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New Poll - Median Ratings

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6:04 am, Apr 8 2018
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Really people, choosing 10...?

"I'll shut your mouth~~~~~ with mine~~~"

Post #757909 - Reply to (#757886) by residentgrigo

4:08 pm, Apr 8 2018
Posts: 19

It can vary by school district, but an F is usually 0-59%. Many school districts fail for a D as well, so there it's 0-69%.

Post #757914 - Reply to (#757901) by FormX

7:44 pm, Apr 8 2018
Posts: 68

Maybe they rate it from 1 being the very best and 10 being the worst thing ever. Most likely trolls though.


3:24 am, Apr 9 2018
Posts: 79

I think 6/10 for me is 'readable' where you wouldn't get so bored that you'd quit in the middle of a chapter for anything at all
probably 7/10 if it was well done but just didn't do it for me; this phenomena is a natural consequence of consuming those hundred?thousand?? series that shaped my perception of greatness


6:39 am, Apr 9 2018
Posts: 53

It would have been nice to have an option not to rate it/drop it. I usually don't bother rating something that I find mediocre. But otherwise, 5/10 would be my choice.

Post #757924 - Reply to (#757900) by KaoriNite

6:41 am, Apr 9 2018
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You still rate more leniently than I do haha. I'd give a mediocre manga a 5/10. But yea, I've found as I've consumed more and more manga, my standards have definitely gotten higher as well. That's natural.

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9:03 am, Apr 9 2018
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Not that I really rate stuff, but my starting point would be 5, if I like it it would rise, if I don't like it it would drop.

Post #757948

11:26 am, Apr 9 2018
Posts: 144

The question is - if i feel neutral about a series, why would I keep reading it?
If I read something, I'm automatically not neutral about it.


3:29 pm, Apr 9 2018
Posts: 290

The thing about this poll is, the true middle of a rating system that goes from 1 to 10 (rather than 0 to 10) is 5.5. People think of 5 as the median, but that's actually in the lower half if 0 isn't a valid response.

So I tend to "round up" and rate it 6--but I would go with 5 if our rating system on mangaupdates allowed 0 as a valid score.


8:09 pm, Apr 10 2018
Posts: 23

7 means I think that it's just OK. Below that means I don't like it, with a 5 or lower meaning I probably dropped the series entirely.

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