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[Hiring] Paid Positions for Official Manhua Translations -- Tencent Webcomics

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9:03 pm, Feb 27 2018
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Updated 12/28/18

Bayi Manhua is working with Tencent Manhua (Website: and Qidian International to bring dozens of popular Chinese webcomics to English-speaking audiences -- and we need your help!

We are currently looking for:
- Chinese-to-English translators
- English editors, ideally with some basic Chinese knowledge

Note: if you would like to work as a group, that can be arranged as well.

Typical workload is around 3-5 chapters a week, per title claimed.

Important: These are paid positions for official localization work, and will require you to provide basic proof of identity (i.e. valid government issued ID; exceptions can be made).

If you are interested, please message me on Discord (@Congress#6785, you may need to add me as a friend first) or email us at

EDIT (12/28/2018): Apologies to anyone who PM'd me regarding the earlier version of this post and did not receive a response (you weren't rejected -- I was just really overloaded at the time haha). If you are still interested, please contact me again using the channels listed above. Thank you!!

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9:20 am, Mar 9 2018
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I pm-ed you smile

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12:07 pm, Mar 9 2018
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I pmed you but if it you don't receive it you can just mail me at (this is the different email from what I mail you cause it's the group email)

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9:04 pm, Mar 9 2018
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PM sent

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4:14 pm, Mar 11 2018
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sent a pm.

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12:16 pm, Mar 13 2018
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Pmed you! But you can also email me at!

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12:31 pm, Mar 13 2018
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I've PM-ed you!

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2:35 am, Mar 15 2018
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I have PMed you. But didn't receive a reply yet. you can mail me at

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3:55 am, Mar 15 2018
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I sent you a PM! ^_^

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6:04 pm, May 30 2018
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not sure if this thread is still alive or not but ehh i sent you a pm!

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2:24 pm, Jul 18 2018
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9:26 pm, Sep 2 2018
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2:04 pm, Sep 7 2018
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3:56 am, Dec 29 2018
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10:53 am, Jan 25 2019
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I sent you a DM on discord.

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