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Is there an official japanese translation of the novel?

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8:10 am, May 17 2009
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well, exactly like the topic says, I was wondering if there's a japanese translation of this series. I might not be able to read chinese, but I can read japanese and I'd love to buy the series if such a translation did exist. biggrin

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6:30 pm, May 17 2009
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ooooh.that would be really nice *o*. an english one wouldnt hurt either.
-as of if such a thing exists:sorry,i dont really know.theres probably one translated by a fan floating out there somewhere.[in the internet of course]

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6:44 pm, May 17 2009
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I know theres a fan translated version of the novel in english. Google it or smthing if your interested. Dont think theres a official translation plan as of yet, but there might be chinese=>Japanese.

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10:07 am, May 18 2009
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I know about the english translation from prince revolution, I'm reading that one now....I just think it would be cool to have it in printed form in a language I can read.

I'm also the type to buy the things I like to support the writer/mangaka.

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10:58 pm, Apr 4 2011
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There's no Japanese translation, official nor fanmade. The Japanese 1/2 Prince fanbase is practically nonexistent, as far as I know. =/

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7:17 am, Jan 20 2013
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Just to let some ppl know, this is not by Japanese work. This is in Chinese (Taiwanese or Mandarin). The chance of this manhua getting license is less than 1% since I have yet to see Chinese manga get translated that targets towards the anime fan, meaning Viz, Dark Horse, Del Rey, Yen, etc won't be licensing it. Of course I know some other English companies already license some Chinese works, but not really well known, especially for me.

Anyway, let's keep our fingers cross for some Japanese fan to translate them to Japanese and perhaps expand the fanbase.

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