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Mobile website - Responsive Design

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Post #768080 - Reply to (#768061) by Transdude1996
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12:26 am, Mar 12 2019
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The plan is to include this option. Unfortunately I am a one person team (and this site generates no income), so real life obligations take priority. Unfortunately the last few weeks have been a bit hectic. I ask for your patience.

Post #768087 - Reply to (#768077) by bhui
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5:50 am, Mar 12 2019
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Quote from bhui

Yeah, he already contacted us 🙂

A just ruler amongst tyrants

10:55 am, Mar 12 2019
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For anyone that wants a smaller font size and padding, I cobbled together a small userscript that implements it:

It reduces the font size to 12 and sets the padding to what I think it was before. Install with Tampermonkey or something similar.

Post #768109
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12:21 pm, Mar 13 2019
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Yay! Thanks for whitelisting roboragi guys

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Post #768111
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1:25 pm, Mar 13 2019
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Not sure if it was mentioned already; in author pages, I remember that series titles had alternating colors.

In adding an author birth date, the month, date, and year each has their own row instead of being adjacent to each other.

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9:55 pm, Mar 23 2019
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Just want to say a huge “Congrats!!” with the new layout! For a site that’s stayed the same for like god knows how long obviously people will protest, people get habits and react when they have to be changed. Keep up the good work!!

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