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Mobile website - Responsive Design

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Post #767656 - Reply to (#767653) by Manick
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5:34 am, Feb 24 2019
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Quote from Manick
Wow, amazing how many things I broke by updating the design...

You also broke reading list JS functions that update stuff, like "add rating" or "increment volume/chapter": the ID attribute used in DOM selectors no longer exists. You should cover code with tests before major refactoring or at least do internal manual quality assurance by not developers before release.

Post #767658 - Reply to (#767653) by Manick
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5:56 am, Feb 24 2019
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Quote from Manick
Wow, amazing how many things I broke by updating the design...


Don't worry about it, the price of progress, eh? Ah well, I'll live......I do like the dark background though, but if it's a problem don't worry about it 🙂

Post #767661 - Reply to (#767577) by Manick

8:13 am, Feb 24 2019
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This could probably easily solved via a setting in "Local Storage".

If no setting is present: Use the default.
Otherwise adjust .style.fontSize of the html-Element and the body-Element with JavaScript (because everything is dependent on that.

While you are at it: an option to limit total column width (or max width) (via local settings + JavaScript) to 919px like it was before would be nice too.

EDIT: The new design affects readability at 100% and 175% zoom level for me because the column got 25% larger.

I ran some tests with the new design (prev is fixed to 919px width and fontSize 12px):

The main column now has a width of ~850px where it was ~600px, so this is nearly a 150% (1,4) scaling horizontally

Tested with a series description text box:

height X width (area)
prev 182.286px 291.5px (53,136.369 px²)
now 180px 399px (71,820.000 px²)
scale 1 vertical 1,4 horizontal (1,4 area scaling)

line-length with "x" 48 to 56 characters (1,16 scale)
line-length with same example text 48 to 60 characters (1,25 scale)
line-length with "l" 108 to 126 (1,16 scale)
Kerning might affect this.

Last edited by bhui at 8:45 am, Feb 24

Post #767662 - Reply to (#767578) by Manick

9:01 am, Feb 24 2019
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It's better for accessibility IMHO (like screen readers for people with slightly impaired vision). Also addressing of table cells, table rows and headings is easier in CSS and JS than a div-solution. This also enables the user to filter, sort and search in a table according to preferences.

You can hide columns with CSS too: ive-design-part-2-nchilds/

Or wrap a container around the table and let the user scroll horizontally: ive-webdesign/#chapter4

Post #767663 - Reply to (#767576) by Manick

9:06 am, Feb 24 2019
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This would probably just need the cover image decreasing in size and appearing before the description while the rest of the information can be simple appended at the end of the left column to give a smoother experience.

Basically the left column sliding in between the cover image and the rest of the right column. Or some other desired order.

Post #767664 - Reply to (#767575) by Manick

9:07 am, Feb 24 2019
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Thanks. That helps a lot. (Probably also better, seeing that genre search directly links there from series pages.)

Post #767665
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9:10 am, Feb 24 2019
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Just chiming in to say thanks for the new responsive design! I've definitely had times where I've wanted to use MU on mobile and found it a hassle with the old style. I actually like the larger font too.

Quote from svines85
Can anybody help with a script (or any way) for a dark theme? The ones I have/was using won't work now 😀

I also used a separate stylus theme script that no longer works. (This one specifically.) From the looks of it, most people aren't fans of the banner, so we could always just take it out completely? (Or, alternatively, open it up so users could submit their own banners and we could vote on a new one.)

Are there plans for a UI overhaul in general? I personally still find the site pretty usable, but the design itself is fairly outdated...

Post #767666 - Reply to (#767605) by Manick

9:19 am, Feb 24 2019
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Not him but typical grievances are:
Mobile design wastes vertical screen space or has excessive white space

I found something else too:
For 1920 x 1080 screens a vertical half of a screen has 960 x 1080 pixels. So by increasing the width to 1000px (919px before) you prevent people from using Mangaupdates on half of the screen seamlessly via the "snapping a window to half a screen" feature included in some operating systems.

I don't know yet why line-length irks me though.

Last edited by bhui at 10:10 am, Feb 24

Post #767667 - Reply to (#767597) by Manick

9:22 am, Feb 24 2019
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It feels like there should be more entries between 2013 and 2016. Maybe they were all rejected (because someone else submitted the same release)?

Post #767668 - Reply to (#767625) by Manick

9:32 am, Feb 24 2019
Posts: 66

A temporary fix would be to give an option for the (logged-in/logged-out) user (via cookie perhaps) to view the legacy group page. (Or at least the design or the box that includes the group metadata).

// @match *://* <- only adjusting this page on demand per user selection should suffice until the script is updated. I think.
// @match *://*
// @match *://*

It shouldn't take long until the script gets fixed though: 17
I think.

Post #767669
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9:38 am, Feb 24 2019
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I just HATE mobile versions, they are just bad. If I can, I never use them (on my ipod, because I don't even have a mobile phone, just landline). For mobile everything has to be big, and it looks weird on desktop.

In here the manga releases with long names get cut of. The categories are too small. The font is too big.

Another site ruined by the mobile era.... 🙁

''History belongs to those who dare to write it.'' - Steven Wang
Post #767670 - Reply to (#767640) by Manick

9:40 am, Feb 24 2019
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Consider allowing the old design for logged-in users. You can lock that option to appear only on older user agents or unknown ones too. Though I would advise against that, because page-weight and availability of old devices (or not being able (or old enough) to afford a new one) might be a factor too.

I wonder if page-weight changed much:

When I was at Google, someone told me a story about a time that “they” completed a big optimization push only to find that measured page load times increased. When they dug into the data, they found that the reason load times had increased was that they got a lot more traffic from Africa after doing the optimizations. The team’s product went from being unusable for people with slow connections to usable, which caused so many users with slow connections to start using the product that load times actually increased.

Some locations in the US and other countries are also only served by slow or high-latency connectivity.

Post #767671 - Reply to (#767653) by Manick

9:43 am, Feb 24 2019
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(As I posted above). Consider allowing a switch to the old design for logged-in users.

Though now this is motivated by how much got broken by the change.

Maybe you could have a dropdown next to the option (changed because it broke something / legibility / screen reader / ...) and a set of checkboxes to gather information about features people want to use.

Post #767672 - Reply to (#767669) by Itchan

9:45 am, Feb 24 2019
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I also noticed that description text will get cut of if a word is too long. So I guess this happens in other areas too.

Post #767680 - Reply to (#767650) by svines85
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2:21 pm, Feb 24 2019
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I will be updating/re-making the theme so it works with the new site. The old one is honestly a huge mess that I threw together very quickly, and I want to make some changes to it as well. I'll post something here or on the forums when it's finished.

"People don't change, they just give in."
Kubera is the best.
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