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Noblesse has concluded

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Noblesse Forever!

5:21 pm, Dec 11 2018
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If you are interested to know the finale: pter-543-detailed-synopsis.html

The ending is very bad and illogical to say the least. Such a rushed and bull#hit ending.

Crombell being lame was still fine compared to the shit author pulled in last chapter by killing Raskreia, Rai, Muzaka and two clan leaders from two nuclear missiles.

Don't make sense when you consider they survived Maduke, Lagus, Titan and Blood Stones. Then there was assault satellite.

Nothing could justify this 'f#ck you' by authors to readers.

Bleach's ending feel like a masterpiece now that I think about it.

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5:53 am, Jan 4 2019
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I did read the finale, it was weak, but to be honest I did not think Noblesse was a good story to begin with, so the finale is a reflection to the rest of the whole series. Even the author knows he had a weak ending as it is written after the last chapter.

Noblesse was repetitive, some originals characters in the shadows of un-originality, but mainly recycled ideas, speeches from the villains were getting boring pretty soon in the story, always the same. I think it is logical that Ray was to die in the end, don't care about the nuclear missiles tough, it felt weird and un-asked for.

I get that it was the first story of the author, it should have been shorter, that's where many are wrong, you can't expect to get better at writing by sticking to your first work.

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