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help! BL webtoon?

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1:40 pm, Feb 22 2018
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hi guys!

I'm looking for this yaoi or shounen webtoon I believe?

It's about 2 university boys, one silver hair guy - cold in a way, top of his class and the other is black/brown - complete opposite? Anyways... they always meet each other at night in their dreams, but it was actually because of the magic stone. The 2 guys have met each other before when they were young. The brown hair guy wanted to be a manga artist and the silver hair guy rooted for him.

Thanks everyone for trying to help me find it


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2:12 pm, Feb 22 2018
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I don't even read BL but I went to lezhin BL and the first thing i saw is A Guy Like You,
which sounds a lot like what you're looking for laugh

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