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You're Welcome Scans is Recruiting!

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8:47 am, Nov 6 2018
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Like the topic says, You're Welcome Scans is Recruiting!

We are now recruiting for Typesetters, Redrawers, Cleaners, and Raw Providers.

Projects Interested in Doing. (Over half of them are translated, we just need editors!!)

- Mahou Shoujo Pretty Bell (I would need a very dedicated JP/KR translator, & typesetters. 26 volumes, ongoing)
- Kakuriyo Monogatari (7 volumes/ JP translator, & a cleaner)
- Seigi Keikan Monju (12 volumes/ typesetters, & Quality checker)
- Cybersix (12 volumes/ need typesetters)
- Sentou Hakai Gakuen Dangerous (8 volumes/ Quality checker, redrawers, typesetters)
- Mako-san to Hachisuka-kun. (5 volumes/ typesetters)

Contact me here in MH @ shades7000
Discord: OR directly in Discord @shades7000#2701

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5:04 am, Nov 18 2018
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Update! We need a typesetter and a quality checker for the following:

Dragon Ball SD (5 volumes, Ongoing)

We still need positions filled for the previous manga as well! ?

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2:45 am, Dec 2 2018
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Annnnnnnd bump!

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3:43 am, Dec 26 2018
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8:46 pm, Jan 16 2019
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New update, we found a redrawer for Sentou Hakai Gakuen Dangerous!
Hopefully, that manga's progress goes a little faster!

Still need more help with any of the other manga posted here though!

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11:37 pm, Mar 24 2019
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Ok, that redeawer for Sentou Hakai Gakuen Dangerous hasn't shown up for a while so we can definitely use some help with redraws again! Also, an extra editor for either Mako or Monju would be great! I've fallen more behind on those series than I would like.

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12:00 am, Apr 9 2019
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Update! Cybersix has a typesetter now! 🙂
Still recruiting for anything else above!

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