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New Poll - K-pop

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4:11 am, Dec 23 2018
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I want to. It's on my list of things to try to get into, along with comics and wrestling. There's just too much Deep Lore with that stuff, and that makes it hard to just jump into

Post #766106 - Reply to (#766104) by Ceiye
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6:39 am, Dec 23 2018
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The general advise I've been given about everything you've just listed (Even K-pop) is don't bother with anything released in the past 20-30 years.

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Post #766109 - Reply to (#766101) by alexdhamp
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7:59 am, Dec 23 2018
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Quote from alexdhamp
Did you try the group that two of the girls in K/DA are from? G-idle or whatever their name is?

And yes...K-pop fans can be quite...intense. >.<

I did! A lot of people in the youtube comments were recommending groups/songs too but none of them made much of an impression on me.

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4:43 pm, Dec 23 2018
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I miss the 'occasionally' option in the poll.

Like there are some songs I like and they do end up on my playlist but to be honest... I'd have to go double check what the group names are.

I get that the K-Pop-Industry sells more than just music but I couldn't care less about the names of the group members, their birthdays or what they like to eat and so on. I mean with western music too ... the only case where I know the name of the lead singer of band is because they had a solo career too.

In general that's all pointless information to me and half the poll options kinda imply that one is into that sort of useless knowledge.


2:28 am, Dec 24 2018
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I wish there were an option for "I have listened extensively to exactly one k-pop song" 😛

I put "used to listen, but not anymore" because it's been at least a year since I last looped Gangnam Style for 10 hours.

Quote from Raven
Psy's Gangnum Style which pretty much everyone and their mom loved to hate or hated to love.

I just unironically loved to love that song. But I'm a very weird person. I don't even actively listen to my favorite anime songs. The last thing I looped for 10 hours was sped-up Dogsong from Undertale. So that's about the level Gangnam Style is on, I guess? 😛

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6:14 pm, Dec 24 2018
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I have zero interest in k-pop. I did watch the Gangnam Style video though.

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7:05 pm, Dec 24 2018
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Between Never and Tried it, it's not really a tried it but a have listen a few songs. But are there some bands than are a bit more alternative than the classic boy band to give it an honest try? Something more cool than the classics romance at different steps songs.

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8:10 pm, Dec 24 2018
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I was first exposed to K-Pop in 2009, with the big Sorry Sorry craze back then, so it's the over 5 years option for me. I'm mostly into the second generation K-Pop idols, with Super Junior as my ultimate stan, and I also listened to SNSD, IU, TVXQ, SHINee, 2PM and the like.

Haven't been following the new idols as much though, mostly because they're just so young (and I like my guys a little older haha). I do really like some of the newer artists like MAMAMOO and Akdong Musician though.

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9:27 pm, Dec 24 2018
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Over 10 years! Been to so many concerts in the past, I can't count. Unfortunately, my last concert was in 2011. It was JYJ <3 Dream come true for me! I'd say I'm moderately up-to-date on some of the newer groups at the moment though!

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12:31 am, Dec 27 2018
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I listen at times, though not a used fan, I do like it.
Been listening to it for a few years.

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2:14 am, Dec 27 2018
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same, just replace Western with Spanish Rock for me.

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7:18 am, Dec 28 2018
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I've heard a few songs, and I think they're catchy. Can't say I have any K-pop on my phone, so I can't say it's my favorite 'genre', but I don't hate it.

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7:37 pm, Apr 6 2019
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I sometimes listen to kpop,but I don't really care about any of the groups.Also,I'm not fond of stan culture.

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