls the other way around. Oh well

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Is a female

9:48 am, Feb 10 2018
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I'll have the occasional drink now and then.

Gone are my days of drinking to get drunk. Now I either drink because I just fancy something with a kick or it's social drinking.
I usually casually drink Sake or Yuzu at home, and beers when I'm socialising or at the pub watching football.

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11:24 am, Feb 10 2018
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I never drink so I don't know anything about taste of alcohol mmm...
So for anyone who drink or not drink because they like it or don't like it, what's the main purpose you like/dislike it, is it the taste or what mmm...~?

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HanaKana Fanboy

11:57 am, Feb 10 2018
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I don't DRINK alcohol. Voted for "because I don't like it", but it's actually "why would I spend money on something that is expensive, has a negative impact on my health and probably tastes just as bad as or even worse than it smells while I could as well spend my money for something related to manga, games and merchandise".

I DO however consume alcohol when it's an ingredient of cakes or desserts like Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte or Tiramisu.

Post #754168 - Reply to (#754164) by Rasparr

7:59 pm, Feb 10 2018
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I have the same opinion when it comes to smoking and also kind of when it comes to alcohol. Still, alcohol isn't always that expensive (when you go to a supermarket to buy it) or if it's beer in Germany and it isn't the Oktoberfest (where 1 Liter of beer costs you 10 euros...) Even if you go to a restaurant and get a beer, it doesn't cost all that much more than another drink in the menu. Shots and cocktails in a bar... that is a waste of money. Same with cigarettes. I mean, here the cheapest ones cost you are 5 euros and they go all the way to about 10 (maybe even more, but I barely know anything about cigarettes.)

Anyways, I went for ocassionally. I rarely drink and when I do it's with other people. I used to get a beer when I ate in a restaurant, but now I barely do it. And once in a blue moon I'll drink too much with my friends and get drunk. In my senior year of high school I did drink a fair bit though. There were many parties and all of them have a lot of alcohol.

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8:33 pm, Feb 10 2018
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I don't like it. I used to drink just to go along with the flow, I didn't want to be the only one at the party not drinking. But I never enjoyed it. I just went from not feeling anything to being dizzy and throwing up all the time. There was never a fun feeling to it, so I stopped. Besides, it's expensive and tastes gross.

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Seinen is RIGHT

8:37 pm, Feb 10 2018
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I'll drink occasionally but rarely. Just when it´s presented i guess and only the strong stuff then.

I also read EU/US comics and am a librarian.
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Post #754180 - Reply to (#754163) by VawX
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10:50 pm, Feb 10 2018
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I like certain kinds of alcohol because of their taste. E.g., I like light beer (hate beer with high % of alcohol), like moderately sweet wines (OK with sweet ones, not fond of dry).
I'm OK with high % of alcohol as long as the drink doesn't taste of ethanol itself.

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11:41 pm, Feb 10 2018
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I drink occasionally when I hang out with friends, but it's just a beer with a pizza, and I've always avoided getting drunk. Well, lately not even a beer, since I found out it makes my stomach struggle a bit. It's a shame because beer has a very good taste. I'll drink the occasional glass of wine, but I'm not a fan of it. Oh, and champagne when there's something to celebrate. Have tried whisky, but I dislike strongly alcoholic stuff, and it doesn't do anything for me since I don't want to get drunk.

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6:08 am, Feb 11 2018
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I drink occasionally. Only with friends mostly and Vodka is the norm for me, where my friends are mostly rum or whiskey people.
Well it's turning into 'No, because I don't like it', with the passage of time. 'Will' was thrown into options unnecessarily btw.

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8:15 am, Feb 11 2018
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I actually didn't drink that much... today. dead

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1:00 pm, Feb 11 2018
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Nope! Unsure if I would choose "because I don't like it" or "because of health reasons". I get nauseous as soon as I swallow even a mouthful of any kind of alcohol. Hence, I don't like the taste (or smell) of it. dead

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5:49 pm, Feb 11 2018
Posts: 450

Ah, that feeling of blissful contentment that comes from waking up just whenever on a lazy Saturday and having your morning coffee with a shot of Kahlúa and Baileys Irish Cream while watching cartoons and firing up bong hit after bong, knowing you're an alcoholic and to stay the hell away from any/every kind of booze counts as "no, because of health reasons", right? laugh

Post #754203 - Reply to (#754163) by VawX
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1:29 am, Feb 12 2018
Posts: 313

I really hate the taste of alcohol, and I can definitely taste it in anything. my friends and family have made me try lots of things and I can taste it. I can even taste the alcohol in certain cakes like tiramisu and rum cake. It's just not my thing at all.

I might have been traumatized as a child when I asked my uncle for a cup of soda and he gave me a cup of beer instead. I threw up LOL

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4:24 pm, Feb 12 2018
Posts: 337

The alternatives were kinda shit. "No, because I don't like it" sounds like you just don't like the taste ...and "No, because of health reasons", sounds like you have a specific condition, that is the reason.
What if you simply don't fancy the idea, of voluntarily poisoning yourself, impairing your judgement, motor skills and memory, and making sure you do stuff, that you'll (possibly very deeply) regret?
(I went with health reasons)

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