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help i am looking for yaoi manga about...

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11:12 pm, Jan 9 2019
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the uke trying out for a dance troupe or crew. he is a good dancer, but he has to work for it. the seme is a good dancer but it is very easy for him. all he has to do is watch and he will be able to dance without practice. when they try out the seme gets the part easily and the uke i think barely makes it. it was out in the last 3 years. what is this manga... i need help!!!

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it's a boy

5:55 am, Jan 10 2019
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Moved to Yaoi/Yuri.

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8:04 pm, Jan 10 2019
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thanks! sorry i posted it in the wrong spot!!!

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Lone Wanderer

6:14 am, Jan 13 2019
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Odoru Ecstasy, perhaps?

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4:03 pm, Jan 16 2019
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yay you found it!!!!!!!! thank you sooo much!!!!! 😲 😃 😃 😃 😃 😃 😃 😃 😃

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