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Plant based powers

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Forever Young

6:11 pm, Dec 3 2018
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Hello guys..

I'm currently interested in reading mangas with MC who has the power to manipulate plant/nature/flower/etc the like...

I want the MC to have that specific powers/abilities... And not some side character only...

Any genre is fine with me

Thanks in advance!!!!

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8:37 pm, Dec 3 2018
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Ueki no Housoku The MC has the power to transform trash into trees.
Midori no Ou/ Verdant Lord The MC is fused with a weird plant organism.
Hope it helps, they're pretty good..

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11:57 am, Dec 4 2018
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Silver Diamond has an MC makes plants that can do lots of things grow quickly.

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Lone Wanderer

1:14 pm, Dec 4 2018
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Seconding Ueki no Housoku and Silver Diamond.

Yasei no Bara
Hana Samurai no Sahara
Komorebi no Moto de...

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