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Puni Translations is recruiting all positions!

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7:48 pm, Feb 16 2019
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Hi there!

Currently in Puni Translations, there's only myself and two others; so we're really shorthanded when it comes to, well, almost everything. We currently want to recruit staff to work on these titles:
- We are cats (
- High School Boys are hungry again today (
and future projects - we're picking up an isekai manga soon.

We're looking for members for these positions:
- Translators (Japanese, Chinese, Korean <-> English)
- Cleaners (Also together with the position of redrawers)
- Typesetters
- Proofreaders
- Quality Checkers

No experience is needed to apply, but cleaners and typesetters should have photoshop installed. Translators need to speak a decent amount of English, it's fine if you're not fully fluent (that's what the proofreaders are there for).

If you're willing to help us out, please send an email to:
Or you could join our discord server at:

Thank you, and we hope to hear from you soon!

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3:32 am, Mar 14 2019
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We currently have taken in more projects and are still looking for people for all positions!
Here is our Mangadex:

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4:24 am, Mar 14 2019
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I love your projects so hope you get more staff soon! ^_^ (sadly no knowledge in any part of scanlations though can be a proofreader of English if needed)

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