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BL with twin

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9:00 pm, Jan 13 2019
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i'm looking for a manga i've read years ago.. i don't remember the title or mangaka who wrote it so maybe you can help me

i'ts a BL manga (short story or dôjinshi) about a high school student who wants to come close to another boy of his school. this boy had a twin brother who was in love with him but due to this unrequited love he slept around and after beeing found out by his brother commited suicide. the brother who lived on has a hard time because of that and can't forgive himself, so he thinks of also committing suicide.

it's a psychological bl manga so there're quite a few of them.. does anyone know it?

thanks a lot 🙂

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it's a boy

10:06 pm, Jan 13 2019
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Sora o Daite Oyasumi?

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8:33 am, Jan 14 2019
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yes that's it!! Thank you so much!

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