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Has there been an ending that managed to ruin your day

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2:43 am, Feb 23 2018
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I've been thinking and I'm curious to know,
Has there ever been an ending, be it a manga, novel, game, movie or tv show that has left a bad taste in your mouth or just plain heartbroken?

For me the last episode of season 5 of Dexter left me "heartbroken" .I was unable to rewatch it in a while.
Then the ending of Bleach still bothers me, and it's not because of why I think most people hated it. I remember that I closed the web browser before I even got to the last page and I's hard to describe. It kinda ruined my day to be honest. The only thing that salvaged the day and made me forget my uncomfortable-ness was that on the day the last chapter of a Bleach came out I just so happened to be going to the Guns'n'Roses concert. But I hated a certain aspect of that ending that even though I really want to read the novel where
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Rukia and Renji get married
I refuse because I don't want to read about other characters.

Anyway, what has been your experience with bad/ sad endings?

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6:55 pm, Mar 29 2018
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Vision of Escaflowne had a pretty depressing ending, at least for high school me smile For books, His Dark Materials was rough. I read it once and couldn't read it again.

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7:33 pm, Mar 29 2018
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Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver - "To be Continued"... and since I bought the game on release... mad

Ever since then I've had trouble finishing the story in games I really enjoy. (Fallout series, Elder Scrolls series, Far Cry series and so on). Still, I have finished most of them. Not Fallout 4 or Far Cry 5 (duh) yet though.

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3:12 pm, Apr 12 2020
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Ansatsu Kyoushitsu Anime's ending had ruined my day.

1st: Death Note
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Seinen is RIGHT

4:46 am, Apr 13 2020
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I can´t say that I liked how the Metal Gear canon ended up collapsing beyond repair. MGS V GZ/TPP is infuriating to the bone, the nonsense in Piece Walker isn´t much better but most of the gameplay at least works. TPP plays so well when it wants too. Truly a shame. Even Raiden´s canon was left unfinished after the multiple cliffhangers in Revengeance. Well done Konami. Rest in Pachinko.

But it's like with GoT in the end. The rot was visibly from a mile away.
Well, less so than with GoT. S5 was when my brain checked out there so I could just laugh at the burning train wreck that was S7 and 8. Seeing the blowback there was pretty vindicating so shitty ending can be their own reward.

I wonder how many people notice that Bleach was never actually good after heaving to read years of utter nonsense and how it will be reevaluated when the new anime hits that only has trash to work with. Not all bad endings are bad endings.

The many canceled Soul Reaver games: -kains-mama-robotnik-research-thread.594576/

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4:29 am, Sep 22 2020
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The ML and FL finally fall in love with each other, BUT
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the ML gets killed in the ending at their wedding.


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El Psy Kongroo.

5:34 am, Sep 25 2020
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The entire latter half of Usagi Drop. It was an amazing story ruined by grooming.

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7:27 am, Sep 25 2020
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Yeah man Usagi Drop kinda took a weird turn.

I've been into Wuxia, Xanxia novels for some time and the best ones always have a lazy written ending. Its satisfying from a plot perspective but they just seems abrupt. Eg: Desolate Era, Martial World, The Greatest Ruler

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Dark Knight

10:50 pm, Sep 30 2020
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Mai Hime's final episode.

Excellent build-up for every single episode and the penultimate episode left you on a hell of a cliff hanger until... the finale. The finale that undid all the work from the previous buildup to amount to literally nothing.

I was furious.


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