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Name of a manga I read a decade ago (willing to pay!!)

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3:40 am, Sep 19 2018
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Hey guys, I've been wracking my brains for several years trying to find this manga that I read around 2009 or 2010 or so. I never finished it and I have memories of some vague details which surprised me. I'll try and describe the manga here.

I'm willing to pay $25 in Bitcoin or Ethereum to the first person who can successfully name the manga here. Mind you, I've already spent hours upon hours in the advanced manga search on the website to try and find it, and had no luck at all. Anyway, here's a description:

1. Manga probably began in the mid 2000s or earlier

2. The manga had both a male and a female lead. They don't fall in love with each other or begin a relationship easily (even after many volumes?)

3. Setting is a high school I believe.

4. Here's the interesting part that shocked me in the story: Late in the series, we find out that either the heroine or hero's mother is a shinto goddess. We also find out that the goddess wasn't allowed to venture into the human world and marry humans, but she falls in love with one and begins a relationship with him in like a cabin in a forest or something. However, the man she falls in love with is kidnapped or killed by a jealous brother or best friend, who then rapes the goddess and she bears his child (the child is either the heroine or the hero)

5. After this happens, we later find out that the actual man she fell in love with is alive but locked up in a prison.

This is all I can remember... If these descriptions ring a bell to anyone.. PLEASE help me out and tell me the name of the series. PLEASE!

I've also posted this thread on reddit: sh=bc01a165

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6:19 am, Sep 19 2018
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Wow the story seems interesting would like to know what it's name

AND I don't think anyone who would know is gonna keep hush about it because they want you to pay
everyone here is so cooperative

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11:01 am, Sep 19 2018
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That sounds awfully familiar to...


I tell you this because the plot points that you're mentioning are in every cheap shonen/shojo Kami plot (it is like looking at a mexican soap opera: you know, the girl that is poor and meet a hot guy that's rich but the family is against a relationship so the hot women try to meddle the relationship"?

But if you feel brave enough, here's wikipedia in japanese :works on shinto goddesses and gods in manga and anime, happy hunting ? %E3%82%92%E9%A1%8C%E6%9D%90%E3%81%A8%E3%81%97%E3%81%9F%E4 %BD%9C%E5%93%81

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11:04 am, Jan 4 2019
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Happened upon this thread and thought I’d update that OP found the series on Reddit: it’s Faeries' Landing.

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