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Venom (Tom Hardy)

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7:35 am, Oct 27 2018
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Tom hardy did an amazing job in Venom. Have you watched the movie what are your thoughts on the movie.

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11:07 am, Apr 10 2020
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I've watched at cinema, He played well but, If we look to the overall of the movie, it was full of filthy jokes also it's plot have written badly.

1st: Death Note
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12:03 pm, Apr 10 2020
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Shitty movie. An actor can salvage a disastrous endeavour.

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11:43 pm, Jan 20 2021
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I went to watch it in the cinema when it first came out. I found it was ok and could see myself watching the sequel.

Someone asked me if it was as good as The Avengers movies and I had to tell them if they started to watch it with those expectations they would be disappointed. Just different moods over all.

Tom Hardy is a great actor!

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