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Manga that has theme of "revenge of the dead"

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7:15 pm, Jun 11 2018
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Hello, I'm currently looking for mangas that has the theme "revenge of the dead", which means the MC is either dead and then reicarnated in another body, or return to the moment he/she is still alive and took revenge on the people that has wronged him/her. Or MC could remain dead and execute his vengence in the form of a ghost or something.

If you know any manga that fit the conditions, pls recommend it to me. Thank you very much.

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10:26 pm, Jun 13 2018
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Nidome no Yuusha and maybe Dungeon Seeker

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11:57 am, Jun 14 2018
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Thank you. I checked them out. Isekai is not my type of story but Dungeon Seeker is really cool.
I can't say anything about Nidome no Yuusha though because too few chapters is out.

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