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New Poll - Children

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Post #767430 - Reply to (#767429) by Lorska
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11:43 pm, Feb 18 2019
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Quote from Lorska
In other words, it's not sad that some people don't want any kids. Its sad that we live in a world/society that facilitates having no kids to be more desirable than having them.

Not sure if you're aware, but that's how the destabilization process for any nation begins.

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8:54 am, Feb 19 2019
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solo adoption might be appealing, even when it takes 5-10 years
for those concerned about the daunting challenges of co-parenting
the traditional route requires that you 'play nice' with another person until your kids reach adulthood which can be easier said than done

there's really quite a few options available:
you can pursue a relationship with someone who already has kids. how's that for speeding things up!
you can be an active godparent to a siblings children
you can foster parent
you can take a leadership role with children where you perform parent-like activities eg. a coach, educator or peer mentor

you can always add a partner after you have your family if you finally find the right one

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1:58 pm, Feb 19 2019
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This is a tricky question for me. On one hand, my genes are absolute trash. I'll probably be dead in about ten years or so, maybe less. I know for a fact that having children would be a mistake, and I can barely take care of myself as is. Thus I have decided to never have any children. But since the question is about what I'd like, my answer is about 3 or 4.

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6:10 am, Feb 20 2019
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Is it wrong to be like President Miyuki Shirogane and pick 9? :3

Realisticly, I'd pick 3 or 4, but there's something adventurous about having a family with a wife (waifu?) and 9 kids.

*Answers this poll so soon after Singles Awareness Day 😢*

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