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9:17 pm, Feb 19 2019
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Hello, Sapphic Scanlations is recruiting all positions except raw provider! Please ping terajumbodia#5369 on discord if you are interested or just reply here. It doesn't matter how much experience you have but please at least know something about what you're applying for uwu.

Literally nothing yet

Translator (Chinese --> English)
Cleaner/Redrawer (Photoshop preferred)
Typesetter (Photoshop preferred)
Proofreader/Quality Checker (Literally just be good at the english language)

Our discord code is : gvwU8sX
Thank you!

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7:44 am, Feb 20 2019
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I'm interested in helping out as cleaner and proofreader. (I can also translate English-Spanish if that's every something you're interested in)

I sent you a friend request on discord bc I couldn't find your server.

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8:09 pm, Mar 8 2019
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10:25 am, Mar 12 2019
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Quote from terajumbodia

Just letting you know, your put an incorrect invite code. You missed up the "x"

Owner of BAP Scans
Moderator + Editor + Proofreader of Misty Rain Scans
... and many more.
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4:08 am, Mar 15 2019
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Interested in Chinese -> English translation. Fluent and native in both.
Thank you

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1:43 am, Apr 18 2019
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thanks uwu

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1:38 am, Apr 21 2019
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Hi there,

I have a of free time, and I want to help someone scanlating long term; short term is fine too of course.

The ones I've worked on have been yaoi- I can do J/E translating fairly well although you guys don't need that, but I am good at redrawing/ cleaning/ dusting/ typesetting/QC. I can un-censor somewhat, and I'm getting there to completely remove lightsabers 🙂

Hope I can help!


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