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African Manga Readers......are there a lot of them?

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9:25 am, Feb 12 2019
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I was wondering how many members here in MU live in Africa. I personally come from Ethiopia (its a country in east Africa if you have never heard of it). Here I came across only 2 manga readers in my whole life!!! Its kinda sad that i don't have anyone to talk to about manga here๐Ÿ˜ข ...So this got me thinking is it really that uncommon to read manga here in Africa?

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6:21 pm, Feb 12 2019
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In my country there are alot of manga readers ..i am Egyptian. ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜

Post #767306 - Reply to (#767300) by Wefa

8:52 pm, Feb 12 2019
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But surely there are plenty of people in Ethiopia who are familiar with Naruto/DBZ/Bleach etc. at least in anime form. Is there much of a comic reading culture over there in general? Superman/Batman etc.

I'd say that South Africa probably has lots of manga readers.

Edit: And apparently there's a manga cafรฉ in Algiers: anga-is-becoming-increasingly-popular-across-africa

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9:17 am, Feb 13 2019
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What about in Kenya? IIRC there's a very large English-language speaking population there. Lots of French speakers in Africa, too.

I wonder how much cultural influence, if any, the North Koreans who have built monumental statues in Africa have had on the local population, especially in man*a.

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10:14 am, Feb 13 2019
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yes there are anime watchers here and their number has been increasing. i personally pushed friends to watch anime and they quite like it but none of them agreed to reading manga... there is not much of comic reading culture be it western comics or others.

Post #767830 - Reply to (#767300) by Wefa
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11:35 pm, Feb 28 2019
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I live in a small country called Rwanda and here as well, manga readers are very rare.
Sometimes when I feel the need to talk about a specific manga to other people, I try to talk more about the story than the medium. For example, last year, I remember having an interesting conversation about the volleyball in Harigane Service and Haikyu!! with a volleyball player I know who doesn't know a thing about manga.

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