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Manga/Anime like Black Clover

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5:13 pm, Mar 26 2018
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Recently I've been trying to find series like Black Clover, not in the sense of the standard shounen like Naruto or Bleach, but a series that deals with fantasy elements, like Lord of the Rings or Legend of Zelda. I already know about Fairy Tail (but that series is bad, so I don't want to read it at this point in time) and Made in Abyss (which is good), but something that explains the world while having this sense of a great adventure.

It can be anime or manga, but I would rather focus on the elements of the world itself and not have it be focused on romance or anything like that. And I am reading Hunter x Hunter too, even if it's not something that I am completely looking for. And I do know about Magi too.

Thank you in advance biggrin biggrin

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