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romance/lost memory manga

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2:28 am, Feb 22 2018
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hi guys!

I read this manga like a year ago and I felt like reading it again but I can't remember the name, so please help.

This girl works at a company, I believe she just got dumped?? Anyways, I don't think she was that popular with boys. So one day when reaching for something in her wardrobe?? she fell from the chair and when she regained her memories she has a new life. She's a lot prettier, more fashionable and she's dating her enemy which is a guy. She didn't know what had happened.

That's all I remember...

Thanks for the help smile

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4:59 am, Feb 22 2018
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Love Rerun

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1:37 pm, Feb 22 2018
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Thanks so much! It's the right one smile

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