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forgeten novels

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1:06 am, Sep 14 2018
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edit: i found out what the titles were, could a mod please lock this thread

]with all of these, I was at most 100-200 chapters in and that they are all cultivation novels, all of them have romance involved, they were all "straight" novels so they didn't have things like yaoi, yuri, shounen/shoujo ai or gender-bender (also sorry if the descriptions are a bit vague)

edit: could be possible for some to be from the same novels, just my memory of them is too fragmented

]1) all I really remember is a guy went into a cave in our world and found a purple crystal, he was then transmigrated into the body of a sickly boy in a cultivation world with the purple crystal in is heart Confirmed as True Martial World

2) all I really remember of this 1 is a guy in his sect is in the lowest section of the sect area's and that he was greedy as hell (stole all the tiles of other sect members houses) IIRC it's more comedy focused than anything confirmed as The Strongest System

3) all I remember of this 1 is that the mc got a snowglobe thing that when used turned into a giant herb garden, I remember he used the snowglobes defence system to kill other cultivators who tried to kill him confirmed as Zhanxian (Immortal Executioner)

4) all I remember is that the mc was more of a Dan maker and after discovering a hidden power spot or something he managed to get permission to have the land, IIRC his teacher (female) is in love with him as well as the number 1 prodigy(also female) of the sect also I believe his teacher made him a sword that was made from rare and expensive materials confirmed as Zhanxian (Immortal Executioner)

5)(last one) this 1 I remember that the mc joined a sect (i believe it was a sword sect) and became the disciple of the Dan master, after a while in the sect something happens and the leaders of all the sects for the continent hold a meeting on some sacred mountain, forcing the mc to flee from the sect or something, also I believe he had a magic tool thing that let him teleport to far locations and he used that to go to a beach with his love interest edit: I believe that mc met a spirit or something inside that sacred mountain when he was escaping confirmed as World Defying Dan God

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