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8:32 pm, Dec 5 2018
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I remember some parts- when the girl and boy were kids, I think the girl always teased him, then one day he had to leave so she said I won’t miss you, but he (not really meaning it that way) said he will miss her, that’s how she realizes her feelings for him. After some years they go to the same school, he is extremely popular and handsome( I think at one point he wondered if he wasn’t good looking, because of the girl?). She herself was beautiful (she had really long hair) but quite a quirky character, I think a bit tsundere as well, and wanted to make him like her, but still called him ugly or stupid,something like that..... then there is her rival( a black haired guy) at one point the guy she likes kisses the other guy out of anger, because he thinks she doesn’t like him or just uses him( so he takes revenge) , then the girl meets some guy similar to herself (also with long hair, I remember he wore a hat) so the other guy finally gets jealous....and so on... that’s all I remember.... hope someone can help me 🙂

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9:28 pm, Jul 29 2020
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"at one point the guy she likes kisses the other guy out of anger" so there's bl subtext 😕?

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